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My experience at high school is very fun and fascinating. The the teach very well and they make sure u get everything you need. They also make sure that when u graduate that you are college ready. The staff make sure we are all in a safe place . The food is very delicious it doesn’t get any better than that.
High school has been very good to me so far. The teachers are very well connected to the students. Whenever you need help with anything they will always be there with you. The classes are very easy if you put your mind to it
My experience with Louisville High School has been very unique. The atmosphere is very welcoming with friendly staff and students. The campus is very clean and quiet. The teacher really cares about your education and well being. At this school. you have a great opportunity to take college class with little cost from East Central Community College. We also have good organizations that students can join and learn a variety of things. For sports, we have football, basketball, track and field, volleyball, cross country, chess, and more. I would recommend any student to come to be apart of the Louisville Wildcat Family.
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My years at Louisville High School have been both good and bad. There were times when I couldn't stand to go to school and other times where I couldn't wait for it. Louisville High School is a great high school even with its bad qualities. There is not another school that accepts all students no matter the race and treats them like everyone else.
I really enjoy going to Louisville High School. The teachers are very helpful and will not stop teaching until you understand. The two things I would change are the school food and the uniforms.
Louisville Highschool was place that gave me opportunities that I would not have had anywhere else. LHS gave me an opportunity to get over 40 college hours. I would highly recommend Louisville High school to anyone.
The school I am attending now is Louisville High School. This is a great school that offers "Every Child , Every Chance, Every Day" . I have been going to Louisville Public Schools all my life. It's such a great school in so many ways.From the staff to my fellow classmates. Each teacher pushes each student to do their best. I would like for my school to improve more on State testing subjects, because that's what most students lack at by graduating.
Louisville High School is a fun place to be. There's a lot of thing that you can be involved in. We have the most high academics in school history. We also have the best football team in my opinion. When you enter Louisville high school you will feel loved. Its and honor to be student at Louisville high school. Many people had succeeded at Louisville high school and has an wondering future.
School clubs, organizations, activities etc. are the main focus to the students in this school. The activities give students an opportunity to express themselves. It gives them so many levels of confidence. The activities help students boost their self-esteem in the most beautiful ways. It's the one thing that makes each and every person happy, proud of themselves and accomplished in so many ways.
This school has a very unique and talented group of young men and women. Yet, in some cases it's hard to showcase what you can do . Going into my senior year, the experience has been quite a challenge. Many things have been beneficial which makes the school good, but across the board there are many things that I wouldn't like to go back to.
As a student, I believe the teachers could put a little more effort into their practices. The way they carry themselves in the classroom gives students a reason to believe that they don't care about our well being. We , as students deserve to be treated with respect as well they want to be treated. Many teachers use the excuse " I have my degree". Yes, they have their degree , but they are supposed to use the earnings of that degree to teach the students why they earned that degree. In a students eye, we are just walking into a classroom to hear a lecture instead of interacting with our teachers and doing activities that will benefit us in the near future.
It was okay but could have been better.
The school is good, good teachers overall, but the students aren't so great.
The athletics and fitness opportunities are very good.
The school administration needs some improvements.
The extracurricular opportunities are okay here.
The teachers are okay at their jobs, some could do better.
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The school is somewhat accepting of minorities.
Only foreign language was Spanish until a year ago.
I do not like the dress code. I think you should be able to dress like you want with rules in place and enforced such as no bad slogans, shorts above knee, etc.
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