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I'm not quite sure this applies to just Louisville High School, or maybe other high schools too, but a lot of my experience there way busy work. Many of my teachers, except for a select few, never took it upon themselves to go above and beyond just what was required of them for their students, so the thing I would like most to change would be what individuals are hired and even to see some of the not so great teachers to be fired. On the other hand, the one thing I did enjoy out of my experience was that we were each fortunate enough to get our own Chromebooks to keep the entire year. This made it so much easier to get essays and other online projects done at home. Group projects could be done through a Google Doc together at the same time and without any confusion. Another positive is the custodial staff who worked hard to keep the building clean for us. Going through the school system, I have always admired how clean our schools were compared to others.
what I liked about this school is the fact that teachers are really nice and they put an effort in for you to succeed, great learning, but sometimes a little strict on some thing but other than that no complaints.
I moved here in seventh grade, and while I was able to find myself a strong group of friends, it became extremely obvious that the only way to really stand out at Louisville is to have the right last name. If you were born into a "Louisville family," are generally popular and are good at sports in some capacity, then you'll fit right in. Though for all of its shortcomings, I have to give credit where it is due. The teachers care alot about their students, there are many opportunities for to expand on your knowledge/interests, and there are many pockets of generally good people. However none of the good saves it from the 3 star rating that it deserves.
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I loved the opportunities I had to be involved in cheerleading as well as many different types of clubs. It was nice to involved in clubs for fun like Art Club as well as ones that would make me a better person like National Honors Society. The community supports the school just as the students support the community. Teachers are there to push students and show them their personal strengths. All the teachers I had showed compassion for my academic success as well as my personal accomplishments. I wish there were even more opportunities for college courses to be held at the school. However the courses that were available during my years there allowed me to get some general education requirements out of the way and puts me almost a semester ahead. Louisville High School created a pathway for me to find who I am and provided me with resources to better my intelligence and skills through my education.
I really enjoyed my time at Louisville High School because I always felt like I was where I should be to best shape my future.
I very much enjoyed classes in science because the teachers made the subject interesting. Teachers in history made learning unbearable and undesirable.
I have really enjoyed being here for 6 years of my school career and wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s much better than other districts I’ve been in.
Louisville High School allows many opportunities to expand your knowledge through the variety of classes offered to students and has an abundance of caring, helpful teachers that are willing to assist in any way that they can. There are numerous College Credit Plus classes that are available to take to prepare for future endeavors as well. However, despite these positives in the school district, Louisville lacks diversity and is a very conservative town.
I liked that the teachers are always willing to take the time and help anyone who needs help. I like that there are a few college classes offered at the school but I wish there were more offered at the school!
I have had a very great career at our highschool. I have no other way to compare it to other schooling but I know it has to be one of the best. As of this year, our lunches changed for the worse but we still receive free breakfast. I read earlier that there was an issue with bullying but I have never experienced it. All the students are very well behaved and we all get along to be functional. I am not saying that bullying doesn't exist here I know some have had their issues but it's not as widespread as others may make it seem.
Throughout my years at LHS, I came to realize how lucky I am to go to a school with such amazing teachers, excellent resources and preparation for college. There is not much I would like to see change a Louisville, but if I could change one thing, it would be the amount of diversity our school has.
I love the academics and how every student is challenged individually and the teachers are so understanding. We have tons of freedom while also having conformity. Although we have so many positive attributes to our school, we have our downfalls. Having our privileges as being independent gives opportunities to those who want to put people down. Louisville High School has three different principles and we still have so many problems with bullying and misbehavior. I understand that it happens at every school, but I feel that we could ensure ways to cut the number of kids being excluded and mistreated if we really wanted to.
At Louisville High School, I feel that I can always be myself. The teachers are always available after school and during breaks to offer me help with any assignments or projects. Walking into school every morning and seeing familiar faces all around campus makes me feel excited for the school day. The small class sizes make it easier to get one on one help from teachers and give you more productive classes. Throughout the school year, there are always fun events and pep rallies that are great bonding experiences for all the grades.
I love Louisville for being a second home to me. I always feel loved and cared about. They instill many great morals and values into me that prepare me for college and beyond.
Louisville is an amazing second home for girls where they are encouraged to pursue their goals and dreams.
My overall experience at Louisville has been amazing. I have been apart of many activities at Louisville such as sports. I have created strong friendships with people that will last forever. At Louisville you don’t just know students in your grade but you create friendships with other grades as well. One thing I would change at Louisville is the music program. I think they should have a band class at our school that would be an elective students could take.
Louisville High School is a great environment to learn in. The staff and students are very supportive and everyone in the district is there to help one another. While attending Louisville High School, you feel as if you are a part of a big family.
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Excellent teachers, musical productions, friendships, beautiful campus, lots of club and sports offerings
good people and amazing teachers. not enough done to help those falling into the wrong crowd though. if you are looking for an easy one on one school LPS does a good job. their continued support of the arts makes LPS a great school for being prepared creatively for the future.
Some of the teachers helped prepare me for college by showing just how different the experience is, and the difficulty of college classes, The teachers who did not help prepare students for college could be gotten rid of to better the future students.
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