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Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School Reviews

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Although LAMP's courses are rigorous, they provide a fun and a supporting learning environment for all of the students
The LAMP High School experience is truly amazing. I learn so much and both academics and athletics thrive, with many extracurricular opportunities to those wanting to explore new subjects. The staff is amazing and always trying to help the students however they can and making sure that the students are ready for college and career. There are also a ton of activities like pep rallies and things to increase school spirit, unify the school, and create a school culture.
It’s a great school but the work and stress placed upon students is excessive, but it has a great school spirit present and is very encouraging and motivating.
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My experience at Lamp High School has been better than anything I could have imagined. Initially, I did not want to even go to the school because I thought it would be too hard. But when I got there, I fell in love with my teachers and fellow classmates. Not only that, I also joined clubs and other organizations that interested me. I am now entering this year as a senior and am more proud of my school than ever.
I wish the school was more diverse. Also, think students should be allowed to choose whether they wanna take dual enrollment rather then be required to take all AP classes.
It is an academically-based, college-prepped school. It really pushed me to learn and understand concepts as well as give me a good environment to work in and enjoy my time with friends. The facility is clean and pretty new and the school has a great staff. The school is also very diverse. It's a very good academic school that is geared to prepare students for college.
LAMP gave many opportunities that I would have never had at any other high school. They focused on academics and leadership development. The coursework is rigorous; however, my first few years of college have been a breeze. All of my teachers were amazing and I still have contact with some of them to this day. The lifetime relationships that I created at LAMP will be cherished forever. LAMP is amazing! Go Tigers!
Students are indeed ready for college. I highly recommend this school. Students are happy and participate in alot of activities.
The level of education received. The staff involvement and concern. Allowing children to express themselves in many ways especially through a yearly program called SOOS. Helping to mold the young children into young responsible adults. Making it possible for every child to succeed by providing tutoring in every subject. Keeping the parents abreast with the child grades and attendance.
It was a rigorous and competitive environment that challenged me academically and prepared me socially to interact with people different than me while succeeding academically.
Lamp has been a wonderful school that contains an atmosphere that is very encouraging. Although stressful at times, it has taught me so many lessons and given me all I need to know from each course. The teachers are wonderful and always make time for their students even with their busy schedules.
The teachers at Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School (LAMP) genuinely care about their students. You have a connection of students all willing to help you in everything you do because they did the same thing. It is an amazing experience and something every student is thankful for.
The curriculum at my school is very challenging. There’s never a dull moment where I would be presented with something new. We are always challenged to think about the knowns and unknowns. I considered my school to be wonderful. With all the college opportunities they bring, I find Lamp perfect.
LAMP High School is easily the best high school in Montgomery. The teachers are truly dedicated to student education and college readiness, rather than just earning a paycheck. Because it is such a small school, the community here is very unified; everyone knows everyone. However, we could use a stronger emphasis on the arts/electives.
Great academic school! Teachers teach rigorous college-level courses! Lots of extracurricular activities to get involved in. Incredibly diverse school with culturally educational clubs and programs. Teachers could do more to assist students. Very good at preparing students for college. School emphasizes the importance of standardized tests and AP exams.
The administration is not very helpful. The environment is fun and everybody is your biggest fan. However, the administration should be more accommodating to the needs of the students
LAMP, with its academic background, is the high school for you if you are up for an academic challenge. The many AP courses it has to offer are very helpful for college readiness and are taught by just as helpful teachers.
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I love LAMP. It has provided me with the best education possible. It has prepared me for not only college but the outside world. I have learned greatly about different cultures because of its diversity. LAMP is like a second home to me. People are very supportive. Everyone watches out for one another. It is like a huge family.
I am a senior at Loveless Academic Magnet Program HS and the past three years of my life at this school were very rewarding. My school offers many AP classes which challenged me and my teachers encouraged me to do the best I could. If I could change one thing about LAMP, it would be getting better textbooks and more technology devices for students.
My experience at LAMP was an eventful roller coaster. Freshman year, I started LAMP in an old middle school building that they were in and the next year we got a brand new school building which was incredible. What I love most is the faculty and how passionate they are to help you succeed. One thing I believe should change about LAMP is the restrictions on students such as no snacking, less break time, and less time in between classes.
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