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Louis E. Dieruff High School Reviews

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It's a pretty nice school overall. It has it's own problems here and there but most of the teachers really nice and cool to talk to. As well as the administration will help you in any way they can with whatever you may be having.
There are some dedicated teachers. Students can be disruptive to learning environment. The school would be even better if it had more opportunities.
As a junior in highschool, I feel as if my school does not prepare me adequately for college. I am left with no preparation for the future and almost feel as if I am alone in the process of preparing myself. I would like to see the motivation of the students and teachers change and increase, but you can only motivate someone to a certain point.
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My experience here hasn't been the worst or the best. There are some teachers who care about you and others that don't. The kids are really loud and misbehaved. I have had teachers that i have liked and others that i havent
My overall experience at Dieruff was good. I really enjoyed all the teachers i had. The food was average. The students were fine overall, although there were some loud and disrespectful Staff are usually friendly and welcoming.
Dieruff high school in 2009 when i graduated helped me out tremendously in ways i could not believe. The guidance counselors were there for students when needed as well as teachers if the student was willing to apply him self. The ROTC program is number 1 could not be beaten and motivated us (the people who joined) helped us in so many ways Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.
There's a disconnect between students and teachers. Classrooms are overcrowded, teachers seemed overworked.
Support system was fantastic! Teachers and friends were always supportive and made sure we had our best high school experience possible !
School was great ! Experienced playing in the football games and the crowd was always ecstatic and the teachers show you they care. They’re an excellent support system !
I love how diverse our school is! Our school may not be the best but we have so much diversity and I believe more schools should have that.
Dieruff was a pretty good school. There are many opportunities for students to branch out and discover themselves. I understand that uniforms come with rules but during my short time there, a third of my teachers were so fixed on the uniform policy than with the class material. And I am a rule follower. I never got in trouble for uniforms. So I am not saying this out of spite. I really like how the staff and faculty try their best to get close with their students.
The support in the athletic department to help students connect with college recruiting is non existent. As a parent it was a good school to send your child but the interaction for students and the next step for athletes is not there. I wish there would have been a more active parental involvement component in the many years I was there as a parent.
My experience was very pleasant. I had very helpful teachers that wanted me to succeed and help me enhance my learning. My counselors were also very thoughtful and inspirational towards my future education.
love it. such a great experience there. was so educated and developed amazing relationships. excelled in sports and academics
What I mostly enjoyed throughout my years at Dieruff hs was the diverse group of students that attended the school. I would like to see more leeway towards certain things to make the highschool experience better.
Louis E. Dieruff High was a very diverse school with amazing teachers who priorities where to give their students the education they needed so they can see them grow as an individual. Dieruff High was and still is a growing school making sure they have the necessities and funds for the faculty and students to achieve the overall best education experience whether that is in class or after school activities. My mother is proud with her decision to enrolling me in Dieruff a high school that prepares us for adult hood with critical thinking and problem solving, a school that cares about the students safety, education experience and their future
Louis E. Dieruff High School is not all sunshine and rainbows. The kids are sometimes rowdy and you have other kids that just want to start trouble. I attended Dieruff for four years and it was difficult to always find the light from it. Although it was difficult I learned the ultimate secret goal from this high school and it's "your education is how you make it." I knew a lot of kids that did not attend college from here or they went down the wrong path. But I also met a lot of people who did it right they got a trade job or went off to college. Me? I ended up staying with my dual enrollment classes, stayed positive tried to give off positivity and moved forward. I gained an education, lifetime friends and lifetime teacher and counselor friends that I follow on facebook. The high school is how you make it. Do your job and go home that's it.
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Dieruff is a fun school and you’ll get to meet a lot of new people. Everyone fits in and you’ll have your own friend group. I really would like to see the parent involvement go up and sports to do better.
What i liked about Louis E Dieruff was the way that they worked together for the better of the student's even though most of them were not cooperating with the staff. I liked being there because i teached me not to give up and push fir my best of the future.
I loved my high shool. I was always proud to be a DHS husky. I’ve always been really involved in school, whether it was sports or clubs, and I was always an honor student. I always knew administration had my back and I could always count on my coaches and professors to help me out.
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