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Loudoun Valley High School Reviews

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I had a a pretty average experience with Loudoun Valley High school. I kept my grades up with A's and B's, I participated in sports and clubs, and didn't get into trouble.
The teachers are just fantastic and everyone there is so generous and kind. This school really shows what every school in the country should be. Teaching students in which they will always succeed while having the best student body.
Some teachers teach very well. Others need to know more about their stuff. A lot of the teachers are nice to the students. The school needs to change the rules of how and when students need to leave the classroom. When a student needs some alone time and needs to take a walk, the moderators around the hallways get frustrated. They need to bring back wellness walk. It is when students can take a walk with a specific item so that the moderators know that they are taking a walk.
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Loudoun Valley High School is what I call home. It is a place I can come to everyday and enjoy. The academics are the perfect balance of rigorous, but not too difficult. Teachers always work hard to teach, but also be a friend and mentor to all. The one thing LVHS has to improve on is school spirit. Students and staff do the bare minimum to celebrate our school and improving upon it would make school more fun for everyone!
If it was not for Valley, I probably wouldn't have met teachers that have changed my life for the better, motivating me to pursue my dreams in college.
Loudoun Valley High School is an average sized school in a small town. There is a lot of school spirit inside the school, and many people like to get involved in school activities, whether it's Sports, organized activities or extracurricular events. My experience here has been for the most part acceptable. The staff is nice, the teachers are helpful, and they all try to be involved as possible. Lots of the teachers teach very well, but there has been some controversy in the past about the school instituting "personalized learning". This did not work out well, due to the fact that classroom interaction and direct information being taught by teachers was at a minimum, as the use of technology was on the rise. I can say this is true from my own experience. In the past year, however, the staff has done their best address to this issue. Overall, my experience here has had its ups and downs, but i've learned many things, and met many great people.
My experience at Loudoun Valley has been very good. The teachers genuinely care about the students and the academics are outstanding.
Don't get me wrong, I love this high school! Most of my teachers are amazing and the atmosphere is awesome. There are some issues though, that I will not disclose that need to be fix, and are trying to be fixed, somewhat.
Loudoun Valley has a great teacher to student relationship with the Admin team being the part that ruins the school . Teachers and students both talk about how much the admin Team lacks control of the school. Every year the children come back to school they have started a new system whether its the way students and do work outside of the classroom or how the kids can go to the bathroom, with so much change every year is leave the student sand teachers lost.
This school was fine up until my senior year. During my junior year the school faced backlash from allowing students to basically free roaming the hall during class. To combat this they had us use e-hallpass and we were no longer allowed to use our phones in class. Many teachers had us put them in a phone pocket thing in the front of the class to keep us from using them not evening letting us keep them in our backpacks.
There are great opportunities at the school such as Academies of Loudoun but I feel as if the staff isn't as involved with the students as they should be, considering that i've never even met my principle. I would like to see better clubs and classes offered and wish students were more heard, more than the parents. I got in trouble for having an inhaler on me for my asthma, thought to be drugs.
I like the small town community environment of the school, which isn't as common in the Loudoun area anymore with all the new schools being built. I like how all the students treat each other with kindness and are accepting of diversity.
loudoun valley is an average school. the school itself is a bit older than the other school built so it only has one level. they've change the rules there which is hard for some kids and practically dumb in my opinion.
Many teachers lack actual passion for teaching, and the school environment tends to be overall somewhat negative.
I enjoyed my four years at Loudoun Valley and made strong connections that will last a lifetime with both teachers and students. I also felt prepared for college courses with the rigorous but necessary workload that accompanied the classes at Valley.
This year at Loudoun Valley High School we saw the implementation of the E-hall pass system, which some dislike, but I find beneficial as it puts the pressure on slackers that used to be able to take “wellness walks” whenever they wanted to. I think AP World History should be graded on a curve, as it is a very difficult class for everyone. I feel like not enough is taught in driver’s ed to make me feel comfortable to take my permit test even after 4 months. The extracurriculars are all amazing, and it’s great to see them flourish this year. This school is great, but it still needs some changes.
School and students are great! the amount of school spirit that is present in this school is out of this world! The teachers really do care about the students well-being, mental health and especially their academic careers.
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Loudoun Valley has a great staff and students. As a student my teachers are always kind and helpful to me. The school recently 2019 made changes to the schedule, which I don’t like. But in the end it’s a good school with many learning opportunities.
It is a friendly school environment but the academics is not the most challenging. We have some good teachers but some teachers do not teach and it reflects in the test scores. All the teachers are nice and students enjoy the teachers. Administration is a bit iffy but they try to do their best.
Loudoun Valley has been through some extreme changes in the past two years. It’s had ups and downs, but the students have become more involved because of it. There are some issues with administration, but it is combated by student bodies and their drive to make their voices heard. Our science department isn’t very strong teacher-wise, and no department is completely perfect, but we have some incredible, life-changing teachers in our midst. Clubs are extremely prominent if you actively decide to become involved.
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