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It was great, could offer more diverse college classes/AP courses, however, it was good for general education purposes. Furthermore, laptops instead of IPads would be exponentially beneficial.
I have gone to school here my whole entire life. I know every high school students name, besides some of the underclassman. Our class is very close and the teachers have inspired us to be a well rounded group. I do feel as if our school has grown stricter and stricter every year and it keeps getting worse. Overall, I wouldn't have chosen to go to school at any other school.
I've been going to this school my whole life, and I love that people know everybody my class size is small and people know everyone. People know classmates grandmas that go to every game. It's friendly and the teachers have known students since they were little too.
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Ive had multiple teachers who were just making up nonsense and tried to break up some friendships. The food is terrible and has been since i was in 1st grade. The school has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a playground, while we could us the money for important things like a good drinking water.
Small school, limited technology access. Some of the teachers care, a lot don't. It's gotten better over the years and I'm sure it will only approve. The whole social studies department and the math department are great teachers, science is pretty meh.
Some of the classes I took were easy, some were fun, but some were too hard. I wish there were more college class options or honors or AP classes.
For the most part, the staff is amazing! They truly care about their students' well-being. I would love to see advanced placement courses implemented as the curriculum is not challenging for above-average students. Opportunities for students to challenge themselves would be beneficial to the school and its attendees.
We are a very white school. We have less than 20 students out of about 200 or so that are of a different race. We only have two people who are "out of the closet" in terms of sexual orientation. There have been a few instances of minor homophobic activity, but were dealt with promptly by the administration.
There are some teachers that are much more about the sports they coach, but for the most part the academic part of the school is beyond compare. The classes range in difficulty and get harder as you move on (math classes, science classes, etc.)
While a lot of the energy and recognition is put on the sports teams, the fine arts excel just as much. We had a lot of teams represent Louisville at the state level this year (specifically in cross country, one-act, speech, SkillsUSA, track & field, basketball, and baseball). Compared to other schools in the area, we are definitely one of the more successful when it comes to extracurriculars.
In my opinion, Louisville has the best school in the area. I wouldn't have gotten the opportunities I had during my high school career anywhere else.
Most of the teachers at Louisville care a lot about the way they present information to their students!
Teachers go out of their way to help the students and make themselves available for all students before and after school.
There's only one nurse for preschool through 12th grade. She's kind of hard to track down when you need her.
We have student council, one-act, speech, foreign language club, cheerleading, dance, prom committee, show choir, and others.
I was in a lot of extra-curriculars. I loved the arts at my high school. We all got into them. Our school was basically split up between the arts and sports. We supported and cheered each other on in our events. It was a very tight-knit community in high school
When I went to high school, all the teachers there worked with you. I could talk to them and come in when they were on their lunch breaks and they would help, even though they didn't have to. I was very close with all my teachers and they helped me with in school and out of school problems.
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I personally enjoyed the extracurricular activities that I was involved in. They were very student oriented and tried to get other students involved as well. They gave me leadership opportunities (in clubs such as Student Council and National Honors Society) that benefit me now that I am in college. The funding for these clubs and activities were little to none unless the club took initiative and did their own fundraising, but even then there were limitations as to what the club could do to fundraise.
I feel like the classes were very biased in the sense that it was either the teacher's way or the high way. They weren't very open to discussion on many topics. However, I did enjoy some of the classes such as the English and Composition classes. They taught me how to create a solid essay paper which helps a lot in college. I took a Financial class during my time in high school and that was very helpful in the sense that it helped me understand the differences between bank accounts and what certain funds can do for you and the effect interest rates have on them. So I did benefit from some of the classes, just not all.
The administration is very nice and understanding he always is putting a smile on his students faces and knows whats going on with every student.
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