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This school is quite accommodating; the teachers are hands on and you never have to look far to get help with your school work. The extra-curricular activities are available to anyone, and many skills are learned there. Being a smaller school, the opportunities to be involved are endless, and the students express a community-like unity that is welcoming to many new-comers. The small town environment leads to a safe and comfortable experience at school. With the many programs offered by the school, students are given the chance to go above and beyond their own expectations as the wonderful staff and faculty strive to improve the students to the best of their abilities.
Louise is a small town where everyone knows each other. This makes it easy for students to find friends and for teachers to be closer with the students. It is also easy to be involved in a lot of things like sports, clubs, and etc. Students can be part of so many things which means you have a lot choices to choose from. My personal favorite is FFA because within it you can learn about so many things and learn things that can help you in the future. One thing I would like to see change is for our college readiness to improve. I feel like if we focus on this, the school can help a lot of students to be ready for college.
Every person at the school at will have a opinion on how their experiences was but honestly mine was decent; it wasn’t anything unique or nothing really happened. Every year we would go through new teacher and coaches and it really hard to be good at sports or even getting good grades because some teacher would just be horrible. With all those downfall the handful of teacher who would stay were very excellent and I’m very grateful for my four years with those handful of teacher because I learn so much from them ; and those subject were History and English. I’m glad I went to the school even after everything because I made amazing friend and made so many memories with those friends in that high school; and I would trade it for nothing in this world.
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When something is starting going around, all students, teachers, and parents are immediately notified.
The people who join are willing to have fun and do what it takes to do the best in what they are participating in.
At my school, people here are described as a family. They do more that they are paid to, and it's satisfying to know that they reply care.
I felt somewhat prepared for the real world, after graduation, but yet again who really is?
There are not many options for extracurricular activities at this school since it is so small, but the few there is are pretty fun.
There is a lot of student involvement in this schools athletic scene. Everyone has an equal opportunity to join a team.
Personal safety and bullying is not something to worry about, there are no gangs or serious violence outbreaks at this school.
School administration is about average and school-wide policies are fair to students and parents. Bullying is not really a major problem at this school everyone gets along pretty well, therefore it does not pose a major problem. Attendance is a big priority at this school, as a result attendance policies are strict.
We have clubs, but not many people what to participate. Our faculty hardly ever helps so our students don't want to either.
This school is great because its small, ans you know everyone but their isn't much to learn... We are limited and our staff was not very well educated.
This school seems very easy compared to everywhere else. And we don't have many options in what classes we take. I wish i was offered more.
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