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Louisiana School for the Agricultural Sciences Reviews

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I have attended school here since the seventh grade and i have always loved this school. i thin this school teaches you skills you need to learn to help you advance in this world.
Lasas is a great learning center. We’re an A school and the kids love to be outside working with the animals.
This school is one of the best in Avoyelles parish, we had remained an A for multiple years. Our teachers are great minus some but they get the point across in the subject. What I wish our school had was different electives to choose from and that we had sports instead of going to other schools to play
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I love my school bc of all the things you can do and all the places you can go at just the highschool level
As a 6 year student at LaSAS, my experiences have been anything but boring. As a middle school student in seventh and eighth grade, we were given the task of hatching, raising, and harvesting chickens for our science and agricultural classes. We were taught how to care for and humanly euthanize the chicken over several months. As incoming ninth and tenth grade students, we were taught how to properly raise and care for pregnant cows and how to take care of the calfs once they were born. As an eleventh and twelfth grader students were educated on the different types of medications certain animals would intake and how they were injected. Students were also taught the different types of injections and how to administer medications properly. At LaSAS, the agricultural aspects of the school are the main focus aside from the core curriculum classes.
I graduated last May. I went from 7-12 and it was one of the best experiences. I made life long friends and had many new experiences that I wouldn't trade for the world!
LaSAS is a very unique school. They offer Agricultural courses that made the whole high school experience extra exciting. There are a good amount of clubs that are available to enroll in, considering that it is a smaller campus. I wanted to enroll at LaSAS because a public charter school. That means that not just anyone could go. My sister had been bullied badly at our "home" school, therefore the following year my mother enrolled us at LaSAS. LaSAS has such a friendly and welcoming feel to it. Although we have had many teachers come and go, we have been grateful to have well certified teachers. Since LaSAS is a charter school, poeple from all around the parish are enrolled here. I'm glad to say that I will be graduating from here rather than any other school in the parish.
LaSAS is an excellent school! One of the best schools in Avoyelles Parish. As of 2018, LaSAS has a ranking of an A school. The facility is very nice& clean & the curriculum is rigorous, however it prepares students for their college future!
LaSAS has a very safe learning and social environment for its students. Students aren't forced to "fit in" at LaSAS. There's somone for everyone. Also LaSAS has some of the best teachers that I have ever gotten to have ecxperience with. Although there are great teachers at this school, there are also inexperienced teachers or teachers who don't necessarily take classes seriously. That is what I would like to change. Few teachers here need to become more involved in their own classes.
i like the fact that no teacher leave you behind they make sure you learn what your purposed to do in class they make sure you understand whats going on.
I went to this school for 6 years. It is the only A school in the parish, and you have to take a test to get in. Its a small high school so the teachers were always available when you needed them. The student's opinions always mattered in important decisions. The students were always nice too; you could always find a friend when you needed one. They also had ways to better your education like AP classes, dual-enrollment, and honors classes.
Offers core 4 curriculum needed for a 4-year college, and also offers courses needed for a technical degree. Also offers dual enrollment so that students can take freshman college classes during their senior year. Offers career technical diploma classes in welding that is transferred to a vo-tech school to be used as credit towards the diploma.
They focus on FFA and 4-H. Because, this school is more of an agricultural school. It allows for students that will likely not go to a 4 year college, a good education to help them succeed in life. It has courses that will help you get a technical diploma in order to succeed. It also does have "honors" courses for thise students that will be going to a regular 4year college too. Also, has the dual enrollment classes.
It is a smaller school where the teachers really seem to connect with each student. They also get to know the parents well. The other high schools in my parish seem to have a problems with fighting and seems like those kids are not interested in graduating and making something of themselves. LaSAS is a school that wants all the students to make something of themselves, and be able to survive and succeed as adults.
Most of the teachers are genuinely concerned about the students and try to help everyone. They have a very easy going attitude and make each student feel as thiugh we are a family. They are all very fair in grading practices. I th nk my school has most of the best teachers in my parish.
What make this school so you unique is we get to work with animals and outside in the garden which sometimes helps kids learn better and also we get to hands on actives in class.
Most of the teachers help struggling students, and can be reached outside of the classroom for help. But, every teacher on the campus worries about their students and asks how we are and they also make sure their is little to no fights in and outside the classroom.
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The extracurricular activities involve FFA (Future Farmers of America) which is a huge organization that our school is based around.
The academics at this school involve all of core 4, scheduling classes are easy because all of the previous schedules are set up correct. The teachers follow the curriculum very well. The teachers give us a fair amount of work and a lot of time to study for tests.
The safety at our school is enforced everyday. The staff here does everything in their power to keep the students safety first. The nurse does random testing on our eyes, hearing and more. Our school is fenced in and has security cameras everywhere.
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