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Really great. Amazing teachers that inspired me and are the reason I want to be a teacher myself. I transferred there when I was a junior afraid to start somewhere new but I’m so glad that I did. I met my bf there and he played football there. He’s had an amazing experience with their football program and went on to play in college.
The teachers are all very supportive and helpful but I think academics is held at a lower standard than it can and should be. There aren't as many opportunities as bigger schools, but the resources that are available are great!
As a parent, I felt this high school was exactly what you would expect from a small town. The community is very supportive of the sports teams as well a the students. The band and choir are just as active in competitions as the athletic teams. I feel like the students are all friendly with each other. I think some of the teaching staff could be better at teaching, specifically the math department. I also feel like some of the teaching staff were there to get a paycheck rather than put in the effort to teach the kids, however; we have all come across people like that in our lives. Overall, this is a good school for kids to finish their high school career in.
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I started at Louisburg High School my freshman year. Everyone at Louisburg is really kind and made me feel right at home. The teachers will help you outside of class if you need it, no one lets you feel left out, and there are many clubs and activities you can participate in, including FFA, Band, Baseball, Softball, etc. The school is easy to navigate, and everyone gets their own lockers. I loved going to school at Louisburg, and now that I've graduated I'm going to miss it a lot.
The involvement of more students within their high school careers and the expansion of the limited opportunities offered at LHS.
I enjoy my High School because we live in a close-knit community, so when sports teams or clubs do well there is a lot of support. Also, our district is in located in a small town, meaning that everyone knows everyone, which is nice because you can be proud of your peers and have a personal connection with them. In addition to the personal connections, my high school allows for big opportunities if you are in the right activities and participation in multiply activities. One of my few problems with my High School stems from lack of communication. Administration to student communication on things like scholarships, news updates, and schedules is not very good.
I honestly did not enjoy my time at Louisburg. I did have some nice memories and I have made life long friends and some of the faculty were the best teachers I will ever have. But, that did not make up for the rest of the faculty and the individuals "running" the town or the people who think they run the town. Most of the sports was if the coach likes you or your family or if they knew of your family. The principals were way out of line with some of the actions of failure to take action in many incidents.
At Louisburg High, students feel at home. The staff do their best to make us comfortable and teach us in ways we understand. The small town feeling really impacts the school as a whole, the community supports the high school students and they love to watch us thrive in our education.
Louisburg High School has some of the best teachers in Kansas who actively work to help students. In my own experience I have found the teachers to be extremely supportive. Last year, the school bought Chromebooks for every student. Louisburg also has very good sports teams that excel, despite our League being one of the toughest in Kansas.
There are so many clubs that it's almost impossible to not join one. The clubs themselves are extremely respected and are the highlights of the school. Between the stellar band, the talented art students, the nationally-recognized FFA, the religious FCA, the hardworking LEOs club, the state-bound Scholars Bowl team, the educated NHS, and the fluent Spanish club, the school allows many diverse options.
Some of the policies are ludicrous (backpacks are not allowed in classrooms), but the school itself has a positive educational advantage.
With the exception of a select few, the teachers at Louisburg High School extremely care about their students and assisting them in their schoolwork.
There is a high expectation to do your personal best, but there is a lot of fun and camaraderie between coaches/directors/students.
The parents are a big part of what makes the organizations such as band and athletics a success at LHS.
Teachers are willing to help those that are in need and look towards helping the students succeed.
I am in fca, Leo's, and art club
Some care about us learning and some don't at all.
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Its just okay food. Nothing worth bragging about and nothing that "I couldn't wait to have".
If you play football, they will give you anything you want. If you play soccer, you have to beg for anything.
Needed to have more "college days off" to go look around.
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