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All students and staff act as family members. Great academic and sport programs. Whatever you like and whoever you are, Lowell Catholic will welcome you and allow to be YOU!
great shool, great teachers, great facility! very welcoming from the start, and plenty of extracurriculars and sports
I like how welcoming the school is. The teachers and faculty are all there to help you to prosper there.
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I had an interesting high school experience, unlike most other teenagers. I was diagnosed and hospitalized with a syndrome known as Miller Fisher, at Tufts Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, at the end of my sophomore year. It was an awful and scary experience. I returned to sports later that year for my high school. Just as my junior year started, I was hit in a game and required specialized surgery, back in Boston. This has caused time out if school once again. It also forced over a year and a half of recovery, where I unfortunately was unable to participate in most of my school’s activities. Through all of this, Lowell Catholic worked with me and my parents to support us emotionally and physically. I was able to continue with my education and get all caught up because of their support. They have been and continue to be, hands down a second family!
I like that it is a small school. I have made close friends. I have been able to participate in varsity sports. I like the teachers. They are willing to work with you on problems.
I like going to Lowell Catholic for a lot of reasons. I feel like it teaches me what I need to know, it prepares me for college, and I’ve met my best friends here. I always feel engaged and challenged in a safe environment.
I loved the education system. All of the teachers at Lowell Catholic are extremely helpful and willing to help you to succeed.
Speaking as a recent graduate of Lowell Catholic, I can say that it is a very good school. Being a small school, it does lack the resources that others may have, and its extracurricular programs are similarly limited. However, its strong focus on community, dedicated teachers, and overall positive atmosphere more than make up for what it lacks in size.
Lowell Catholic is an all-inclusive environment. There is always something to be done here for all students. The teachers creating an uplifting and fun atmosphere for those motivated or not motivated to learn. On days when I say "I don't feel like going to school", when I do come, I always end up enjoying myself because it truly feels like a tight-knit community where there is always a place for everyone to feel included.
I have so far enjoyed my time at Lowell Catholic. I would recommend attending because it has given me a quality education as well as a good high school experience. If there was something I would change about the school, it would be the uniform policy. Other than that, it is a very good high school.
LC has been an exciting and rewarding experience for us. All three of my children transferred to Lowell Catholic when they opened an elementary division three years ago. Now, two of my children are in the high school, while my youngest remains in the elementary school. All three are happy, enthusiastic, challenged academically, and given plenty of opportunities for enrichment and socialization. They offer AP, honors, and college prep courses. My kids play sports (LC boasts lots of CCL titles) and participate in clubs and activities like mock trial, science club, and NHS. This year, LC added a fifth building to its growing campus. This has been exciting for them, as they have some classes there and have lunch in the building’s new cafeteria.
I chose Lowell Catholic because I really enjoyed the sense of community that the high school brought. Even though I visited and shadowed other schools, this one really stuck out to me. The environment is perfect for me and it makes you feel like your all one family.
A very tight-knit community that gives students the opportunity to explore their religion and personal interests.
Lots of great opportunity to learn and prepare for your future. Teachers are helpful and want to see students succeed.
Three of my children attend Lowell Catholic. They are different students and all of their needs are met. They are held accountable and are excelling academically and socially. The teachers, guidance department and administration have all taken interest in my children's school success and the small class sizes allow for personalized attention.
The Catholic setting allows for spiritual growth as well. The school has class retreats providing opportunities for students to grow together in their faith.
Lowell Catholic High School provides an environment in which students can try new things including sports and theater without ever having done so in lower grades. I highly recommend Lowell Catholic.
Wonderful school!! Very family oriented with amazing faculty and staff. I had a wonderful 4 years there and recommend sending your children there for school.
Offers a lot for a small school. From academics, different social and sports activities to community service there is so much to engage in during high school years.
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I enjoy the fact that Lowell Catholic is very community-based and welcoming of new people. However, due to its size, opportunities are limited to students in regards to classes, clubs, and sports. I would not change my experience with Lowell Catholic though.
This school has been my home for the past 3 years, and I am so sad that it is my last year. The academics have pushed me to places where I never imagined I would go, and I've learned so much. The teachers love their jobs, are enthusiastic with children, and want to have a positive impact on their students. The student culture is fantastic, and everyone really cares about each other, regardless of class (some of my closest friends are underclassmen, and as a sophomore, I had friends that were seniors). Everyone attends school events, like walk-a-thon, pep rally, sports events, drama productions, spirit week, homecoming, and so on. The only problem I've had was with the lack of funding towards the drama program, as we do not have a legitimate auditorium. Also, class sizes are smaller so it's hard to take some electives senior year because there may not be enough interest. However, Virtual High School online classes are offered.
Lowell Catholic truly prepared me for college. I met so many amazing people and had a great group of friends. When I went on to college, I wasn't overwhelmed by my work load and felt as though I was more prepared than my fellow peers.
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