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Going to LHS was a very fulfilling high school experience to me, most certainly exceeded my expectations of high school. The diversity and bonding in the community made going to this school such a unique experience, one I know that many others might never feel. The school did a great job helping me prepare for college, with its multitude of programs and advisors that I found very effective. The only major thing I found to be a problem is the facilities, mainly the bathrooms and especially the ones in the older building (and just the overall structure of the older building).
Overall I loved lowell high school, it’s a school filled with so many new people and you can learn something everyday if you’re optimistic enough to. There’s so many organizations for people so they can feel welcomed and apart of something big, we even have the opportunity to start our own clubs. In Addition, the teachers truly want to see their students succeed, they do everything they can to help the students, they try to understand us so they can help and guide us.
I liked the diversity and the involvement that the teachers have with their students. I love to see my friends getting in clubs that they normally wouldn’t do, the food is good not perfect but good. I also love that is easy to make new friends in my school and that some teachers are really helpful when comes to how you can do better and they are very caring also funny. Ways that my school can do better is definitely the attendance and the discipline.
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The school is lacking funds but the teachers and staff are doing everything they can. The food is not the best and the place isn’t clean. I think the school will be more loved when the new school is done.
I was able to take good classes and there were a lot of options for extracurriculars. The school is dirty and gross though. We had gas leaks repeatedly two years ago and I had to wear my winter coat in class because there was never any heat. Good thing is that they’re building a whole new school soon so hopefully all of those issues will go away.
Lowell’s diversity is an aspect of the community that I am extremely grateful for. I have learned so much about so many different cultures because of my experience, and that knowledge will stay with my for my whole life. Though Lowell is very diverse, we as a community need to do a better job at embracing our beautiful differences. We also need to focus more on the needs of our students, prioritizing their ideas and feelings too.
Variety of classes to take, food could be better, but is improving! Most teachers are good. Bathrooms are not.
It's always great to be a part of such a diverse group of people! My overall experience was okay but definitely could've been better if I had pushed myself to do better.
My experience has Lowell High has been pretty good. The atmosphere is a bit overwhelming at first since there are about 3000 students in the school. I have met some amazing teachers that I’ll remember for a life time.
Lowell High School is a large and diverse school in the heart of the city's downtown. If you wish to get the most out of your education, the opportunities are available to you both academically and activities-wise. I was well-prepared for college and will be well-prepared for my career, all starting with the values instilled in us at Lowell High School.
After attending LHS for four years, there are a lot of good qualities it has to offer to the community. If you are looking for a high school with a competitive sports program and great sense of culture Lowell High School is the school for you.
I had a good connection with some teachers and advisors and housemasters were very helpful and worked with me immensely to reach graduation requirements
Lowell high was a great education and offered me a lot of unique and great opportunities. The actual school itself was ready to fall apart, however, and there are a lot of aspects of the school that need updating.
I like the diversity and the hard work put in by the teachers, I would like the school to put more strict rules against students who distract teachers while they are teaching.
The teachers, diversity, and large number of students allows students to find their perfect fit in friends but safety conditions is an issue with the school because of the old buildings and large number of kids.
Lowell High is overall alright but physical improvements to the school along with more funding to the fine arts department would be much better.
Lowell high school is very diverse and a great place for opportunities, however, it is not the best environment for learning. there are amazing classes that are offered but the staff is very under prepared for such diversity.
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This school is filled with very supportive teachers. The school conditions are not the best though. I mean it is bearable to some degree, but I wish it were better. The school is super old though so I won't complain much. Education wise they have done a fantastic job at giving me the education I need. Our sports teams are incredible and make the school have a super good name.
Absolutely horrible experience. The administration has no clue of what they're doing and continuously degrade student education. We the students have a declining college acceptance rate and our schools are significantly lower than other schools due to a lack of opportunity presented to us. Every program is drastically underfunded and horribly maintained by high ups.
I love Lowell High School! It's very diverse and has a large selection of courses, clubs, sports and activities. Sometimes the student population is overwhelming, and there are many fights in the hallways. There have been instances where there has been police involvement and arrests. The facilities can range from average to highly concerning. The elevator is often very 50/50 and may not work on certain occasions. Otherwise, the student body is very welcoming for the most part, and everyone can find something they love!
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