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Louisiana New Tech at Plain Dealing Reviews

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I love my school because I’ve always gone here and it’s a very small school so everyone is familiar with eachother but the school itself has very little to offer as far as higher education in highschool and extra curricular activities and there are also only a few of the small pool of teachers that actually care. There is veryyyy minimum school spirit here and that completely sucks for me
I love the teachers but wish we had more opportunities like everyone else in the parish. We are so far out and people tend to forgot we are too apart of the parish. Also we don’t have opportunities like everyone else because of such low enrollment numbers.
What I liked about Plain Dealing high school was the fact that everyone knew each other. It is a small school, therefore you knew anyone that went there and the knew you (students-faculty). There were AP classes or there was dual enrollment classes with BPCC offered. One big problem was every time we would take a test like the act etc... the testing environment was not really good, and there were so many test in our building that you had to be silent at lunch and they would not let people go in a building. And some small detail issues like the food and staff issues.
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Plain Dealing is a small school. This school offers lots of opportunities to all. Plain Dealing has a diverse student body. Parent participation is high. Student have opportunity to take college and advanced classes. Growing up in a small town gives you advantage of getting to know everyone and working as a team.
The school supplies the students with ample opportunity to succeed.
Honestly I didn't know till recently that we even had a nurse and most of the time there's some kind of talk of drugs or weapons is going on
Extracurricular activities are very slim at this school and they are very standard and under funded
My experience at this new school has been nothing but positive so far I had my doubts at first but I've learned to love it
Most of the teachers here tend to be fair and are excellent at their field but they can only do so much with what they have available
The organizations at this are very committed and take their jobs seriously.
I'm only at this school because I wanted to graduate from my home town.
They are okay i guess, if they are still teaching here right?
Most of the clubs and activities at this school are for athletes, but the clubs are fun.
This is home. I have made great friends here. I feel like I belong here.
The teachers at my school create an environment where you become friends with them. My school is so small that everyone knows everyone and the teachers seem like family.
I feel extremely prepared for college! My school is anew tech school which prepared me for the "real world"by helping get used to using technology and working in groups, even with people i don't get along with, to do everyday work. This taught me that even though you may not like someone you have to learn to work together to get everything you need done.
We are a uniform school so our principal takes this VERY SERIOUSLY. Students have been sent to GASP or sent home for being out of dress code. Bullying doesn't really happen at my school. I think it is because we such a small school. There is a little over 100 students in the WHOLE high school.
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If some of the clubs at my school are unable to receive the funding that need on their own by fund raising, the school will help them supply whatever it is they need. there are not many clubs,mainly sports teams such as,cheer, football, basketball, baseball, and softball.
The technology used throughout my school is AWESOME!! we are able to use cell phones at lunch and before and after school. We are the only school in the Parish that has this privilege. My school recently got a new principal. She is the BEST! She connects very well with all of the students.
My school has Just become a New Tech school which means it has become more challenging and readies its students for college. There are so many great people at this school that i would never want to forget. The students you find here at Plain Dealing High School you will not find anywhere else. This is a school that I would choose to come back to.
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