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The school has a very good quiz bowl team and recently got Chromebooks for students to use. However, most of the teachers are uninterested in helping struggling students. Students have to resort to helping each other or cheating in order to pass a class, and even then, their grades end up on the lower side.
Sam Houston High School has exceeded all of my expectations as well as my parents. I'm an honor student who maintains an 3.8 GPA in honors classes. I'm a senior currently with dual enrollment. The care and love of my teachers has helped me excel in all of my endeavors.
I would choose this school for my kids again if I could do it all over. They are in a safe, engaging, challenging but balanced environment, and they are learning and growing every day. Teachers are very dedicated, parents are very supportive, and students are open-minded. It feels like a big family/community. With small classrooms, it makes up for its low electives classes. Overall, I enjoy my time with LHS.
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Louisiana High School in Louisiana Missouri is a small high school in a small town. Therefore there are not many class choices or opportunities to gain extra experience in any particular field of interest. College readiness is not a huge focus and students must do a lot of scholarship hunts and other college preparation activities with little assistance from the school. Overall the faculty seems to care about their jobs and the education of the kids, but there are, of course, a few questionable teachers who don't seem very interested in educating the next generation. Overall the school is what you would expect of a city with a population of 3,000 and class sizes of no more than 50. The school is not extraordinary in any way, but it also is not exceptionally bad either.
Several teachers who are willing to help you out with your future plans. Very clean school that has a friendly atmosphere. Due to the fact that it is a small town; there are not too many useful clubs for real world situations. Overall this school is an amazing small town school.
The athletics are great, only they seem to have coaches that make bad decisions for the teams, which causes more losses than wins, and we aren't allowed to show school spirit. The fans try to support the teams, bit it generally gets them thrown out even though they aren't doing anything wrong.
This school is easy to make friends at, but the teachers aren't the greatest that I have ever had.
The food is terrible, it has little flavor and there isn't enough served to the students to properly fill them up.
There are only a few clubs and organizations to get involved in, and of these clubs there are hardly any members because they are not promoted the way they should be. They are also discouraged and are put aside for sports programs, they also don't pay any mind to the clubs awards nights and schedule games during them.
Parent involvement is not encouraged at all especially for new students' parents. There is a very poor amount of technology at this school and little access to the technology they do have, also the technology is not updated so it is difficult to get things done in an orderly way. Their is very little access to the counselor seeing as she is hardly ever in her office, or even at the school.
The counselor advises students to stop taking band in high school, and to not join the agricultural programs that are offered. She also tells students that certain duties are not her job. The principal doesn't allow very much school spirit, hardly any actually. The secretary is very rude to parents of new students in the district as well.
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