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Lourdes Central Catholic School Reviews

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This school has treated me like dirt I have had absolutely no good times. The teachers are absolutely horrible such as one of the administrators Jon borer
He has been an absolute pain by not doing his job but everyone else’s he can’t handle a joke and should learn to let it go.
It’s a very good school with some good teachers but there it one teacher that is very rude to certain people and cruel to certain people and gives you infractions and looks every where on your body to see if your shirts is tucked in and is name is John Borer. This school besides him is awesome.
My experience here at Lourdes so far has been pretty good, I love my class and I love how small the classes are because you get to know everyone better. The office ladies last year were not good, they still aren’t great, the teachers are all good, but last year we lost a really good “dress code administrator” and the social studies teacher became the “dress code administrator” and he is awful and not good at all. He doesn’t do his job, he does everybody else’s and doesn’t know how to handle things the right way. I feel like people with “ADHD” have to many chances, because they bully people and our teachers and administrators don’t handle that the right way!
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This school has truly prepared me for college and has helped me build lasting relationships with friends and teachers. Truly academically focused with great activities for all students to participate in!
Lourdes Central Catholic offers a great education and true college preparation. The teachers I've been lucky enough to have through high school have made it a great experience for me and have taught me incredible things, as a person and a student. Extracurriculars are a big deal here and I've been involved with as much as I can handle. The opportunities found here, I believe, are one of a kind. A student can be involved in athletics, theatre, and many different types of activities. A truly personal and community-type feel.
My experience at Lourdes Central was definitely one to remember. The teachers were very helpful and down to level with the students. I’ve had a great time with friends and classmates through the years. I’ve liked how close the school is together and how we are always trying to help each other. Administration has changed in the past few years and I wouldn’t say in a good way. I hope the school goes back to feeling more like a family unit and the other classes continue to lift people up after this year.
Great education, great culture and great parent support. I have four children in Lourdes Central Catholic school. What I love most is the parent support and the communication between the school and the parents. It seems they are always working to improve and are willing to listen to concerns.
I’m a freshmen and I’ve gone to Lourdes since 4th grade and I’ve blossomed in my catholic and school knowledge. The students are welcoming and the teachers are always willing to help.
Would be nice to have more diversity but that is hard to control. This school has a nice family environment but with any normal family there will always be drama and problems too.
I like the small size of the students and classes and the catholic education but I would like to see more options for classes to take, even though I know we are pretty thin spread teacher wise
Lourdes has the best teachers. The teachers really care about the students. The teachers work with the students to make sure they are college ready. The school offers some great opportunities to perform in the theater department with one act competitions and fabulous musicals. The science department just received some wi-fi microscopes which makes science class really interesting.
I enjoyed being a student at Lourdes, however, it would have been nice to have been offered more flexibility in the courses that I could take. The sports are limited and the school doesn't recognize shooting sports which is the only sport I can participate in.
I am a senior here and I am thankful for coming to this school. It has taught me a lot of things and I love that teachers are really looking out for you. The only thing I wish to change is more clubs but overall, the experience here is awesome.
I attended in middle school. I was a new girl and I was welcomed with open arms. I loved the students, teachers, staff, and I loved having God present in the classroom everyday.
I have been attending here since seventh grade. The education is great. There are so many activities a student can participate in. The teachers are so nice and helpful.
There are multiple reasons I would recommend my school to students about to enter high school.
First of all, Lourdes offers a great education. Along with the normal core curriculum classes, Lourdes uses programs that prepares us for the ACT and SAT. Even the everyday classes put extra focus on trick test questions when either test looms ahead.
Secondly, we have a smaller class sizes then most schools. What this means is that all of the students at Lourdes know each other in some way, so no one ever ends up "lost in the crowd". Small class sizes also means that all of the teachers know their students well, understanding their strengths and weakness, and thus are able to teach them better.
Thirdly, Lourdes provides students with an array of clubs and activities from groups like the Dungeons and Dragons club, to the many options of sports to plays, Lourdes gives each student a school activity they love.
Lourdes Central Catholic really cares about your education and your faith. With small class sizes, the teachers get to know you on a personal level and are always ready to help their students. Lourdes recently built a bran new auditorium and gym which helps the students grow even more. Lourdes prepared me for college and helped broaden my faith.
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Lourdes Central Catholic teachers and staff take a personal interest in all of their students' well beings. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure that the students have every opportunity to be successful.
I started at Lourdes Central Catholic School as a Freshman and I didn't know anyone. The school is relatively small. I had about 30 kids in my class at that time. Although most of the kids in my class had been together since they were in grade school, I was welcomed with open arms not just by the school and the kids in my class but the entire community! The school is about 30 minutes from my home and so that I didn't have to go back and forth before and after school activities, the school helped me find several host families that served as my home away from home. I've never felt that I belonged anywhere more than I feel like I belong to Lourdes Central Catholic School. The most loving and caring staff that you will ever meet.
The teacher turn-over rate is very low. We had one teacher leave last year to go to the Peace Corp and the kids rallied around his endeavor with this and gave him a big send-off and keep in touch with him though insta-gram. The teachers have so many roles, they teach, they coach, they work with the clubs, speech, T4:12, etc, so the teachers are involved in so much more than just the class rooms - they are invested in the kids and the school. It's not just a job - it's family.
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