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Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy Reviews

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Wonderful, Really fits into my schedule. Very flexible and the administration is there to help you anytime that you need it. You call and the problem is fixed right away. The teachers are very understandable and the agenda can fit your lifestyle. LAVCA is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
There were many advantages to Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy. Personally, a brick and mortar school wasn't bad, but I always wanted a chance to get ahead. Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy provided that chance. Not only did it provide a chance to get ahead, but it has a very flexible schedule. The teachers are very nice and help you in any way they can. The one thing I would change or wish Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy had is more classes. They are not very many language or elective options.
I have been going to Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy since I was in ninth grade. I am a senior now. I really like the flexibility of this school. It is very easy to access. I have met some really good teachers.
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The benefits of virtual learning are substantial. Flexible scheduling, fast track courses and dual enrollment classes are a few of the core benefits that are allowing me to accomplish my goals.
Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy has the potential to become an excellent school by improving its communication skills and alleviating the burden of mandatory class connects for advanced students.
Overall, my experience with Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy is very good.
What I like about Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy is the rigorous curriculum and flexible schedule. If I need to I can rearrange when and where I do my schoolwork. This comes in great handy for participating in church service, activities such as sports, and, when I get one, a job. I can have the flexibility I need without sacrificing the quality of my education. However, one huge drawback has been socialization. I am not around people my own age 7-9 hours a day as compared to someone in a brick-and-mortar high school. I haven't had the opportunities to make friends or learn even the most basic social skills. I can guarantee I wouldn't be the socially anxious or shy woman I am today if I was in a normal high school.
I have the flexibility to do school day or night. I can travel with my family while my dad is works, and never have a problem. The teachers and staff are so supportive and encouraging. The other students are just the same. I can wake up whenever I want, and wear whatever I want. I also have the freedom to do what I want with my hair, whereas in Brick and Mortar schools I could not put color in my hair. Everyone is amazing. If my Wi-Fi goes out one day, it's fine; I will make up yesterday's work tonight or tomorrow.
I started the program in 6th Grade and every since I love it. I like that the school prepares you for college, resources to help me better understand the subjects, and has a very flexible schedule. It really helps improved my test scores. I been in the program for 6 now and I graduate next year.
It’s wonderful everyone nice there and they help you. Everyday is exciting to learn and fun. Students/Classmates are active and ready to learn and ready to make new friends.
Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy is an awesome school to be in. You basically make your own weekly schedule, for the most part, making it self paced and convenient. Teachers are always there to help through email, phone call, or live sessions.
Attending LAVCA was a great experience. I matured faster than other kids my age and the in-dependency I had was amazing. The best feature I would say LAVCA has is their flexibility with the schedules and gating dates. A "bad" feature would probably the lack of extracurricular activities.
Amazing experience honestly. My GPA has gone up tremendously and the work although challenging is never too much to handle because of the flexible schedule. My grades and mood have improved best school I’ve been to!
I always found the teachers to be very helpful. The school is constantly evolving but I think most of the changes are for the better. This year they changed the class connects in core subjects to be more frequent. I think this was a much-needed change because in brick and mortar schools you have class every day in the core classes. Most children need extra guidance in these subjects. Also, I noticed that most of the teachers have taught for 5+ years and most of the teachers have Masters degrees. I think the school has very qualified teachers and staff. The curriculum also really prepares the students with study skills that can be applied to be successful in college.
These people jerk you around over and over again. They reel you in with expectations of being accepted to only find out that your child can be waitlisted and NEVER accepted, even if it is medically necessary (as in my case) They use a third party agency which has NO CLUE on what is going on and you can talk to many different people with all of them telling a different story. This is disgusting to do to parent and I will never recommend this to anybody.
My experience at LAVCA has been a mix of good and bad, but mostly good. With this school, you have the responsibility of being homeschooled and completing your work on your own, which gives us students great self discipline. But since it’s also a public school, you are not completely left to your own devices. Help is there if you need it. It is a very flexible school! It definitely helps since I have family that lives across the country. But since it is still a public school, sometimes you cannot manage the flexibility. The only problems I have ever had, which can be often, is miscommunication with my teachers as we mostly communicate via email and that if you do not have a WiFi connection, you cannot do school. If you can’t do school, you risk falling behind, and once you fall behind, it’s very hard to catch up because of the work load of the school.
I have been with this school for over 5 years. Overall, the flexibility was great while the deadlines kept you disciplined. The teachers are great and easy to work with. However, it is a very heavy workload. This school is definitely not an easy way to complete high school but you get what you’ve had to put in, meaning you have gotten a great education.
My classmates are nice, and so are most of my teachers. However, the school's education seems to be a little extra and we have to complete things such as a summary of the class for a grade, which can bring our grade down. I think that's unnecessary especially since sometimes we don't have time to go back and watch the recordings of class and we are too busy to come to class some days. Also, it is very easy to get behind. If you get behind one day then overdues pile up, and it takes forever to get it all completed because there's so much work.
When my son started at LAVCA coming from a public school gifted program we enjoyed the rigorous but individualize plan .
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—As long as you have a solid internet access the student can attend class anywhere: home, coffee shop, McDonald’s, Disney, beach, etc.
—Great Teacher/Faculty communication with student & parents via email.

—DFA. The work to complete for a DFA does not equal the point value. 2 points!
—the majority of class connect time should be teacher led instruction. Not sure that live typed conversation should be viewed by all the students. It can be distracting.
—common core, eureka math (John White) has got to go!
It’s a great school with great teachers! There is so much support from each person you come into contact with!
Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy is a fantastic program that gives students the opportunity to do their schooling from home. As someone who's had to move countless times due to a parent being in the military, online education has helped me immensely. Through LAVCA I've been able to excel in my studies, and their faculty has been nothing but helpful to me since I began five years ago.
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