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Lourdes Academy Catholic Schools Reviews

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Love the atmosphere as it is very welcoming and teacher have always been extremely supportive. Academics are great and the overall education we are receiving is wonderful in my honest opinion. Very strong and competitive program and I highly encourage other students who are looking at this school as a potential choice to come here for their studies
Lourdes Academy is a great place to further one's education and faith. The teachers at Lourdes work diligently to prepare you for life after high school while incorporating faith-based tools into their teaching. The different sports, clubs, and fine arts programs give students the ability to immerse themselves in school activities while also creating close relationships with various students. The life-long friendships that one can accumulate while attending Lourdes Academy is a rare but important aspect at the school. Not only can one receive academic guidance from the teachers and administration, but also spiritual and emotional guidance to create an outstanding high school experience at Lourdes.
At Lourdes Academy, everyone is very welcoming. The teacher to student ratio is super small which allows for great one on one time if I ever need help. The teachers are also very willing to get to know you as not only a student, but as a person which makes every student feel safe and good about themselves. The class sizes are also tiny which allows me to have a personal connection or the ability to get to know everyone in my class and just about the whole school. The classes themselves are taught well, each of them preparing us for college in some sort of way. Overall, there isn't anything I would change about Lourdes Academy!
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The Academy is definitely a good Catholic school. I enjoyed my four years there very much so; it is most definitely a family environment, the small class sizes are an amazing environment to share thoughts and ideas freely.
The faculty cares deeply about my child's education. The community of teachers, parents, and students is special. I would like to see the facilities modernize over the next several years.
My time at Lourdes was full of growth. I had very good teachers who had been there a long time and genuinely cared about kids. Sure, some payed more attention to different niches of kids, but it all evened out. I did a lot of questioning of my faith during high school which is the one of the downsides to the school: there is only a lukewarm faith program. As I've grown in my own faith and now look to where to send my own children, I am search for schools with a much deeper emphasis on faith and how it plays into your education and life in general. As a smaller school, I was able to participate in many clubs and activities enabling me many opportunities to build leadership skills, build my resume, and, ultimately, get me scholarships for college.
I like the welcoming environment at Lourdes Academy and the freedom of religion exercise I receive there. The school needs to improve n terms of ethnic diversity .
Lourdes is a very tight-knit school that is very active in the community. The sports teams are well supported and music classes are very active. It could use a greater variety of class offerings.
I had a great experience with Lourdes, but my brother was repeatedly treated like a criminal, because he had ADHD and could not sit still in class. I on the other hand was treated like royalty. I was given high positions within the school, my principal and I have a good relationship still, and I was friends with everyone.
Teachers are amazing, but turnover is high. Lack of diversity makes for a pretty stale experience. College prep is something they take pride in and do very well.
My experience was a bit different in the Lourdes Academy HighSchool. The diversity was very small and I personally didn’t get involved in any clubs because there was very few of them. However, you could make your own club up with a teacher permission which i believe is really cool. Lourdes Academy is best for helping you do good in the community and to help those in need. Along with good class that will help you in the future. One thing I would change is dresscode because I am a strong believer that how one dresses is how they express themselves to one another. I also believe that dresscode is valued more important than academics and I don’t think that’s right. This is my personal review on Lourdes Academy, but if you love the small community environment then this school is the place!!
Lourdes high school highly emphasizes its goal towards making Christianity an important part of life, and the teachers and staff are very supportive if you are ever struggling.
This school is hyper Catholic, and does morning deserve to be labeled only "private". In addition, being harassed by staff and other student are parents for not following their same beliefs is common. If you want a small group of narrow minded people and philosophies then this is your place. My two years in this institution scarred my life forever. Be safe and go public in Oshkosh, or at least another more accepting school.
Enjoy the small class size, for the academic aspect. Diversity and culture is little to none among the student body.
The number one positive aspect of Lourdes Academy is the people you meet. The teachers genuinely care for you, the other students are very friendly, and everyone knows your name.
My experience at Lourdes has been great. The teachers are friendly and flexible. The students welcome ALL: new students, foreign exchange students and new staff. The school overall is a great learning place that prepares students extremely well for college.
No school is perfect, but the majority of the teachers are excellent in the classroom and have set high standards.
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Given the plight of the public school system and their inability to get rid of poor educators, choosing to send our boys to a faith-based school that provides discipline, rigorous academics, athletics and fine arts-a no brainer for us!
This private school system is looking to grow and have all schools on one site; grade school, middle school, and high school.
AS in many private schools, administrative turnover is an issue. However, Lourdes continues to find candidates that fill their roles.
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