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The teachers genuinely care about each student. They recognize when we are working hard, and really putting in an effort. The atmosphere on campus is always either crazy positive and upbeat, or understanding and comforting. I truly grew into the person I hoped to be at Louisville, and everyone there helped me to foster the best version of myself. I was able to find my passion here, and it was at school when I realized what I wanted to pursue in the future. Truly an amazing experience.
Coming from public schools and then attending Louisville was not so bad. The first three years were pretty rough due to struggling to find MY friend group; however, senior year was AMAZING. Senior brought our grade true UNUM and as cheer captain I got close with the boys too. Here you make great friendships and learn A LOT. Louisville prepares you for college.
I loved my experience here and would recommend Louisvill High School to anyone who needs to find a school.
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I really like my school. I had a few options when I first was going into high school and I chose Louisville because it was definitely the most well-rounded school. Many schools either focus more on theater or sports, but at Louisville, it is like everything is equally supported and important to the point where our community is so accepting. I would say that they definitely get you ready for college whether it is by how the teachers teach or the homework load that is given, I feel very prepared for college.
There are a lot of fun activities available to take park in, and the schedule is a lot easier to handle. Only have, at most, 4 classes a day really shortens my work load and helps me mentally handle the stress of school.
Louisville has a clean and safe atmosphere. The campus is pristine and very well kept. It’s an absolute pleasure to drive onto campus every day. The faculty, administration and staff genuinely care about the students. No one falls through the cracks! In the classroom, teachers go above and beyond to create engaging lessons and manage the classroom to allow for an effective and productive learning climate. The courses offered provide exceptional academic rigor. An overwhelmingly high percentage of alumnae say that Louisville prepared them extremely well for success in college and beyond. There are many clubs in which students can get involved and opportunities to create new clubs. Girls are at the forefront of athletics and they are not overshadowed by a football team. It’s an honor and a privilege to work at Louisville and be part of such a supportive and caring community. I would 100% send my daughter to LvHS!
It was an average school. I got a lot of one on one attention but the administration could be dramatic.
My daughter is in her Sophomore year, and we have been truly happy with her experience as a student as well as our experiences as parents. There are many activities for parents to be involved in many different levels. My daughter has excelled in her studies and has branched out to many new activities and experiences.
Specifically, in the English department, I have never seen so many alumna and parents of alumni return to the school to say how confident they or their daughter felt with their writing ability and the praise they have received for their writing from college professors of all majors.
Besides the academics, this school provides a very supportive environment for a teenage girl. I am a current teacher at the school but also an Alumna. I loved this school when I attended for its sense of community and as an employee, I try to pass that on to my students.
I am a Junior at Louisville High School and I absolutely love it. I am part of the Ambassador Program, the Campus Ministry Program, I have been on Student Council for a year and I am involved in several clubs. Thanks to Louisville, I receive an advanced education and I have learned a lot about communication, leadership and friendship among many of the girls. The minute you drive into the school, you can feel the closeness of the campus and the enthusiasm and warm welcome from the students. Although, it is rare to have only one gender at a high school, and it may seem unappealing to some; Louisville teaches you the true meaning of sisterhood and the all-girls community is a unique, irreplaceable experience. It allows everyone to be themselves, embrace their personalities, and feel comfortable at school. Louisville has a large range of academic courses, diverse sports, a very safe and protected campus, great food, and very intelligent teachers! It has everything to offer;)
I'm a Junior at Louisville High School and all I can say is that I'm so thankful that my parents sent me here. It's such a loving and welcoming community and its a privilege to be able to attend this beautiful school. High school can be a tough 4 years for a lot of people but at Louisville, it's a completely different experience. Louisville has provided me with a sanctuary; a place that I can go where I can feel free to be 100% myself. This is something that I am eternally grateful for and wouldn't exchange for the world. My classes and teachers prepare me perfectly for college and the real world and the classroom environment is fun and respectful. Many people underestimate the intelligence and strength that young women receive from an all-girls school. If you are thinking of either attending or sending your daughter to Louisville, you are making a choice that you won't regret.
I have loved Louisville from the moment I stepped on the campus Freshman year. Now that I look back on my experiences as a Senior, I am beyond grateful for the foundation this school has given me. I have gained a confidence beyond a point I had ever thought possible.
Louisville High School allowed me to become my true self. It has allowed me to grow as a student and person. It's welcoming environment gave me more confidence. The all girls aspect encourages women empowerment and the ability to do anything as a young girl. This school has taught me many life lessons as well as making me a more optimistic person.
very supporting environment and all the teachers are so helpful and provide time for every student when needed.
great school with good teachers and small class sizes. sports and art programs are great and very engaging. great community
Louisville is an amazing institution where girls get to make unbelievable connections that are not matched anywhere else. If you want your daughter to build forever relationships, be supported and encouraged each and everyday, and be successful in future endeavors than Louisville is the high school for you. :))
As a Louisville Ambassador, i LOVE Louisville! The sense of community, sisterhood and faith i feel within this school is what truly sets Louisville High School apart from others.
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I transferred to Louisville as a sophomore and was overwhelmed by how welcoming and kind everyone was. I went to a large public school and left because I did not feel challenged or like what I was learning mattered. At Louisville, I am able to be challenged, and we have relevant and important in class discussions that help me understand the content. I feel as though I am able to connect and talk to my teachers without fear or judgement, and they are always responsive and understanding. I also participate on the tennis team, and the community I've built through the sport has been amazing. I am able to take honors and AP classes while playing a varsity sport and participating in tons of extracurricular activities, because Louisville gives me these opportunities. The all-girls environment is amazing, and I couldn't imagine going back to co-ed school. I absolutely recommend applying to Louisville, it is the ideal high school experience.
Louisville is an amazing place that makes you feel at home. No one is afraid to be themselves and become who they are meant to be. It has such a welcoming feeling from the moment that you walk into the front gates. Our teachers always want the best for us and provide the support that we need in order to thrive in our classes. The amazing environment makes it and easy place to make friends. Some of my closest friends now are the friends that I met on my Freshman orientation day.
I am so happy with my decision to go here. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the staff and students are very nice. The smaller number of students makes the academic experience more personal and the all-girls aspect makes learning without distractions a lot easier.