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Louis Lake Intermediate School Reviews

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For many of the teachers, you always knew where you stood on a grading standpoint. They communicated well. There were a few exceptions, but overall the teachers were good.
Some teachers were excellent whereas others seemed underqualified for the task.
well its an outdoor school so no gym. the auditorium is the also the cafeteria. the science rooms have only a few sinks and the tables with rock tops. only air conditioning in the portable classrooms.
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There wasn't much variety. They sold chips at break and little to no variety at lunch. If I wanted a vegetarian lunch, I could basically eat yogurt, pizza on certain days, or bring lunch.
Not sure if there were any after school activities. The dances were after school every couple of months, but nothing prominent that you could do daily.
Bullying, including cyberbullying, are grounds for suspension, which makes sense to me. I think the punishments are very fair.
I think Lake had a really good music program. It included competitions, which we excelled at, and performances at the local theme parks.
There was like one sports team (or league?) in my time there. Otherwise, there was just PE class, which everyone had to take and had a surprisingly varied amount of sports to learn about and participate in, including dance and frisbee golf among the usual tennis, soccer, and flag football.
No one would do anything about people with different sexualities, but there were murmurings of discontent.
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