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Louis Pizitz Middle School Reviews

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Some of the teachers don't even teach. All the time I have to go home and teach my self the lesson. Sometimes they don't even care about what you are. Some of them are also sexist. Most of the time when a boy does something wrong they start yelling at them but if a girl does that same thing they don't even get mad. Most of teachers like the popular kids. Yes, that is right there are even popular status. If you do a cool sport like dance team,cheerleadiing,football,or basketball you are automaticlly popular.
My experience with Louis Pizitz Middle School was amazing. I attended this school grades 6-8 and fell in love with this school due to its amazing band program. Pizitz helped me realize how much I wanted to play an instrument and how much I loved learning about music. Mrs Seng and Ms Bain were such incredible teachers and helped each student individually grow. Pizitz introduced me to some of my best friends who I have to this day and I was super blessed to have met them here. I first learned what community felt like once I entered into pizitz. Our principal showed us how much we should love our city and our football teams. The pep rallies we had almost every week helpd encourage our school teams and brought everyone together to hype up for a win that evening. Pizitz was a place of comfort for me and a place to get excited about things with others just like me. I truly was blessed to attend this middle school and would never have asked to go somewhere else.
The teachers were fantastic. It is a friendly atmosphere. Lots of different classes and extracurricular activities.
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Pizitz fails at protecting minority students from racism and bullying. For a teacher to say "that's how kids are," is nonsense. Teachers also need to be educated on the signs of child abuse. Don't retraumatize the abused students and make their life worse. It seems like the teachers and former principal play favoritism with the white preppy students. The school brags about being the best, but how do you explain how these kids grow up to be drug-addicted and unsuccessful?

As a former student, I am amazed at how the real world and other parts of America are more compassionate and tolerant than Pizitz. Just because pizitz is known as a good school doesn't mean that it's good for everybody. Several students have reported that it's a toxic environment.
There are many programs for students to be involved in. I do wish they would bring back "Connections". I think that was a great way for students who would not normally get to interact (different grade, pods, ect) to get to know each other while doing an activity that they enjoy.
This is a wonderful school with many different opportunities for students to excel. My daughter has been in band for 2 years now and I can tell you...the band program at Pizitz is truly astonishing! Administrators, teachers and staff go above and beyond to help ensure each individual child meets their full potential.
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