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I appreciate the smaller school to get more one on one time with teachers. I appreciate that 96% of the school population is involved in all school events, we support all the sports teams, activities, etc.
After four years at Lovell High School, I have seen many different things that I like and that I do not like. The teachers are absolutely perfect. They give up their time to come in early and stay after to help their students. The facility is very nice and the janitors work hard to keep it very nice. Each student works hard to prepare themselves for the next step in their life, even if they are just going to work. We hire student resource officers who maintain safety around the clock. This High School is one of the top schools in the state of Wyoming!
Overall, I really like my school. The environment at Lovell High School is surrounded with positive teachers who not only care about the education being taught, but also about each student individually. At LHS, students feel free to express their unique qualities without judgment. We also offer a great number of athletic activities such as volleyball, basketball, track, wrestling, and more! We also offer a number of educational enrichment groups such as Wyoming Academic Challenge, WAC, Speech & Debate, and more. At Lovell High School students also receive an incredible education with courses that range from simple to more challenging for those who want to take that risk. Lovell High School is a great school that can help each individual achieve any goal.
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I’ve attended Lovell all my life and it’s a pretty decent school. It is very Mormon centralized. I think we have great teachers. I think the overall atmosphere is friendly, although we do have some trouble kids. They punch holes in walls. One time, we were outside for a fire drill, and this kid punched the hood of my car and left a dent.
I would say my experience at Lovell High School has been pretty good! The education I have received and the teachers I've had are all of high quality, however this school lacks in diversity. It also lacks in accepting those who are different from the norm of the area we live in. Another big issue is we have a very strict dress code that I personally don't believe translates to the adult world and is therefore unnecessarily harsh and leaves women at a disadvantage in our learning environment.
We have great teachers and staff and Lovell Highschool. Everybody is willing to step in and help when needed. The only thing I wish is that we could have added a soccer program to our school.
I like the small class sizes. I like that the teachers are really involved. I would like to see a few more classes offered, and more sports offered.
I really like how small the school is because it gives you a lot more opportunities to have one on one help with teachers. All of the teachers are really nice and are willing to help you succeed. The facilities are also really nice and well kept.
Lovell High School is a great balance of academic and athletic school. We have many outstanding people here.
honestly lovell high school is a small school of 200 students, works well with special ed students and is very excepting. what i would like to see change would be the teachers ready to learn plan and student behavior.
I love my high school because the teachers and administration are great. The teachers are always able to help the students if they have a question and if the student just needs to vent about life. They also push us to be the best that we can be because they see all of our potential.
Lovell High School is a fantastic school. The teachers and staff are all so willing to help students learn. There is so much support for academics and extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art, speech and debate, FFA and many others. Lovell High School was a great experience for me and I recommend this school to any high school student transferring or incoming freshman.
Lovell high school is an ok school there big foces is on sports. the is a bad way to run a school. being here was fine but nothing to great. overall is an ok school with some great teachers and others not so much
This high school really cares about there students and advancing there students education. They find activitys and ways to provide you with a higher education. There are clubs you can join to enjoy your high school experience and very diversified classes.
I moved from to Wyoming in my last 2 years of high school. This school was excellent. The focus on the students and their success was top priority. The school system had a lot to offer. The only thing that could improve was allowing students to be apart of more extra curricular actives. Example: Playing volleyball and be in dance or in FFA at the same time.
I was very prepared for college and didn't really have any surprises as far as the academic rigor. That has made my life much easier! But I do believe there are a lot of policies that get out of hand and over controlling, such as the dress code and fundraising rules. I think that the administration needs to trust teachers more as professionals and not be so involved in the day to day happenings in students lives.
A lot of sports very popular including Basketball, football, volleyball, cross country, wrestling are the most popular. Athletics mostly come first at this school. There is also National Honor Society that is popular and we did a lot of service. We also had Student Council I was Student Body President and I worked closely with the school board and other leaders. We had choir and swing choir was very popular as well.
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I really loved attending Lovell High School because of the friends I made and the relationships I developed. I remember the great relationships I had with my football wrestling and track teams the coaches that helped to teach me. The teammates who I grew to love. I loved going on bus trips with my friends and teammates. I also loved our schools activities such as homecoming I was a student council member and we planned super fun activities. One time my friend had to eat bananas through a panny-house.
I really love a lot of the teachers many are very kind and are willing to help students with all their needs. I feel like moswt teachers really cared for me.
Everyone knew all the teachers and students so ID's weren't very necessary but they monitored visitors very thouroughly and all the studrnts feel very safe in the school.
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