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Loveland Classical Schools assists parents in developing young minds with virtuous character, critical thinking skills, and a passion for learning to become exceptional community stewards. I have learned an exceptional amount about how to be a good person and how to live the good life. In school we study classic literature, thinkers, and philosophies and what they have to say about subjects such as, human nature, government, Goodness, Beauty, and Truth. Not only do we learn history, we learn why things happened based on the nature of humanity, or the logistics of different governments and the decisions made by them, or what role morality plays in it. Loveland Classical creates an environment where students are shown the moral path and are taught by virtuous people intent on guiding them down said path. I am grateful to my school for making me into the man I am today. Loveland Classical Schools is truly a wonderful community and a colossus of education.
I love the push for a higher and more fulfilling education, and most importantly the want to find how to obtain the 'good life'. Loveland Classical wants students to not only learn but get a good life through character, hard work, and virtue. The school however needs to grow closer to those ideals that started the school out though. It has lost some of the roots and the core values that made the school so wonderful. With enough time and growth and a reevaluation of what its core values are Loveland Classical Schools will grow to be an astounding school, more so than it already is.
We have had a wonderful experience at Loveland Classical's high school. Classroom sizes are smaller and the students really benefit from the individualized attention they receive because of this. The administration of the school is supportive to family, students, and teachers alike, a near impossible balance to maintain, yet somehow Ian Stout manages this with graciousness and respect. LCS is also accommodating to students with 504s and IEPs--this is why their test scores are lower than other charter schools; they actually work with kids that need student services instead of trying to phase them out. The teachers are one of the greatest gifts of this school. You can tell this isn't "just a job" for them; it's a calling. They treat the high school kids as adults and have a great mentoring relationship with most of them. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a enriching, supportive, and challenging high school experience for their children.
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Finally a school that focuses on the whole child! From rigorous academics to quick and fair discipline to character development, this school is the only one in the district that actually demands of my child at school what I do at home.
Some very nice teachers but overall, the academics are misleading and low and my children needed immediate remediation upon leaving, despite coming in high or average. Leadership is fake and inexperienced. Will tell you what you want to hear, even if it's not true.
Beware of the talk! The principal will tell you anything you want to hear but doesn't create about your student at all. Grades may look good, but you'll see that if you transfer somewhere else, your student will be way behind. Teachers give good grades because they know that the principal will never back them or help them. Watch the scores, there is your proof. Failing. And if they tell you that they don't teach to the test or say it's because they have higher opt out numbers, remember, so do the other charter schools and they score way better. There is nothing functioning discipline or behavior system. Classes are loud and 1-2 students in each class seem to get away with highly inappropriate behavior with no consequence, including physical violence and bullying that is never reported.
Although it is evident that our staff wants us to be safe and healthy, our current financial status proves it difficult to keep this sentiment alive. We do have the basics when it comes to security and health care at school but we could always improve.
LCS could use a couple more extracurriculars yes, but our school is developing and every year new opportunities have been given. This lack of extracurriculars gives students the ability to build from the ground up clubs and organizations from the ground up. I know as Student Government President that we are actively working on writing a code of conduct and designing our government. It's all new and exciting and an amazing opportunity to understand leadership and ownership.
I have always loved learning. For a long time, I thought that is what made me special somehow. I loved learning so much so, school was never a challenge to me. I never had to study, never had to pay attention in class, never had to think complexly. This sentiment however was challenged when I began LCS. Suddenly I didn't just have to know the facts but I had to apply them, both to myself and to the world around me. Without this community that surrounds me at LCS I can comfortably say I would not be the same person I am today. LCS has changed and challenge me for the better.
On average the typical high school experience can be described by a student as feeling like a number in the system, rather than feeling like a human. At my school, such is not the case. We have teachers who not only engage empathetically with students, but get to know them as people. Teachers at my school do not blindly talk at students, much like lecturing an insolent child but speak to us as if we were the almost adults that we are. All teachers have vast knowledge of the subjects they teach and insight to the ones they don't. Teachers at LCS truly want to see their students thrive, both academically and psychologically.
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