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Very good academically, a little strict when it comes to dress code, phones, etc. but other than that a very great school!
Louisa is a very eduction rounded, focused education. They mainly focus on preparing you for college. While trying to get you on the right path for college, the offer many different school activities such as clubs. Also, they want you to be the best you can be. Louisa County High School offers several resources for you to get help if you need it. The teachers and administration care about each and every student. This high school also takes major steps in keeping all of their students safe by offering the moto “see something say something.”
I loved going to school here. The teachers I had were great and were always there for me when I needed them, including the staff. Events we held like pep rallys were super fun along with sports games. If one think could change it would be how strict the school was with dress code for girls because instead of teaching girls that they are a "distraction" they should teach boys that girls arent objects. But overall I still had a good experience going here.
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I loved being a student at Louisa County High School. They really made students feel like we were apart of a family. After the earthquake that hit the town our school is in, people came together like never before. We faced a hardship with having to rebuild our high school, but the staff of the high and middle school made it easier to deal with. Students at the high school had to share the middle school with the students there. We alternated which days the high and middle schoolers went. It was super tough on both students and staff but the attitude of the staff made it better. Even though it was tough at times we knew things would be better once our high school was rebuilt and it was. We stayed close like a family and made sure things were back to normal. When you see Louisa County public schools, we aren't just a community, we are a family that came together to make a hardship turn into something great. I am proud to be a Louisa Lion.
I transferred to Louisa County High School the Summer before my Senior year. I love my school. Not only does it have a spectacular campus with cheerful teachers and awesome learning tools, it also has a one to one initiative so that all students are issued a Chrome Book. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis teachers put together packets for us and had music playing as parents drove around to pick them up. This school also has a One Family initiative that promotes inclusivity and discourages bullying.
You can choose is you want to go to honors class or stay in the normal classes. Most of the teachers here will work with you. They have a great Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School (BRVGS) program that you apply for in 8th grade. Stay on top of your homework. It can help you or harm you. They have French and Spanish classes that go up to level 5 and DE/AP courses.
This school has a lot of nice things about it but I think there are definitely some things that need improvement when it comes to rules and policies. This school has so much potential.
Louisa County High School has given me the education and tools needed to further my academic career.
I was offered plenty of career advancement opportunities to help me in the future. The college advisor did not speak to me once. I had many wonderful teachers that I feel went above and beyond to help me prepare for the future. I had a fairly enjoyable experience in my attendance at Louisa County High School. I had the opportunity to participate in an It internship during my senior year at Louisa County High School. This internship was the reason as to why I decided to major in computer science.
The student life is vibrant, the rules are valid, the push for safety and extracurricular involvement is refreshing, the sports teams are active and as fair as possible, and there are new clubs every year.
I liked the opportunities that my school has given me. At Louisa there are many chances to take college classes or CTE classes that will help students in the future. There is also a large majority of staff that make students feel cared about. I would like to see more time put into the mental health of the students.
Louisa County public schools give students to be able to test out different career paths that prepare us for the future
I loved all of the available Career and Technical Education classes. The teachers are very nice and supportive. However, the administration is very strict with cellphones.
My experience with LCHS has been an interesting one so far. I find that the funding isn’t evenly spread throughout the departments. The fine arts departments get barely anything, whereas football gets most of it. We spend all of our money on pep rallies, tee shirts, and technology and software we don’t use. I love my high school, but we also need to get better at keeping up our promises to the students. School officials need to crack down on the bullying and usage of illegal drugs, alcohol, and smoking/vaping underage. Overall, we have some great programs for CTE and a diverse range of student and sponser run clubs and afterschool activities. LCHS has numerous competitive teams, such as football, soccer, field hockey, track, envirothon, e-sports, speech and debate, forensics, and scholastic bowl.
I enjoy all of the academic options the school provides, they allow us to get ahead of college by offering Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (DE) classes. The teachers are dedicated to their students' education and well being.
The school spirit is amazing and I feel very safe attending school here. The staff makes you feel confident in your abilities and helps you through any work you may be struggling with. Our sports program is outstanding and every athlete is well rounded in school and in their sport.
I have been to two high schools in my high school career and I have found that Louisa is by far the best of the two. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere created is very comforting.
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Louisa county high school has given me and many other students graduating many opportunities to purse and start certain careers. I feel I learned all the necessary information needed for college. Our school has resources to help all the students get all the information and help to get into the school or follow their desired path of career.
The staff and teachers are always friendly and helpful. The teachers are very qualified in their area of expertise. Classes are taken seriously and learning is achieved. Outside of the classroom, there are many extracurriculars for students to participate in, like clubs and sports.
I like how involved my school is, but changes should happen to address bullying and getting students more involved individually
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