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This school was amazing in helping prepare for college. It showed me how to prioritize certain aspects of my life and balance the different events in my life. Attending this school also helped me develop better academic habits in studying, critical thinking, and more.
Challenging school but gives you a great education! Can be stressful at times but it prepares you very well for college.
Lowell high school is extremely overachieving and a kid at Lowell will be competing among very competitive kids. Like a challenging school, you can expect a lot of AP opportunities at Lowell. I hear rumors that Lowell diminishes your chances at a good college because you have to make yourself stand out compared to so many great kids. All those rumors are true, but while this may be discouraging for middle school kids who want to go to Lowell, I can assure you that Lowell provides you with a lot, if not the most, extra curriculars in San Francisco schools. So although you are competing with overachieving kids, Lowell provides you with so many opportunities to become one of those kids too.

The atmosphere at lowell is unlike any other school. There is no tolerance for bullying, and the teachers are extremely kind. Another thing you will notice about Lowell is the lack of diversity, but administration has been working to fix this in recent years, so you can expect diversity in the future
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I had amazing teachers, got involved in so many different activities, and found a lot of support in the JROTC community.
Look Lowell is what you make it out to be. Personally, I've found little pockets of magic in this school, but I know others who can't say they've had the greatest of times here. I've learned the most extraordinary things, and met the most amazing people. Lowell is my second home.
Lowell is a great school, very academically driven and makes sure to push students to do the best that they can. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is the high levels of anxiety and depression as a result of overworked students and expectations that are forced down then. This is not just the schools fault, it’s a cultural, systemic, and social issue. There are a plethora of other issues. But overall the school is very successful and gives the opportunity for students to take many classes and meet many teachers who are deeply passionate about what they teach.
Lowell High School was surprisingly a great experience. You hear rumors about it being super competitive (which it kind of is when it comes to college) where it frames LHS to be super intimidating but it's a really cool school with lots of cool people and teachers.
Lowell High School offers great academics and extracurriculars. However, there are several teachers intent on lowering grade inflation and will dock you points as they see fit, even if the reasons are illegitimate. If you can find your crew and a supportive faculty member, you can do fine. Don't buy into the pressure of overloading yourself academically.
Lowell is a very competitive school, and it has so many learning opportunities. The academics are very rigorous, but it definitely pushes you to be a better student. They have a lot of classes to choose from (more than any other public schools in SF I think). What’s special about it is that they let you choose your schedule, like what you would do in college. You get to pick your classes, your teachers, what blocks you want to take them, and your off blocks. No other public school in SF does that. Lowell offers many sports programs and they do very well (except for football). They also have a plethora of clubs to choose from, but if you don’t see one that interests you, you can just start one. Because of it’s competitiveness it’s hard to stand out amongst other brilliant students. However, it will definitely prepare you for college well.
I liked that the freedom there is unlike any other school. I got to leave campus to grab lunch and pick my classes. I really got the college experience during my time there. The only concern is that there is a large culture of stress and it can be overwhelming at times. Be ready to study, but it also is very valuable and worth it in the end!
Though it is extremely tiring and a lot of work, there are just so many people here that I love, from teachers to students. I really hope that someday I'll be like them and find my passion for learning. I look up to a lot of people here, and I hope that I can do the same for new people coming to this school. All I can say is be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Be prepared to mature very fast at this school, as I learned that their schedules are college like and brutal.
Personally, it’s a great school with many outstanding students and teachers. There are a variety of classes that can be chosen on your own. You make your own schedule as well as choosing your own teachers.
Looking back at it, it was a great school that taught me a lot. I really appreciated the teachers there since I still remember a lot of material going into college.
Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Lowell. The amount of resources is abundant and the classes are challenging. I've met so many remarkable kids that helped me aim higher. However, there are still many things that could be improved. For one, the competitive culture. So many students are obsessed with test scores and will do anything to recieve a good grade. Most teachers are very nice, but there are a handful who won't even try to learn your name.
As I'm now a senior at Lowell who is about to graduate, I've experienced all the highs and lows that our school has to offer. Coming into prestigious Lowell, I knew that the competition and pressure for academic success was going to be high. As I experienced it for myself however, I realized that -- although there definitely is competition to be the best, you'll always find a group of people who have the same aspirations as you. I loved how there was a lot of freedom and such a wide selection of courses and languages offered at Lowell, but there was so much variance in how each teacher teaches. For a specific subject, there could be two teachers who are completely different and teach differently, but depending on your teacher selection pick, you might not have a chance to select the one you want.
Lowell offers every class under the sun, it offers literally every AP class college board offers minus like two. The environment can feel rather competitive and pressured, but more often than not the stress is self-inflicted by ambitious students.
Lowell High School a pretty good school with many people from around the world. Most of the teachers are great they are willing to help you out during their break time. The campus is large and really makes you work out your legs, but once you get used to it, it is just a plus side of the school. The clubs are very active and even during the outbreak, some still connect with the students. The staff are also friendly with the students and actively go around the halls to talk with students about the students week and well being.
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Overall, I had a great experience here. It was obviously tough, the courses and teachers put me through a lot of stress, but it was such an incredible time for me to be able to grow as an individual. Most of the teachers were super kind and helpful, and I had the opportunity to join multiple clubs to gain leadership experience. I wouldn't have wanted to go to any other high school in San Francisco.
Lowell is as challenging as you make it. All the students are competitive but that challenged me to take initiative and work harder. The are a variety of teachers ranging from all difficulty levels, which is nice. The students and staff are fun to be around as well.
Lowell has strong academics and I feel like it prepared me very well for college and the future. Although I was often stressed and the environment can be competitive, it was a great experience.
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