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Love of Learning Montessori School Reviews

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Love of Learning was an ideal pre-school to elementary experience for my son and daughter. Having now experienced public school as well, I cant say enough positive things about a Montessori approach and foundation which is truly individualized while creating such community. Both kids appreciated being in nature daily, learning about our role in nature while exploring the fundamentals of all subjects. Teachers they had were fantastic and still their most favorite . A very simple concept of teaching kids how to prepare lunch and sharing gratitude for where their food comes from, and to who made it, is something my kids dont experience in any other school. And, it really made a difference at home and elsewhere. I would recommend considering a Montessori approach if it fits your child, and this school specifically.
I loved going to this school especially having recess on the beach!
I made lots of good friends and really liked my teachers.
I was very shy and it was very helpful to do the snack reports, where I got to present in front of my class. I also loved the field trips especially the overnight one.
My daughter attended grade 1-6. Best investment I’ve ever made! In public pre-k and k she was very eager to learn and was never challenged and felt culturally different. LOL met her at her level and always challenged her. At LOL Everyone is treated special. Cultural celebrations were welcomed and woven into the entire school. Growth in all areas, academic and personal is encouraged. She was mentored encouraged and truly cared for. Students were taught to support and cheer for one another, like a family. And conflict of any kind was handled immediately but with that family/ team approach. Being ostracized or made to feel separate was not a thing. After graduation my daughter’s classmates are still some of her best friends. And she is a national honor society student because her foundation prepared her for excellence. She is polite, kind, caring and does not seek to be part of any crowd. I will forever be grateful to LOL for helping educate and mold my girl with loving care.
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This is our 5th year at Love of Learning with 2 children. When we first found this school we weren’t seeking out Montessori or were even familiar with it. After our first child started attending we quickly fell in love not only with the beautiful campus of woods, water and fresh air but the teachings of the Montessori method. The way the children are taught kindness, respect for all things, empathy, to be self starters and independent learners are all traits that will stick with them for life and set them apart from their peers. I’ve never seen kids so happy to go to school and smile so bright when they get off the bus. From art on the beach to sledding in the winter, there is no shortage of time spent outdoors. If you are looking for a unique and positive school experience then I highly recommend you check out this hidden gem.
My daughter was here for 7 years . She is mare academically advanced Then her peers for her age. She also is very independent and responsible. We are very grateful to Love of Learning for helping to prepare her so well for life .
An alumna of Love of Learning myself, I can attest to the incredible power of a Montessori education. After finding my way with the guidance of teachers, staff, and fellow students, I am now aware of my possibilities and am self-confident enough to forge ahead. A Montessori education has shaped me into who I am today: an ambitious go-getter who is willing to be a leader and stand up when everyone else is sitting down. I will be forever indebted to Love of Learning; it's my second home.
We have had all four of our children attend this school. LOL, as the school is affectionately known, truly developed and instilled in our kids , a “love of learning”. The LOL community is a warm, welcoming, beautiful place for our kids and the teachers and staff are amazing.
My son started this year in the second grade program. He didn’t like going to the public school we were at, but this year he wakes us up to get his morning started. He is in absolute love with the school and is excited to learn and do his homework.
We are on our 4th year here at Love of Learning. The Montessori method is just magical. I watched my older child progress from a 3 yo into a kindergartner in the same class, with the same teacher. To watch him thrive is an understatement.

Now I’m watching my second child Begin his journey and have already seen such amazing results. The self reliance and self confidence is unparalleled. My children are challenged each day while in a natural, child friendly environment.
I am jealous that my children get to spend their day at this gorgeous campus! There truly is no place like it. We have been with the school a little over three years and I am so thankful for my children’s Montessori education. They are academically challenged, yet still given the space to grow socially and emotionally. This definitely beats the “cookie cutter” approach of most schools. Love of Learning offers a structured environment with the opportunity for independent learning. My children are thriving at the school and are becoming strong, grounded human beings. I am so happy to have found this little gem!!
We have been with Love of Learning for over 6 years and absolutely love it! The campus is magical- woods, nature and beach! The teachers understand each child and treats him/her with respect and kindness and truly “follows the child” so that children can learn in their best ability. Success is measured through developing well-rounded intelligent, confident, global citizens who will make a difference in our world!
Strong in academics but more importantly my kids grew up learning in a loving, kind community on the beach
This school is located on beautiful campus. The students spend lot of time outdoors. Kind and thoughtfulness is as important as academics. My kids have been attending this school and we have been a part of this great community since 2013. They have a lot of fresh and exciting changes going on while they have the strength of traditions that come with having been established for the last 20 years.
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