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Going to Louise S. McGehee School is one of the best choices I have ever made. Its community harbors respect and inclusivity. As opposed to being lectured, students are given and opinion on what they want to learn and the opportunity and resources to do so. As opposed to a teacher-student power shift, Mcgehee felt like a place for learners. Experienced learners helping others. Beliefs, ideas, and voices were heard and respected by everyone. The students, faculty, and administration all followed the Honor Code greatly. There was very rarely any cheating, disrespectfulness, delinquency at Mcgehee. The teachers respected their students, and in return, the students respected the teachers. The school never issued bathroom passes, privacy folders, etc. because teachers trusted their students to act honorably, and students did. The school gives students freedoms most school kids wouldn't dream of, and teaches them the responsibilities that come with such freedoms.
McGehee has been a wonderful school for our daughter. The academics are strong and we are very impressed by what she is learning and the opportunities she has to explore deeply into areas of interest. But, we are even more impressed with the way that McGehee focuses so strongly on giving the girls confidence, resilience, and leadership skills. Before looking at McGehee, I was not open to the idea of an all-girls school, but I am so happy that we took the time to explore this school and what it offers because my daughter is thriving in this environment. I used to describe her as shy, but now she is one of the first ones to raise her hand to ask a question or volunteer to go up on stage. She loves going to school! McGehee is a community, not just a school, and we are so happy that we found it.
McGehee's Honor Code truly lays the foundation for a community of unique, independent girls who follow rules and instruction because of what's right. Each student is her own individual person and is able to build her own unique style, aspirations, and interests. The Honor Code allows for a mutual respect between students and teachers, which creates a calm environment in the classroom that makes learning much easier. I think there are many great things about the community at McGehee that most students don't realize or take for granted. I understand that non-McGehee students give McGehee a bad reputation—I've been met with disdain many times after saying what school I go to—but this reputation is not accurate and I urge anyone looking at this school to not take this into consideration. I understand that McGehee is not for everyone, but I believe that this school is perfect for strong-willed girls who aren't afraid to be trailblazers.
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Louise S. McGehee School is a tight knit community of people who want you to succeed. The teachers are always available to help you with any school work and are invested in helping you.
McGehee is amazing and the only place we could imagine sending our daughter in New Orleans. The girls who are at McGehee are extraordinary confident, smart, kind, and ready to tackle the world. In lower school the girls study everything from Shakespeare (at 7 my daughter could read elementary versions of Hamlet, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, etc.), engineering, Louisiana history, basic economics, French, dance, soccer, early algebra, and so much more. The teachers and administration at McGehee are the best we have ever seen. We are so delighted that we found McGehee and proud to be part of the McGehee family.
The most influential experience of my lifetime! The teachers, the staff, the friends, each person on campus is there to make sure that you succeed and that you are held to a high standard. Truly shaped me into hard working person I am today.
The worse and the most horrific school experience ever!I I’m not the first, ask around first, before you decide!! This school is extremely heartless and they’re fine with that reputation! Be very very careful before you decide to go there! All lies, just be careful! Any other school will treat your little girl better! Warning: check out any other school!
Family oriented and the teachers really enjoy teaching the kids!!! I'm very happy that my daughter calls McGehee home! Very safe environment..... we Love it!
The teachers really care and support the students.
The school is completely fenced with only one way in and out during the school day so its very safe.
This school takes a young girl and produces an well-educated, poised, self-confident young woman who knows her mind and who will excel in college. Unlike other schools in New Orleans, McGehee specifically focuses on teaching 21st century learning skills such as communication, collaboration and creativity, rather than a large quantity of AP classes. In this way, I think the graduates are more prepared for life and education beyond high school and not just getting a leg up on the college classes they will take.
The teaching staff is small and great. They seem to know and support the students inside the classroom and outside of the classroom. They attend events and activities. The classroom communication is consistent and personal. The teachers reach out to the parents and support the students.
The school provides discussion and topics on bullying. The personal safety of the girls are covered in details, they request permission for off campus activities. The security measure is great, police guards, and safety gates for entrance. The safety of the students and staff is covered with a security gate and located at the front entrance of the school.
The extracurricular opportunities are fine. The students are able to join and participate in many clubs, sports team, organization, and much more. The girls are great team mates, and they support each each other.
I have 2 daughters at Louise S. McGehee and they are very different from each other. But their experience at McGehee have been wonderful. They both have grown as young ladies. I like the one-sex education. The staff has been very instrumental in them developing into productive , lively, energetic, talented, and successful young ladies. I have another daughter who is very excited about attending McGehee in 2 years.
We are a no-bullying zone and there are many efforts made to raise awareness and educate students about what bullying is and the consequences of bullying. Bullying is not tolerated at all at McGehee. I can't even think of a time when anyone was bullied.
It's the best because these are all student run activities. You can just about create any club you want to and you can join any club you want to.
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My overall experience has been like no other. My teachers make me feel like I am important and that they care about me. My favorite experience has been becoming a student ambassador. This made me feel so special that I was chosen. Before I went to McGehee, I wasn't the most open to taking leadership roles. As the years went on McGehee has helped me come out of my shell.
My teachers know me inside and outside of the classroom. They come to me before I even realize that I am struggling. They encourage me to come in for extra help and try their hardest to work around my schedule.
Such a safe place! School is very strict about rules and how things are regulated.
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