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Louisa-Muscatine High School Reviews

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The best part about Louisa-Muscatine (LM) was how small it was. Everyone came from one of the three barely towns that circled it so even after school there was that sense of community. However, I moved at the exact start of the year and making friends in a small close nit school isn't easy. I never really got to relish in that small-town life until my senior year when I finally made a tight friend group.
Family friendly atmosphere, small and professional. Their college preparedness has gone up in the past few years. They have a wide variety of class for students to take. This school is perfect for anyone in the area.
The school is a great environment to be in with all around great staff. I would not change a thing about it.
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Good kids, small town atmosphere. Faculty and kids pull together when any one is in need.
Always setting goals to continually better staff and students.
I have gone there my whole life and I love it! I have never had any problems due to it being a small school and everybody knows everybody. There isn't much drama here and it is a very clean and safe school, both the elementary, junior high, and highschool
The staff is usually very consistant with the rules and if someone breaks one of the rules, proper punishment will be enforced. The school has a zero tolerance for bullying, and we enforce a strict dress code.
We have multiple types of gym classes for different people who want to better themselves in different ways. We also have lifting both before school and after school so no matter what time you're available, you can always come in and work out.
I am still currently enrolled at this school, but it has already helped me prepare for real world experiences by offering me many college classes for free, and allowing me to use those classes as high school credit as well. I feel well prepared to go off to college now that I have already experienced what it's like to be in a college class. I know what to expect.
I grew up in a small town where my school was surrounded by farm fields and security was extremely lax one student just walked home after yelling at a student with out any one there to stop him
The teachers fall to one end of the spectrum to the other one teacher only grads everything at the mid term and the end of the year end usually lost a lot of the students work and had them re due it while others where some of the best teachers i had the pleasure of being in their class room and it saddens me that the school lost a majority due to rather such harse treatment by the students or personal life forced them to leave and while there are still many good teachers the bad very much overshadow them.
The punishments became games to most of the students and one of the students in my class was put on permanent in school suspension and every time we'd get a knew principal or superintendent he'd be taken out for a month before taken back in, and he thought it was the best thing in the world. I personally was bullied in the middle of PE class being called names and nothing was done except for him to tell me he dosen't care, and for me to do what i was supposed to in get back in line and when a student tried to slap my ass or pull my pants down no punishments were given and it only got better when those students graduated and that teacher retired
The school is hard pressed to keep teachers because any time a teacher tries to assign any work that takes longer than 5 mins students complain and will refuse to do work so in most cases many of the teacher give in and just seem to go threw the motions while other were able to fight the students and get them to do the work but those were few and far between.In the year before me i have heard from a student that there was a teacher who graded quizzes solely by if you filled everything out or not and a student just put names of foods on the lines in a social problems class and obtained an A.
we had some buss driver go so fast over potholes that all the students in the back 2 rows hit there head. students with special need were sent to a room for help in which some people who didn't need to be in it were in it because they done bad on purpose, because the special needs helpers would do most if not an entire project or test for them even going as far as learning from the teacher themselves so that the could do the work while the student sat and played on his phone.
didn't care as much for a sport unless they won a championship
most tests and hmwrk were easy and done in class
until my last year my high school didn't even have a kitchen
small farm town sports were the only thing for entertainment
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Didn't really have diverse clubs
I lived in a small mostly white farm town
If given the opportunity to go to LM over another school, I would choose LM. It's a small school, so you get to know everyone: students, teachers, secretaries, lunch ladies, janitors, etc. It has some of the most outstanding teachers.
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