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I do feel prepared for college by attending Loveland High School, and it is a generally safe school (not many fights), but there are a lot of issues. Bathrooms are almost always either broken, dirty, or not stocked with essentials like paper towels/toilet paper/soap. The school recieves a large amount of funding, more than most public high schools, and yet keeps asking for more. When levies do not pass, they threaten to cut the buses and fire the most loved teachers. Football team is horrible, but music programs like show choir have a really good reputation and history. I've never met any student here who has Loveland pride, which says something about the culture.
I loved my experience at Loveland High School. It took me a while to warm up to the surroundings as I had to move to Loveland just before high school started. For a time, I found it difficult to make friends, but as my classes went on, I found comfort in my surroundings and began to make friendships I feared I would never have. The environment was just what I needed to help me with my transition from one school to the next. My teachers were so understanding and my coaches became my biggest role models. It was hard ending my senior year with the impacts of COVID-19. Not having graduation or my last season as a track athlete were never things that I expected to happen. However, the LHS staff and student council have done a tremendous job of making up for what we lost in the best way possible. Overall, LHS has had a huge impact on my friendships, leadership skills, and appreciation for education.
The things I liked most about Loveland were the teachers and the music programs. You can tell that the teachers really want to see you succeed and are passionate about teaching. The music program is fantastic and a good rival to many of the schools in the area, and only getting better.
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I enjoyed the activities at Loveland! It was surrounded by a strong and dedicated community. The sports and clubs gave me many opportunities to make new friends. I took many classes that pushed me to be myself and find what I am now passionate about. I am thankful for the time at Loveland High School and will always cherish the memories I made there.
I thought this school was well equipped for what is going on in the world right now. The teachers have found a way to continue classes despite being off. The determination within every sports team is great, and the various club and course options are awesome.
Loveland High School is a great high school for students who like to push themselves. It enables students to pursue a range of extracurriculars to do from world-class robotics teams and show choirs, to top-tier athletics and other programs, LHS it all. While the school isn't racially diverse, it appears to be intellectually diverse, with students have different backgrounds and mindsets. Loveland High School's facilities are not the newest, compared to other high schools in the area, the educational aspect is superb, with many students going off to prestige colleges.
My experience at Loveland high school has been great. I've been attending the Loveland district schools since kindergarten, so I've been able to see the schools improve as I've grown with it. I've had some amazing and caring teachers at Loveland and I'm so grateful I learned from them. There's also a lot of respect at Loveland with the students and teachers, which is another benefit. The biggest change I would like to see at my school is trust. There's a fine line of trust at Loveland due to certain exchanges and activities which is understandable, but I don't see it being fair to those who go to school everyday and work hard.
It is my senior year of high school at Loveland. Throughout my four years of high school, I've made incredible memories. One thing I will never forget and take with me to college is Loveland's class spirit. From homecoming and prom activities, to fine arts, music, athletics, and clubs, the school is very supportive of every student in what they do. They also always encourage involvement and participation to help other students discover new interests. For change, all I want is for the school to stay safe and even improve on their safety to ensure students that Loveland is a safe and great school to be a part of.
Attending Loveland High School has been a great experience, from teachers to classmates to sports to clubs there are so many great aspects of LHS. First, the teachers at LHS are so dedicated to the success and well-being of each and every student. They go out of their way to ensure that every student is doing well in and outside of school. Next, the sports here at LHS are extensive and fun. I have participated in volleyball all the four years I have attended LHS and I have had the best experience. The clubs are also a great way to be involved and has helped made my experience at LHS amazing. There are tons of clubs offered at LHS and there is at least one that is fit for every single student. I have participated in many clubs like the Tigers in Service Club. All of these clubs have allowed me to meet more people and create more memories. My experience with LHS has been a memorable one and it would not have been possible without all of the amazing people who work and attend LHS.
What I like about Loveland High School is how involved our teachers are to make sure you are prepared for the real world. They develop personal connections with you to help you prepare for your future career
Loveland High School has been a very good school the past four years. The class sizes are a little large though and the building is dirty in many places. Most teachers are good and caring for their students but there are a few that are rude and not very good at teaching. Overall high school has been pretty good.
I like the school during the school year. There are very good teachers there who will most likely help you whenever you need. One thing I would change would be summer work. This year I had a huge amount of summer work. I had to read three books, write two essays, and do a math packet. On top of that, I had to worry about applying to colleges and visiting colleges. I also had to work to earn money for college. They gave way too much summer work.
I love how much of the staff and teachers want to see you succeed and are very helpful! I would like to see more diversity, however.
Loveland has amazing and dedicated teachers. They really value student success and push their students to be the best that they can be. The school is a really tight knit community and teachers, students, and principals can all be found at various sporting events, musical competitions and more. However, the building is running out of space for students which makes the hallways and some classes very crowded.
Peers are high achieving. Offers a nice variety of STEM classes. Building is dated and crowded. Population is overwhelmingly white. Too much of an emphasis on sports.
The school is medium sized, so it is big enough to not be crowded but small enough to be easy to navigate. There are always a few bad teachers, but for the most part the education is good.
This is a great school with good programs and activities for students. The buildings are too small for the student body and the temperature varies greatly from room to room, but the academics are strong and I feel well prepared for my future.
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Loveland has always provided a good atmosphere for learning, doing activities and making friends. The soccer program has grown in the last 4 years and the coach has become more involved in the players. Administration has kept up with safety standards with random canine checks in the building and safety drills. Parents are well informed of anything that is going on in the school and any changes to policies. I do however, think there are some teachers that need to be held more accountable for their performance and ability to do a good job teaching. The Loveland community is very supportive of students and families and I would recommend this district to anyone looking to move to a new place!
Loveland High School is located in the Greater Cincinnati Area, and has a very vibrant community. Loveland High School has great facilities and faulty who care and support their students. The high school is focused on academics and AP classes are very popular. Also, there are many extracular activities to get involved in such as the Orienteering Club, Ultimate Frisbee, or even the Pizza club. Athletics are a very big part of Loveland ranging from the Academic Team to Football. If I could change one thing at Loveland High School it would be to install another turf to allow more athletic teams more turf time to practice.
I couldn't be happier with my experience at Loveland High School. I have been heavily involved in marching band, show choir, and theater. The show choir is nationally recognized and consistently performs and ranks well at difficult competitions. The marching band program is on the rise. The theater program has won best musical at the yearly Cappies Gala of greater Cincinnati more than once. The academics also push students to excel. For the most part, the AP classes prepare you for the AP test (except AP US History, the teacher barely taught anything) and honors and AP classes are rigorous. The only downside to Loveland is that they support sports more than the music programs despite the extreme success of every single music program. The wind ensemble and vocal ensemble consistently rank superior at OMEA competitions. However, overall, I have loved every moment of my time at Loveland High School.(Oh yeah there is even a crochet club and quidditch club so...)
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