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Lovelady Junior High/High School Reviews

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I loved the atmosphere Lovelady provided. It is a very safe school environment and very clean. Here we are like family and I love how close we all are.
While there are many flaws at this school, overall I had an amazing experience. Living in a small town with a small school has been great because I really get to know and appreciate everyone in my class. I always feel like I have a vote when it comes to class decisions. The administration truly loves the kids and will do a lot to make sure they can participate to their fullest ability. My most major complaint is the lack of funding for non-sports activities. Most of the school’s money goes to football and other sports, leaving out band and theatre. The food is also horrible.
Lovelady is a nice small town where everyone know's each other. There's nothing about Lovelady that comes to mind that I would just want to change. I have learned a lot about life over the course of years but that is what high school is for, to prepare students for what is to come in the real world.
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It is a great school with great teachers. I’d prefer to see the dress code change along with many of the other rules.
I graduated from there and provided a good education and now my kids have and are having the same experience.
I have been at Lovelady for 6 years now. With my time of being here, Lovelady has been a great school to attend. The teachers are always willing to help you out with anything you need whether it is extra help on work, applying for jobs, applying for colleges, or even personal needs. They have always done their best to help prepare us for college. They have a hard grading rubric, but in the end it pays off. Everyone who attends Lovelady is very welcoming to new students. It's a very safe, fun, and learning environment to be in. Lovelady is definitely a school I would recommend parents in Houston County to send their children to.
I love how the classes are small and the teachers would take time out of their schedule to help a student one on one. The teachers also put into consideration that all of the students learn in different ways. Everyone knows one another. All of the staff and students are kind to each other. It is an amazing school. I'm going to miss it next year but I'm proud to be a Lovelady Lion. I will always be a Love lady Lion. I'll never be ashamed about where I come from.
We adore Lovefest and its a great fundraiser
I am satisfied with the teachers at the high school. I am unhappy about the leaving a students grade on a 9..not bumping it to a 80 if its 79. for example
The bullying seems to be a huge issue but the parents don't seem to help the school in controlling it either. The school nurse is great and when we had a lock down this year the students were taken care of but the public was very misinformed of the issue.
I am very impressed with the academic support and one of our FFA teachers is a huge asset. Athletic support for Fall sports is great but tampers off in the spring.
Lovelady's health programs are lacking. If someone with an extreme mental or physical disability attended, the faculty would do their utmost best to help, but, the school's resources are limited and the programs are few. The security has improved with the help of an armed police officer visiting and directing traffic after school. But, if there was to be a real security crisis and breach, the fatalities would most likely be severe. There are no metal detectors, no student ID's and the building's are pretty free access.
The extracurricular opportunities are great. There is always something fun to do at the school
The extracurricular options at this school are fair. I feel like there could be major improvements. Providing the school has limited funding, certain areas of the activities have more opportunities than others. The athletic department gets the majority of the money, leaving the arts areas lacking. There are different activities other than sports however. We have FCCLA, FFA, Student Council, Band and various UIL teams. In these organizations, there is a strong sense of support and commitment abound. This, I feel, makes the limited options considerably better, being that the groups are akin to tightly knit families. I participate, and enjoy, more of the artsy aspects of extracurricular activities, such as choir, art club and drama, and we have none of these. We do however participate in UIL One Act Play.
It is a great school I have enjoyed it since the day I have arrived in the school.
They are very good at providing the lesson plans and showing how it applies to the real world
I would definitely choose Lovelady again over the surrounding schools I have available. I attended Trinity schools till the seventh grade, and the move was honestly the best decision my parents could've made for me. The experience has always been a joy. The people care, put stock into different programs and the students, and the quality of people in general is high. There is support, and a good educational experience. Everyone, for the most part, gets along, and I feel this is one of the unique parts of this school. The teachers, staff and students make everyone feel like a family; and I would choose it everyday, and help people to see the beauty of it.
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Lovelady is great besides funding and diversity.
Lovelady is great for learning new things every day. The teachers are willing to help you with anything you need. The fact of Lovelady being a small school helps a lot because you can have more one on one time.
There could be more, less focus on sports. There are no artistic outlets for students.
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