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Louise Radloff Middle School Reviews

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i like ms.coleman and ms. davis . this school is food is soo bad i got the flu the next day! and the saftey is bad beacuse the police man dont do anything! and the students have no freedom of speech and the AP's are annoying !
Overall I had very dedicated teachers who were devoted to what they did and showed passion in their work. But the classes were always big and there was little done with bullying.
When I enrolled into this school back in 2013, I was amazed by the amount effort the teachers, and administrators placed into involving students into the community , as well as motivating fellow students to achieve much more than what they assume they can do.
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All staff members are dedicated to helped each and every student. Teachers give their best to teach, the nurse is very skilled and will help anyone who asks, the rest of the staff who students do not think often are friendly and are never rude. Everything about the school is amazing expect for one thing:Food. I recommend you to bring a lunch from home.
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