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The size of the school gave me opportunities that other, larger, schools would not have been able to give me. I got a chance to learn and grow with kind and amazing teachers.
Lovejoy High School is an amazing school that has an outstanding principal, who steers his students to a bright future. The teachers are headstrong about making sure we are prepared for college. The counselors keep the parents and students aware about scholarships, grades, and other news within our school. Lovejoy is a great school to learn, grow and achieve.
I got to learn things I never expected to learn in the 11th grade. My AP class was a great experience. Life during this pandemic was very difficult but I was able to teach myself using notes and help from online resources. This is by far what I learnt while going through the school year
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What I liked about Lovejoy high School is how some of the teachers went above and beyond to make sure the students were successful. Some things I would like to see changed would be the upgrade of the facilities.
Lovejoy is an ok school. The food is not good. Many kids have reported having spoiled milk. The students antagonize the teacher and the teachers do the same to the students. They do not check bags when you walk in the building. Most kids just walk threw the medal detectors. Some teachers believe they do not have to teacher and this leads to some students struggling more than most. College board is not a reliable site for the district to force us to use. Most of the time students can’t even log in. Also most of the school does not have WiFi. This causes problems in the computer labs. Some of the teachers do step up and make sure that students are ok and protected. Some also create strong bonds with students.
Lovejoy is a good school. As a student there, I have never felt unsafe to attend school on a daily basis. However, I wish there were more activities for students to have and get to know their school peers more.
Attending Lovejoy High School was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I was extremely blessed and fortunate to be able to attend a school where the teachers really care about your education. The administration was great! Always very hands on and interactive with students and teachers. I made some of best memories of my life attending that school. My attendance there also allowed me to be eligible for my dream school and many scholarships. If you are thinking about completing your high school career at Lovejoy High, I really encourage you to do so. you won't regret it!
The environment is poor when it comes to ensuring the students knowledge to the subjects they will need to be succesfull outside of school .
I really enjoyed my experience at Lovejoy High School. From the students to the staff, I always felt welcomed and i had people who genuinely cared about me. I attended another school prior to this one and i could definitely tell you each experience was different. You get an education while having a good time. I am currently a senior and i am proud to graduate from Lovejoy High School. The only issue i had with the school was the amount of kids within some of the classes. The school could definitely use some more teachers!!
Lovejoy is very good but there are some areas that as a whole school we can improve in.Such as the the boys and girl bathrooms are nasty and in the boys bathroom hey dont have sections where you can see one another.And Mr.render is a great principal/leader. And as a student of lovejoy we can improve as a whole group instead of hurting each other.
It was a great was experience for me , the best part about going to school here was the track team and the teacher are really nice and the administration is really great
I love going to school at lovejoy highshool everybody gets treated respectfully.When i got up for school everyday i was looking forward to being at school and learing new things from the teachers.
Lovejoy overall is an okay high school. I really liked our principal because he was uplifting and really wanted to see us do well not only as a school but as individuals as well.
Lovejoy is a potential school. Yes, I admit it had it's downfall for a couple years but we received a dedicated principle who had a vision to make this a lot better. He managed to get the students attention and to compromise with them to do better. He gave a lot of opportunities and actually cared. Now this school is back on track producing amazing students regardless of their background I am proud of them.
My high school experience with Lovejoy has been overall good and definitely stressful but now I can say that I finally made it. Some things that I would recommend changing is them acknowledging more student recognition.
Being an alumni of the school for my four years, Lovejoy High School is place where students can exceed their limits to become more than what they are.
Lovejoy High School is excellent. I think if kids could go here then go. The teachers really care about the students education and do not want to see you fail. Everybody in the school is willing to help you to get better at anything you do. I play baseball and the coaches that I have are amazing at what they do. They are just as dedicated to winning games as the players are. They treat us like college players and work us hard like we are professionals. I think Lovejoy will be good for any student that thinks about going there. I do recommend this school to parents.
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I like it because I love the school
Things l will change would be the school building because are building is old I'm talking very old.
My experience at Lovejoy High School has by far not been the best experience. During my freshman year, I attended a boarding school in Rhode Island, but I decided to leave due to my homesickness. It has been a drastic change in not only atmospheres, but in culture also. The boarding school had numerous students that wanted to succeed, but at Lovejoy there are students that put forth no action everyday and only come to chat with their friends. The drive in the school overall is not there. Furthermore, at boarding school there were many activities that the students engaged in with one another and a significant amount of school spirit. Lovejoy has minimum amount of school spirit at all. Since my sophomore year I have been ready to graduate and attend a college where students are driven just like me.
Making friends here is very easy and the environment is very different from other schools. Although I've only been here for a short period of time, my time here has been great. The teachers are very welcoming and the student are very funny. It's my last year here and I can just say that my time here has been very eventful
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