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Lowcountry Leadership Charter School Reviews

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The teachers are very helpful. The one thing I wish we had more of, is the choice of more classes. The school helps prepare us for college in a reasonable amount of time but, we need more preparation.
Lowcountry Leadership Charter School is a great place to learn and a great place to experience new friendships. I attended LLCS for 5 years since my 8th grade year and I recently graduated on June 8, 2018 as a senior and in the top 5 of my class. Through my 5 years of attending I have gained a special relationship with my teachers and my peers. I maintained an A B average throughout my years at LLCS. Sports, resources, clubs and activities are are the second big things at LLCS after Academics. I myself was a cheerleader and captain for 5 years, the basketball games were a blast and probably what I will miss the most about my high school years. My overall experience at Lowcountry Leadership Charter School was great and if I could relive it again I most definitely would.
My experience with Lowcountry Leadership Charter School has been pleasant so far. I have been attending the school for five years now. I am coming up on my senior year which will make it my sixth year of attending. The school has a great atmosphere and the academics are great for the small school we have. I have never been to a school that pushes you and molds you into a leader. They know the potential you have and want to see if grow. The staff and teachers are kind and there to help you. The only problem is the communication and how inefficient it is.
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This school is full of nice, caring people. They are very accommodating to special circumstances. We love it here.
The vision of Lowcountry Leadership is to develop academic excellence through project-based learning. In an atmosphere of diverse thinkers, and obligated leaders, learning comes easy and enjoyable to all K-12 students.
So far we are very happy to be here. I think parents engagement is really important for your student to thrive here and for parents who are unfamiliar with this project based learning to really understand and appreciate the way the school functions.
We love the education and experience the project based learning is providing our daughter. The small classes allow the teachers to really engage with each student. The project based learning doesn't put a huge amount of homework on the students because they work mostly in groups. Coming from years at a private school with tons of homework and boring from the book lessons, our child is thriving here. She's engaged and enjoying learning.
Full Time Nurse, Cameras, Active Supervision
Large opportunities for a small academic school.
Safe, big experience - they care.
The teachers are diverse in every way.
My kids were so far behind when we left. The no homework policy destroyed any academic work ethic my children had. The school has been through more math teachers than years open. The middle and high school offer little to no classes beyond the required courses. When options are available, they are few and far between and don't suit everyone's needs.

Good teachers seem to be leaving which is sad.
Anyone can come and go if they tried. The school relies to heavily on being in the middle of nowhere--which actually makes it scarier in my opinion
Many programs don't include the majority of the students. A k-12 environment in a SMALL school makes it difficult
It's better than some and worse than others.
For the most part, the teachers seem to care, but classroom management is horrible. Teachers hands are tied when it comes to discipline because of a strict behavior philosophy that seems to be not working the way it's supposed to, and it doesn't seem like administration really does much to help with the problems. The school is k-12, but would probably function better as k-8. There are some insanely STRONG teachers (THE MUSIC TEACHER IS THE BEST!!!!) who fortunately overshadow other weaknesses. All the teachers are "nice enough," and that hides the lack of difficulty in the curriculum. My kids transferred schools are were both YEARS behind in math!! We're still catching up.
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