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The teachers are very friendly. They care about the students' life. They spend time developing students thinking.
Lourdes High School focuses on preparing students to succeed in college and life after high school. Lourdes High school is a fairly new school and has wonderful facilities to help students reach full potential. Lourdes athletics have succeeded in many different sports, earning many state titles and participant awards. The faculty school want their students to succeed at this school, and will do anything to give them the tools and help they need. Administration is very strict, and keeps things very tight around the school. All in all, Lourdes High School has a high success rate, and will properly equip your child for their future
I recently graduated from Lourdes High School and the only thing I enjoyed about the atmosphere was the fine arts program and theatre program. The school could care less about you unless you are involved in Athletics. As an individual with depression and anxiety- the school did little to nothing to provide me with resources. I was gone for school from no one understanding my mental state of mind- and I received feedback that I needed to do better otherwise I would be kicked out. Despite my mental state- I received lots of support from my individual teachers but the administration had no sense of understanding about my situation. Most of the teachers care about their students, but the school cycles through teachers like nobody's business. The facilities are amazing but the curriculum is trash. I've heard that the grading has been restricted even more so than when I went. I know for a fact if I was enrolled there now- I would be 100% be failed out and have no chance of succeeding.
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This school has nice facilities and all- but if you know what's good for your child, you DON'T send them here. The student atmosphere is toxic, the sports are praised (when they're not even that good), and the fine arts don't get enough credit for all the hard work they've done. The English department focuses on religion too much when they should be focusing on their own subject; English. The food is good but its overpriced.
I liked the small school community because I was able to personally connect with my teachers and classmates. However, I would like to see some things change. The religion classes focus too much on memorization and don’t allow students to help form their own beliefs. There’s also a lot of problematic student behavior that does unpunished. It was also lacking in diversity.
I like that LHS prepares me with college, but I wish that we had more course options especially for electives. There should be more electives that will help me choose which career field I want to go into. love the food, but I wish that it was less expensive. I also wish that there was more diversity because it is a primarily white school. We have some black students and Asian foreign exchange students, but the rest are white. Last year, we had a situation that concerned racism, and the people who were affected were removed from the school meanwhile the person who used racism wasn't disciplined. The administration did nothing to resolve the situation, so the people who were affected had to transfer to another school. I wish we talked about racism as much as the other issues in society.
Great school! Cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed attending the school. Teachers have high expectations of the students but are kind, caring, and are good at what they do. I made my transition from a graduating class of 92 to a college with an enrollment of 30,000. Could not have been better prepared. Not as much diversity as the public schools. The athletics and music programs are outstanding as well. Coaches and mentors are sure to put first school and academics before sports practices and games. The administration is supportive and understanding in a variety of ways both for the student on the individual level as well as a community approach.
I enjoyed my time at Lourdes High School. I was surrounded passionate faculty members in faith-based environment. In particular, Lourdes has strong Theology, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Language Arts departments. However, LHS could significantly improve its STEM courses. In many ways, this is the biggest detriment of sending your child to LHS.
This school has a bullying culture that begins at the top administration and infiltrates every aspect of these kids’ worlds. The strong get stronger. The weak get shamed. Our family’s experience is that it is not a safe place for normal healthy adolescent development. We left LHS and our child bloomed in a safer environment (Mayo High School) within weeks.
Overall, Lourdes High School provided me with good experience and has helped me prepare for college well. The teachers make sure that all the students are taken care of, and makes sure that every one of their students is doing their best to achieve greatness. One change I would like to see from Lourdes would be diversity. Although there are some students of different ethnicities, there could always be more. Being a black girl, I love knowing that there is always someone at school that I can relate to.
One of the most valuable aspects of Lourdes High School is our beautiful fine arts facilities. If only the students involved here were more respected! Our athletics department is regularly recognized for achievements and this is where the heart of LHS spirit lies. Additionally, participation in acts of faith is encouraged although very few people are actually Catholic. A few accomplishments that are special to LHS but not recognized as frequently include our amazing marching band and one-act theatre that went to state for the first time in 20+ years my freshman year.
Lourdes High School is a catholic private school focused on the formation of faith and education. I enjoyed the small class size and easily found relationships between my teachers and fellow classmates. Everyone is very nice and professional but the only thing I wish is for a larger variety of classes.
I am so glad I had the opportunity to graduate from Lourdes High School. The teachers actually cared about students, the academics prepared me extremely well for college courses, and the student experience was amazing for me. The music and fine arts program when I went there was outstanding, and gave me a lot of really great opportunities. I liked having faith at the center, and being able to explore any topics in class without restrictions. Going here helped me get into the school I wanted to, and even the honors program.
Good kids and good families. Teachers are hit and miss. Good athletic and arts. Costs a lot but will go a long way towards preparing you or your child for college. If you take advantage of the opportunities they offer you will be much more prepared for college than other students. High expectations also put you a step ahead.
Lourdes has really nice facilities. There are some great teachers but also some sub-par ones. The English department is great. Science and math not so much. The arts program is amazing!
Lourdes high school is a great school. The teachers help you so much if you ask them if you could stay after school or come in early to get help for a subject they will do it. They have a get place called the learning center and the have two teachers that are dedicated to that room. In there is one teacher for the sciences and one to help you with things like papers. The food is delicious they make it there and if you have an allergy all you have to do is ask they are so helpful and kind. The arts is a great place to be the band goes to marching band competitions and they are also the pep band and concert band all in one. The choir is amazing they are so good because they practice a lot and put there mind to it. The athletic department is good they commit to practice hard and much as they can and they get far in the season. The club thy have is for everyone they have something that everyone would like from gaming to science to art. They also have a ton of AP/ Honer classes.
I have loved my experience at Lourdes High School. My Catholic School Education has given me the leadership skills, education, and public speaking skills that I need to succeed in my future. I am thankful for the teachers and administration that I have come to known and grown close with. I love the school spirit and unity that is present in my school and I also love the opportunities it has given me. I have been able to be a part of student council, cheer leading, S.A.D.D., Habitat for Humanity, Campus Ministry, and Yearbook. The only thing I could add to improve Lourdes would be to continue hiring amazing teachers!
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Great teachers and caring community. Faith is a vital part of learning from retreats, to prayer in most classes, even Math, to service projects. Most students get involved in extra curicculars.
I like the modular schedule because I feel more ready for college. I am proud to be a Lourdes Eagle and cheering the football team to state. I also love the state of the art building.
Lourdes High School for me was a unique experience, with an average student/teacher ratio of 18:1. The education that Lourdes High School gave me was great too. They got me ready for college, hence it's a college prep school. Another great thing about Lourdes was how much the teachers care about you/your child they see the best in the kids and will always make extra time for them.