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The teachers at lovejoy high school wanted to be there, and wanted to teach the students. all of them were willing to meet outside of school hours to help, and all were willing to re-explain something if someone didn't understand.
Lovejoy teachers and staff are very relatable and try to be super nice to students. it is a very easy going school, there isn't a strict dress code, there are no late grades, or zeros, and you can retest any major grade up to an 85. I do wish that there were more school activities where we could all get involved, and more service projects. i also do wish that as a senior we were getting more prepared for college, the faculty and teachers never really taught us how college is going to be.I have overall had an amazing 13 years in this school district and wouldn't have chosen to go to a different school.
I have greatly enjoyed my time at Lovejoy High School. The counselors, especially Mrs. Cabrera, have been so helpful through all the years, and senior year specifically, I couldn't have done as well as I did without any of them. It is very little minorities but we have many clubs celebrating different cultures and groups of individuals to represent all people! The club involvement and student body culture are really awesome and encouraging!
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Highest quality of education that can be found in a public school. The classes offered are quite diverse. There are a lot of AP and Dual Credit classes offered.
The school is nice and small, so it has a small town feel. We have approximately 1200 students in Lovejoy High School.
The teachers always provided creative and effective learning environments. We were placed under just enough pressure to get high grades and study hard, but never felt too overwhelmed. Instructors and leaders were patient when I didn't understand a subject or concept and were willing to alter their schedules to help me. I was able to balance academics with multiple extracurriculars due to communicating with instructors.
the small, close knit community had been ideal for my family. I've had a great high school experience and getting involved in different extracurriculars and easily making friends after moving here as a new student in freshman year, i feel included and am proud to be a lovejoy leopard.
The kids here are cool but a lot are new because people are transferring here because of athletics and academics. With a new football head coach we will be very good.
This school By far in the area has the best academic and athletic program. And it is supposed to be even better with the kids coming out of middle school.
We have great Fine Arts programs and some truly amazing teachers, but some of the policies limit the students' preparation for the work world. For example, you can retest most tests to an 85 with little prep work and there are only minor penalties for turning things in late.
Their are a lot of things I like about the Lovejoy district such as the atmosphere in the classes which are very good. In classes they make sure every student is interacting with the subject at all times. They also teach the material the way the students like whether it's visual or verbal learning. At all the different schools and the area around them is very safe with little to no crime. The sports and culture are very involving with their events and involves all students of all ages.Their is really nothing I would change in the district to make it better since everything is all ready top notch.
The staff are overall really great, but the administration is not very present. I would love it if there was more attention paid to organizations like band and drill team. There are many clubs and opportunities for students to get involved in something they are passionate about.
The school overall was an amazing experience. The education and the teachers are by far phenomenal. The community was alright. The traditions are somewhat crazy, but fun at the same time. The school has great security.
I have attended Lovejoy for all four years of high school and have really enjoyed it! They are usually very accommodating and helpful!
I love the school I go to. We are academically equipped with many opportunities to grow and expand our minds and try out new things. The only thing that I would change would be the diversity at my school and the lack of awareness of how the real world will work. We don't have any home ec. classes to teach us how to cook, budget, and pay for bills and taxes.
There’s a wide variety of classes, and you can make good friends. However, it can be stressful at times, and some of the policies are silly.
Did a fantastic job at preparing me for college and the faculty did an awesome job and making sure I was ready for the college I wanted to go to and knew all of the resources available to me. Culture is lacking, too much parental involvement, very poor administration with some problems they should solve. Overall, college prep is great and their (used to be) college counselors were a huge blessing.
Lovejoy High School provided a safe and inclusive learning environment. There is a tremendous amount of school spirit and an emphasis on building strong characteristics, academic & athletic excellence and giving back to the community.
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Great Learning environment. They offer a great range of classes for all levels of learning. They offer many different ap and pre-ap classes.
Lovejoy High School is the perfect school for you if you are rich and white. Also, the only important sports are football and volleyball. All other activities don't matter to the Athletic Director. For a FOOTBALL FILM ROOM, wrestling was kicked out of their own practice room and moved to the middle school (which is a mile away). Too bad the football team hasn't qualified for state for a very long time, and the wrestling team had 6 state qualifiers and 2 state placers just last year.
The community at Lovejoy is very positive and has contributed a great deal to my success. Teachers and administrators are committed to helping students succeed, academically and mentally. The students themselves are very self driven and strive for academic success.
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