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The Lovington High School is such a great school because it listens to the students and it’s not old fashion it’s a school of today.The teachers of this school are very helpful ,very good teachers who will go above and beyond for their students. They do not discriminate,nor are they racist or sexist mostly because the school is mainly hispanics and the percentage of women is more than the percentage of men . Overall The Lovington High School is a great school .
It is a cool and fun school. Though some of the teachers are underqualified. There are some great teachers, and compared to others they are amazing.
High school here in Lovington is an amazing experience but it does have its fair amount of pros and cons. They have one of the best cheer, track, and cross country teams. I myself am very lucky to be a part of the Cross Country team. The school is close to a junior college so they give the junior and senior students the opportunity to take duel credit courses that will help give them an advantage on their college credits before they even apply for college. The cons about the school is that some of the teachers do not care about the student's education and are only there for their paycheck. The school is also very short on teachers, sometimes even substitutes. On the other hand, they do have some amazing Science and English teachers. Overall, my experience so far has been great. I love all of my teachers and everything that they are currently teaching me. The school has a very strong school spirit and it is just all in all an average school for an average high school student.
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My experience at Lovington High School has been very promising. The school itself is surrounded and supported by its community. The School is continuously adding new modern technology into their education system. The faculty and staff are supportive of their students. The amount of act ivies many students are able to get involved in vary. The school has a very welcoming and supporting atmosphere.
During my time at Lovington high school I learned that becoming a leader could lead to an easier life. Sports are a huge thing in the town, but all athletes know education will come first. I learned to always stay updated in everything that is happening. I would like to see the school grow more in the educational process. Many student fail to reach the expectations Lovington provides. As a soon to be alumni I would always love to bring my child back to Lovington.
I liked the way Lovington High had the schedules and administration (principal). I would like to see the push on academics change because it was seated behind football and basketball. The science department have permanent substitutes, so the students in there are not getting very far.
My experiences at Lovington High School is that it is involved very well with the community. The sports do well. I was able to be apart of the first ever Lovington Swim Team. Everyone is very spirited when it comes to school spirit and a lot of the students participate in the dress up days we have. We have a good environment at the school and I was able to make some good friends.
Lovington High is an intimate and friendly atmosphere. The academic standard are admittedly not as competitive than most would prefer.
This school really helped me come out of my shell. Most of the students are nice and the teachers really care. Everyone knows each other.
My experience at Lovington High was a good one and definitely one to remember. Imagine walking down the hall as a new student your sophomore year, not knowing anyone and being a quiet shy girl. I was so afraid no one would like me and I would be an outcast. But, to my surprise I was accepted by so many loving students and adults. It absolutely took time, but I finally let people in, and opened up to friends. Now, it's my senior year in high school and I have more friends than I ever thought I would be fortunate enough to have.
What I really enjoyed about Lovington High school was the opportunity to get in different clubs & activities in school.
I had a confusing experience. I couldn't register for school because they were too busy. Then they were not helpful when I needed help with applying for scholarships and college. My experience here was less than stellar.
The teachers are there for their paycheck not to help students actually learn the material. All classes are ridiculously simple. Honors courses are not any more difficult than regular courses. Principals and teachers all have students with certain last names that they adore when in reality these students are the bullies of the school.
The teachers are wonderful and the atmosphere is great. I have been bullied and the principal took care of the situation immediately. The staff is super sweet and will work with the kids needs
I loved Lovington High School. The reason for this is because everyone is friendly and caring. They have an amazing music program and the school backs every sport we have. The staff and teachers help make sure you are doing well and people just seem to love it also.
My experience at Lovington High School cannot be compared. It cannot be compared because I am unique and have had my own observations. I have had the absolute privilege of having some of the best educators teach me. I will never forget chemistry because of my favorite teacher; she has given me the inspiration to go to the college I have been accepted to. What I love about my high school is the community. Everybody knows each other and is always willing to lend a hand. My principal had to take an emergency trip to Washington. My high school knows how expensive transportation can be, so we came together and raised money for his travel costs. These actions make me proud that I attend a very generous and caring school. The only change I wish to see is that of pulling more resources. The teachers and staff would benefit heavily from additional funds. Hopefully some day when I become successful in my career, I wish to bring that change into fruition.
What I loved about Lovington High School, was the fact that the teaching staff was really focused on everyone's education. Not only was it a one on one experience it made my high school experience overall amazing. However, I would like to see a change in the school districts support for more than one sport. Some examples are like the Lovington Lady cats volleyball and basketball.
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It was fun and easy. Nothing was hard unless you get ap classes and duel credit then it could be hard but not always because I took college algebra and calc and it wasn't extremely hard for me so anyone could do it.
Lovington High School is a small, yet caring and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you graduate and that you will succeed after graduating. The staff, classes, and organizations make it a comfortable environment in which you are able to become the adult you will soon be.
The town is small and the kids know each other. The people are nice.
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