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Lourdes Catholic was a wonderful place, I completed K-12 in the institution. It is a wonderful place to grow up as a student, you learn many things along the way that build up your moral values and humanity, it has a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges students more every year. The to things I only ever did complain about the school was there sports department, they did not give athletics the importance they deserve my second complain were the clubs and extracurricular activities the school provided besides that I had a great and pleasant time at school.
I liked the environment; the way we are all a big family. Every family is involved and you can feel a big support from teachers, staff and classmates. However, I would like the improvement in the extracurricular activities especially in sports.
Lourdes Catholic school is a very unique. The computers and building may not be new or currently but recently they have started to improve infrastructure throughout the whole school making it safer and more pleasant to look at. For me the biggest thing i like about this school is the teachers and the class sizes. We tend to be small classes which leads to all of us becoming very close good friends, and the teachers they are always so kind and always open to helping you with anything. I may not enjoy the food or the lack of clubs but what i have right now is what i really enjoy
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Why is Lourdes Catholic School such a great institution? Lourdes Catholic has great teachers that will do the impossible to help out any students with their academic and life struggles. It is a small school so the community is really united and integrated, it helps to fit in really quick and that is an attribute the school has. It is not all academics at Lourdes, the school has a variety of fun activities for students and staff such as the annual school festival and spirit week. Sports is big in the school and everybody gets a chance to participate, the objective is to have fun and learn to play and analyze the sport. I couldn't have been more blessed to study in this institution and I am proud to say I am a Lourdes Warrior!
It was a great education and very friendly community with various learning opportunities. I liked having church service every weekend and had the opportunity to become a campus minister.
Everything about my school is outstanding, I get along with all my teachers, they are all ways there helping me in every way possible. The staff have always big smiles on their faces, making your day better. Some classes are challenging but definitely worth it, the environment is very safe and fun.
Lourdes Catholic School has been a very good experience because even though it is very small school it has many activities to participate such as clubs, sports, etc. and I couldn't have asked for better teachers and classmates. I wouldn't change anything for the school but to encourage more people to attend so there can be even more activities.
Small class sizes mean individualized attention from teachers. Unfortunately, not many elective options or extracurricular clubs/organizations, it being such a small school. However, benefits far outweigh the cons. Teachers know everyone by name and are incredibly easy to approach. It's border location also makes it unique - not only does fluency in both English and Spanish play a huge role in the schools curriculum, but understanding both cultures (Mexico's and U.S.A.'s) is also necessary to be successful.
These few years sports as tennis have been added, but theres not many sports. We rarely enter to tournaments or leagues around our schools, our sports are boys and girls basketball, tennis and boys Soccer.
Health and safety in my school is okay. Nurses have every parents number for any case of sudden sicknesses, they inform their parents and ask if any allergies or any other medications are needed. They are really nice and treat you great.
Lourdes Catholic school is a small private school in the border that portray's both Mexican and American cultures. This school indeed being small, is a catholic school in which all High School, middle school, and even elementary socialize and interact during lunch break or recess, making friends not only their age but from different ones. We also have masses in which each month or time of the year, one class of high schools contributes to do the mass on fridays. Lourdes Catholic School has given me the ability to succeed, interact and socialize with people not only from the United States but from Mexico, expanding myself into real-life situations.
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