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We moved to Louisville so our daughter could attend LCA. She is now a freshman at the highly ranked liberal arts college Davidson. She was well prepared and was highly engaged in her learning The level of discussion and sophistication can not be matched. My daughter read a wide variety of literature, as well as excelled in her passion, Latin and Greek. My youngest daughter is now in the 4th grade, and she loves to learn, but also is free to be herself and contribute constantly to class discussion. She grows in confidence and joy each day. She is smart. The learning and relationships are dynamic!!! Our kids are well balanced and have time for music and dance outside of LCA. The staff and teachers are highly committed to incredible learning values, as well as working with each student to help them shine.
LCA students are free to be themselves and are encouraged to love learning. There's an emphasis on reading great literature and discussing the texts in-depth. Students are encouraged to voice their thoughts, and cultivate the lost art of listening to and considering the views of others. They learn to engage their teachers, and each other, in respectful classroom discussions. LCA offers a series of rotating electives like woodworking, loom weaving, modern languages, and martial arts. After-school activities include cross country, Governor's Cup, chess, and fencing. All students participate in choir; group or private music lessons are also available. The school understands the importance of recess, even for older students. There is a lot of play in the younger grades. As students grow, the academic load increases; students learn to manage their time wisely. There is not a focus on standardized testing, yet LCA has the highest SAT scores in the city, with a 100% college acceptance rate.
At LCA, my child is learning not only grammar, science, and global studies, but more importantly, she is learning how to think for herself. She always wants to go to school, waking up each morning excited about the coming day. Civil discourse lives at LCA. Students from different backgrounds are instilled with the tools that help them share different points of view without animosity. With the low student teacher ratio, LCA faculty have the time and space to guide students to process failures as learning opportunities and to turn mistakes into teachable moments. Teachers design experiences where students can persist, communicate with clarity, and work on managing impulsivity. They have a knowledge of age-appropriate challenges, which handled correctly, will lead to growth instead of demoralization. Our family loves being a part of the LCA community, and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.
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LCA is the most remarkable school that we possibly could have discovered for our child. We have found both faculty and leadership to be approachable and warm, while remaining professional. If our family has any concern, we are engaged respectfully and with the objective of our child’s progress in the forefront. LCA definitely has a rigorous academic program, challenging all students. It is mindful of different learning styles, recognizing each student as an individual. This school wastes no time teaching to standardized tests, but does provide students the opportunity to take them should a family feel that type of quantitative evaluation useful. LCA nurtures a love of reading in students. From Kindergarten onward, the classes read and discuss tales, fables, and novels as a class, and have free reading time daily. They also have recess twice daily, which engages them kinesthetically and helps them to focus their energy in a productive manner.
Our child has been at Louisville Classical Academy for 1st through 3rd grade, and has thoroughly enjoyed this time at the school.
The academics have a focus on critical thinking and even in the primary program, the children are taught and expected to think through things for themselves. The classes are small and allow for individualized treatment within the subjects and mixing of grade levels to meet students needs. The homework plan encourages children to learn time management skills from an early age. The extracurricular offerings are diverse and have included martial arts, soccer, drama, fencing, academic club, and chess among others. The school culture is very friendly and kind and there are committees in place to create transparency and understanding between LCA and the families involved. The small size of the school allows for a very communal family like experience for the children. We have been very happy at LCA!
LCA has been an amazing experience for my daughter, who is a student in the primary school. There are so many factors that make LCA wonderful, and the teachers are number one on the list. Their knowledge, dedication, and caring is remarkable. Each teacher goes above and beyond to engage students and form real relationships. The small class sizes allow teachers to get to know how each student learns best and work with students to help them succeed. LCA fosters a love of reading by allowing free reading time every day as well as introducing and discussing class stories and novels. They also have recess two times per day in addition to electives such as PE, music, drama, choir and art daily. Our family has loved this community, we are so glad to be a part of this school!
After spending her middle school years at LCA, our daughter recently went through the process of selecting a high school. She shadowed at several public & private high schools but chose to stay at LCA. Her reasons include:
1. She didn’t think the other schools would offer the same academic opportunities. She’s already taking some high school level classes. This gave her a unique perspective for evaluating similar courses at other schools.
2. She didn’t want to give up her long weekends. Mondays are optional.
3. They have a reasonable amount of time for lunch, they don’t start the school day at ridiculous times, and they have recess! That short break during the day makes a difference.
4. The kids aren’t allowed to have phones during the school day. She found it difficult to connect with kids at other schools due to phone usage. The small size of LCA makes it easier for teachers to enforce this rule.
We were thrilled that she has chosen to stay at this gem of a school.
We can't say enough nice things about this school. Both of our children have had a wonderful experience. They've gone through the primary and middle school programs, and it's been a pleasure watching the ways in which LCA has helped them grow as people, citizens, and scholars. The mere fact that they still get up in the morning eager to go to school is testimony enough to the kind of environment fostered at LCA. This school is a treasure.
My family has been part of the Louisville Classical Academy community for the past three years, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school. My daughter adores her school, and her teachers are amazing and incredibly well-qualified—they differentiate instruction within the classroom, which is possible thanks to the low student/teacher ratio. The class communities are tight-knit, and students are encouraged to learn through experience and discussion. Students spend ample time outside each day, both in play and in study, which is such a refreshing digression from mainstream education. The quarterly progress reports and weekly emails we receive regarding our daughter’s academic development go above and beyond all expectations. This community is one which supports and invests in the development of engaged thinkers and responsible, well-educated citizens—I cannot imagine a better environment for my daughter, and I am so grateful that we found it.
My daughter has been a student at LCA for three years and will be entering the fourth grade next year. I have nothing but excellent things to say about LCA. We love the option for the four day program! If I ever have any concerns, I am always met with open minds and solutions from both staff and leadership. While this school has a tough academic program, we have experienced a tailored/compassionate program for our daughter to meet her at her level and she has excelled because of this. LCA is different because it challenges the students to think and reason on their own while also being receptive of others opinions. We are excited for what the upcoming years bring!
I was shaped by a group of people who love their subjects as much as they love their students. Along with innumerable Latin and Greek conjugations, integrals, and how to think, they have taught me to care for myself and the world around me because both are entirely worth it. They have given me mathematical and linguistic ways to find logic in a disordered world, checked in with me when they could tell I was having a bad day, sat patiently while I struggled through Plato’s Apology, comforted me when I cried, helped me hone my ideas in discussions and papers, encouraged me to be independent, and nudged me in the right direction when my behavior or my work weren’t quite where they should have been. The utter dedication and devotion of everyone in this school has shown me that everything is worth learning, and everything is connected. They have shown me that time spent in a classroom with diligence and careful consideration will never be spent badly.
My daughters have grown in ways that would not have been possible at a big, impersonal school. The teachers know my girls personally and have worked to help them meet each challenge. They will graduate from LCA performing above grade level and well prepared for any future they choose.
Wonderful academic environment; passionate, knowledgeable educators who want to help your child succeed; interesting coursework - what more could a parent want!
Small class size is the number one predictor of academic success for any student. The student teacher ratio at LCA is 7:1, and they are caring, committed teachers who make every effort to connect with their students. The shared inquiry method of instruction allows students to engage with the subject in ways that no traditional lecture format can.
My daughter cannot wait until school starts. LCA has been a perfect fit for her and has challenged her to reach her potential in ways that public school could not. She is surrounded by happy, curious students, loves her teachers, and loves to learn. Most parents are passionate and engaged. If you appreciate a classical education that is not religious-based, this is your home.
I know of nothing good about this school. It is very inclusive.Cold and unapproachable staff.Greek mythology is all they are about!
Our child has been at kindergarten at LCA and has flourished in ways that we could not have imagined. The small classes are an incredible way for children to get continual one-on-one attention and the nurturing environment is exactly what we wanted in a school. The depth and breadth of the curriculum is truly impressive: they learn history, science, literature, drama, art, arts and crafts, P.E. This school exemplifies the ways in which if you raise the bar, children will meet it. The positive reinforcement that our child has received has gone so far above our expectations. This school is incredible and I would recommend it highly.
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Hubris is this school's kryptonite. The school is pretentious in philosophy and evaluates current and potential students through this lense at all grade levels, often rejecting them because they are not reading Kafka and Tolstoy at age 5, acting their age or because they are shy. A slight exaggeration, but really not far off. Most of the staff lack formal degrees in education and are not really kid people. The school seeks perfectly obedient above grade level students and asks kids who fall short of extraordinariness to leave. This is probably why they have never filled the school, leaving it financially vulnerable. The school, low in enrollment, is desperate to fill seats, now, recognizing they have a problem, but have never taken a moment to look at themselves to question how or why this has happened and have never asked the school community for their insights or help.
LCA has 4-day instruction and the 5th day is used for study and extracurriculars.
LCA is a gem of a school. The teacher and family's dedication to the school is palpable. It's a pleasure to send our son there. He is getting an experience in his first year there (7th grade) that he's never had at any other school. He is fully engaged in his learning and loves school again.
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