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I like that Loving High School is a small school. I feel we get the individual attention and help that we need. Our teachers are very involved and are always helping to steer us in the right direction when we need it. I was very happy that they brought back the FFA program last year. I am also taking dual college courses through that currently offered program as well.
Loving High School might be a small community, but the education is amazing. Getting to know your teachers personally and being able to experience one on one learning is really essential.
Loving high school is a small community driven high school that gives a great experience for their students and their parents. A great small campus with teachers who's number one priority is for the thier students to have the best chance they have at graduating and pursuing education after high school.
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I loved the small, community oriented feeling my school gave. When there was any event or even any tragedies in the schools, everybody was there to lend a helping hand. One thing that really helped education wise was how small each classroom was. By having smaller classes each student was able to get the attention and learning experience needed to succeed. I feel like bigger classes are harder to have one on one with compared to a smaller one. I don't have any thing in mind when I think of something I would change about this school.
I enjoy that everyone in the school is so friendly to one another which makes it easy to be sociable and begin new lifelong friendships. The only thing negative is that there is not many clubs to join, if there is a possibility to add more I would definitely suggest that.
I don't like that this school doesn't offer many extracurricular activities or sports. The sports they do have do very well though. I like the spirit that the school has for its athletes. They strive for greatness when it comes to going to state for athletics.
Sports and clubs have plenty of support and highly encouraged.
My experience was okay, it wasn't amazing but it wasn't horrible. Over all decent Highschool. Minimum bulling was the one thing I loved.
The teachers put a lot of effort but some improvements are needed.
Our nurse is just about never at the school and the police officer is a immature adult who likes to intervene in the students business.
We have at least four and two are for careers like engineering or the health field.
My favorite day is float day when everyone in your class (class of 2016) work together on a float. We're a small school so it's easy to remember everyone. There's not mentionable cases of bullying or fights to report either because everyone's pretty friendly. There are also no stereotypical cliques, everyone can talk to each other without that to think about.
The teachers try and are willing to help.
It is a decent school. I like how you are able to get one on one with the teachers, but the everyone is related to everyone and small town he said/she said stuff is annoying. Classes are good and duel credit classes are offered.
Favorite experiences are dances, proms, athletics, sports.
Food service ladies have to work with what they got. Commodities seem to be few.
Principal is very helpful. Guidance counselors are known to be mean. Office staff is helpful. The school board uses too much money going to far away conferences when they could easily skype.
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Athletics is more popular than academics. Students are usually involved in two sports in the same season such as track and baseball. Or softball and track. School spirit is average. The athletics class could use a revamping.
Overall quality of teachers at this school. Too many different teaching styles. Teachers are really young or really old. Teachers get more pay at nearby high schools so there is a lot of turnover. Older teachers are interested in students and have better communication skills and are consistent in grading. Younger teachers are overwhelmed by the amount of hats they have to wear in a small school like this.
There are only athletics. We used to have FFA until it was no longer funded. Most popular extracurricular activity was church street basketball.
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