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It’s all about academics! They make sure their students succeed academically! I don’t think anything should change! They are doing a wonderful job!
I loved the school spirit Male had. The energy the students and most of the teachers put into the schoolwork and extracurricular activities was insane. However, some of the teachers and kids could be a bit clique-like and keave kids like me out.
Male is a good school but trust me, the teachers are just being zapped away. I'm down one teacher and now they have a regular teacher, WHO IS NOT TRAINED FOR THIS COURSE, teaching the class. The food is alright, the people are okay. Really, some teachers are just plain rude or racist and sometimes the people in the Main/AP/Counselors office. It's an okay school if you don't mind the smart mouthed kids/teachers.
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It’s a school with a great sense of school pride and tradition, with challenging work, but inconsistent with rules such as dress code.
The school spirit is amazing!! One of the biggest reasons why I love it here but the school counselors don't help as much to be honest and some teachers aren't the best overall most teachers care about you.
It is a good school but cleanliness and communication among faculty could be improved. The school spirit is excellent
I'm currently a senior at Male and in my past 4 years what I love about the schools is the atmosphere. Especially during spirit weeks before we play our rivals (Manual) in sports like basketball and football. We all dress up to the themes, decorate the hallways, and the gym. Have the pep rally's, with the seniors storm the court to run to our section. It's times like these that make all the hard school work worth it, that will me to miss Male when I graduate.

I love the relationships between the teachers and students. For example, I have teachers at Male where I can walk into the room and have a conversation about anything with, tell secrets to, get advice from, have a laugh with and even when I graduate and come back to the school I can go visit them and talk like time hasn't passed. There's never a bad time at Male.
I like the school pride, what i would Like to see more is more life skills electives. We have good electives but none that teach about Sex-Ed, and home educational classes that teach students how to cook. So students get the luxury of learning this from their parents or family but many others don’t get the luxury.
Football games are really enjoyable! Great sports and awesome music department. Teachers want the best for students.
Male has academically prepared me for college . The teachers are always willing to help you with your work , there’s also a handful of teachers who will take time out of their day and talk to you about personal problems . The school spirit is awesome , the environment is very welcoming. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to another high school . Male has made my high school years very loving and I will remember them .
Male high school is a good school that focuses on college ready. The teachers are really helpful and engaging with students. I like the football team and how determined they are and that they win state.
I enjoyed the diversity and extracurricular opportunities that the school had, however there were extensive limitations to expression and acceptance when I first entered the school, that have since been somewhat loosened but not by much.
As a student that recently graduated in 2018, my high school experience was a blast that ended all too soon. I had so much fun being involved in so many activities on my high school campus. The faculty and staff take a great approach to helping students and any situation the arises. The teachers are all very friendly and are loving. The atmosphere for learning is outstanding and the teachers do a phenomenal job at teaching their crafts. I highly enjoyed high school and would gladly do it all over again, with no hesitation to change nothing. Male is the school to be at.
Compared to other public high schools jcps, Male out ranks them by a long shot. Being part of the traditional program, Male offers student a good and safe work enviroment where we feel encouraged to learn and speak out about our thoughts and different ideas. I feel lucky that I got into the traditional program.
Male has got me ready for college and everything seems to be hands on learning which helps me learn better and receive better feedback.
Male highschool is like no other. The interaction between everyone is unbelievable, the spirit and love towards the school is amazing because no other school puts as much effort as male does. It’s a very supportive community and everyone is always there for each other.
I have always enjoyed the environment that Louisville Male High School has presented to students. The teachers are wonderful, the classes are always captivating and gratifying to take part in.
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The Male experience is unlike any other, The atmosphere there is welcoming, The teachers and staff are encouraging. Male prepares you for what you have yet to encounter in the best way possible. There no better way to live than the bulldog way.
"We Are Male High!". These words have been said to me so many times, at football games, on the announcements every morning, and in the hallways at schools. This school just oozes school spirit, especially after winning state this past year! I love Male High School so much because you always feel apart of something when your here. Everyone is actually so nice, no one wants to just be mean to others for no reason. We have a lot of diversity too, what I'm most proud of at my school is our BSU (black student union) and or GSA (gay-straight alliance) programs. We are growing in new ways everyday, and I'm gong to miss this place with all of my heart.
Louisville Male High School has provided me with a wonderful, challenging, engaging environment where I could grow. Male definitely set me up for success. I recommend taking honors or A.P. courses at Male to get the best education.
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