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fantastic. loved my time here, enjoyed every minute of it, from the games to homecoming and prom. Sad corona cut the end short.
Overall the experience at Loveland High School over the course of four years was quite positive. The most notable thing was could be considered undesirable was all of the asbestos in the floors and walls, but the school doesn't seem too worried about getting rid of all of that in a timely manner, should neither should we!
It is an okay public school. I would like to see changes in the overall infrastructure. There are still things such as asbestos and falling ceiling tiles. These are my main issues with Loveland. The teachers are also average. The math department is terrible, but most other subjects have good teachers.
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I like the location of the school, was easy to get to class. There are some dedicated teachers, but many seemed to lack the proper training and were less than motivational. Overall not a bad experience, but not the greatest experience either.
I loved most of my classes and the teachers were always on top of things and able to help you out. I was involved in sports which were also very fun. One thing that bothered me was being unable to get into some honors/ap classes. Honors Biology was full one year and another year AP Biology was not offered so I had to take it online at community college. Not the best experience there. Overall, I had a good time at Loveland High and all the counselors and teachers were very helpful! I would recommend.
Generally passionate and caring staff. The administration does an ok job and the counseling staff is excellent. The building itself is in poor condition and the school is over capacity. There are a lot of academic opportunities, including a wide range of AP classes and the IB program.
Loveland High School is a great school with students that envision change. There is a constant push for clubs, activities, and efforts that make a difference and improve the community. The clubs are one of the best parts of Loveland as they bring together students with a similar mindset and increase community interaction. Also, the teachers show genuine concern for the well being and education of the students.
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Personally, I found Loveland High to be very cliquey. I don’t have specific suggestions as to how to improve that, but I thought it was difficult to find my “place” at this school.
Great experience! Students are friendly and classes offered are interesting. Facilities are a bit older but bond money is improving things over the next year. There’s a lot of clubs offered so you can be involved as much as you choose to. The location of the school is in a beautiful area right near a large park and a lake so outdoor lunches are nice.
Most teachers are organized and very knowledgable! There are many extracurriculars you are able to get involved in and the staff is generally friendly and easy to talk to.
Loveland High has a great community that thrives on the Americana small town location without being suffocatingly tiny. The school is very invested in it's sports and put's out some really phenomenal artists, even if their events aren't always as well attended. The staff and faculty are some of the most caring and kind educators you will ever meet, and the Principal, Mr. Ball is the kind of man that makes us all want to be better people, well beyond graduation.
Being a student at Loveland High School these past four years has been a wild ride. Loveland High is known for a few things such as spirit and homecoming. It has been my pleasure to add to those two aspects. At football games, our student section is always the loudest and most spirited. Everyone takes part in the cheers and we support our team no matter the weather. Our Student Council puts on a themed homecoming every year. students from nearby districts come to see the decorations and DJ. It is an awesome experience as long as you put yourself out there and apply yourself. The only negative aspect of Loveland High that I have noticed is our lack of connection within the community. I wish there were more events bonding the community with the school. The only event like that right now is "Trick or Treat Street" which lets kids walk around Halloween decorated hallways and get candy from students. I wish there was a homecoming parade or more events to connect the community.
I absolutely would not recommend this school to anyone. A very large majority of the teachers are unsupportive. There are a few exceptions. There are little to no mental health resources. And there is just a general attitude of not caring. I was bullied, outcasted, and constantly pushed to the side. I have always been a gifted student but when I went to Loveland, I felt anything but gifted. I was told by teachers that “school just isn’t the right path for me and I should drop out”. Unless you are white, rich, and fit the major demographic of the school you will be ostracized. Moving schools to get away from Loveland was the best decision I ever made. Good luck to anyone who attends this school.
Loveland High School, as far as I can tell, has been the typical high school experience. From sports to academics to social events, LHS has been well rounded and overall an enjoyable experience.
None of the teachers care about you or your problems. The Dean is a creep and a tyrant who is obviously working there for the money.
While at Loveland High School, I found the school's credentials to be amazing and the staff to be extremely qualified. I found all of the extracurriculars to be filled with talented students and motivated staff. Socially, I did not really connect with anyone there and did not find any life-long friends. I felt distant from the school because the programs were so prestigious I was not sure how to get involved and make better friends and connections.
I loved the amount of school spirit the school instilled in all of its students and how everyone wanted to participate in a club, sport, or show their spirit by going to games and events. I am extremely proud to say I went there, students from all over the state know about Loveland High School.
I would like to see more activities put on by the school for all students. For example, now that I am in college, I see how much the community grows when residence halls and the school as a whole facilitate fun activities open to everyone.
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I have been able to create opportunities for myself with student leadership, NHS, and art programs. However, the funding at my school is limited. It has a high free and reduced program rate, and the school is very old. The teachers and staff, however, work very hard to make the school great. The culture and spirit and games and assemblies is great and the students really connect with each other. It offers good clubs/activities, and AP/ IB classes for students.
I can to finish my senior year, and my experience was not the best. The school is terribly over crowded. Seems to be a big focus on athletes. Seeing that I don’t do sports made me feel inferior because the athletes are essentially treated like Gods.
Loveland high school was a great high school to go to. Student involvement was great at football and volleyball games and it was fun to be in a large crowd. The academics were normal and pretty average but the teachers were very nice and available to all students. The only downside is there is no air conditioning so during the hotter months it is crazy hot in a classroom full of people
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