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I liked the atmosphere and the opportunities that the school district provided for students. College fairs and scholarship opportunities were just a few of the things that the district provided for us.
I love Loudoun county highschool! The teachers really do care for the students and it's the teachers make it their priority that the students are understanding and comprehending the lesson. Loudoun County highschool also takes their students mental health very serious and we had designated days where we took an 1hr and 30 minutes to rest out minds and take part in different activities to help relieve stress. LCHS truly does care about each and every one of their students.
Loudoun County High School has an amazing environment with plenty of support and/or assistance from pretty much anyone in the building. The teachers do a great job at preparing students for a college like environment especially in the higher level classes like Dual Enrollment or AP classes.
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There were a few teacher scandals at this school, and some teachers do not efficiently teach their students. However, my time at this school has been fairly pleasant overall. The school dances are pretty good, and the cheer program is great.
My experience at loudoun county was shaky. some members of the staff were helpful and cared but others I did not feel cared at all. I'm grateful for the staff students that were there with me, and supported me through my high school journey; however I would've liked for the school to be more inclusive and diverse, especially in classes.
Being a military child, I have moved from school to school. Loudoun County high school is by far the best school I've attended. The overall variety of academics and clubs makes the school unique, but the teachers create a whole different experience at school. I learned to love different subjects because many teachers had a passion for what they taught. As for student life, afterschool activities build up school spirit create a sense of pride in the school. I've never had so much fun at football and basketball games. The school itself is beautifully built. LCHS allows students to walk in the same halls as many generations did before them because it is the oldest school in the county. Graduating as an LCHS Raider is an honor.
The principal is the best. She obviously cares about the students, teachers and staff. She is committed to providing the highest standards for all involved.
I like the overall high school experience. I like how they prepare us for college. I like the teachers. The food is not that good. My favorite subject is history. I like the elective course options
Counselors were often not helpful. Teachers were constantly struggling to get the board to work which took up a good portion of educational time. Students were friendly for the most part but were separated into groups
Lots of opportunities and chances for growth. The county provides us with up to date technology That is extremely useful for all students. Lots of opportunities and chances for growth. The county provides us with up to date technology That is extremely useful for all students. Lots of opportunities and chances for growth. The county provides us with up to date technology That is extremely useful for all students. Lots of opportunities and chances for growth. The county provides us with up to date technology That is extremely useful for all students.
The institution of Loudoun County High School shines among the other various educational centers across both the city and county it resides in. The strength in leadership, as well as the individual, raw passion teachers have at this school is something that carries on into the students as well. The geographical location brings many students of various backgrounds that form a conglomerate of work ethics, backgrounds, and individualistic natures, that form an accepting and supportive base for incoming students as well as current students to learn. The school has always possessed immense talent for shaping students into hard working individuals ready for their lives beyond traditional schooling, all while keeping an environment that truly gives students the sought after high school experience.
I have truly enjoyed my 4 years at LCHS. This is the oldest high school in the area; however, it has so much character. Over these 4 years, I have witnessed many improvements to the facilities including many improvements and upgrades to the sports facilities. LCHS has so much to offer.
This school is- for the most part- really great! Countless amazing teachers, great counselors, and an outstanding student body. However, the administration itself isn't the most effective and they don't enforce rules as much as they should. When it comes to vaping, dress codes, and skipping classes- these are specific rules that lack enforcement and don't receive punishment.
Personally I’ve had a good time in high school. The building is older and seems to lack extra funds for repairs, but nothing in dire need of repairs. A majority of my teachers were nice and actually enjoyed the subject they were teaching. The diversity isn’t great, but it does accurately represent the area.
The students in this school are some of the nicest I've met, and very open to meeting others. When I finally settled in this school after moving from school to school almost every semester, I quickly felt like I fit in.
Loudoun County High School has been a great place for me to learn these past four years. I have grown so much since starting here in my freshman year. The teachers at this school really make you feel like you are at home and they treat you with very high respct. I feel the teachers at Loudoun County really want to see their students succeed in life and that shows in how they run their classrooms.
I enjoyed the many programs that Loudoun County HS provides to its students, they have many opportunities that everyone in the community can be part of. Like volunteer opportunities that help out the community, such as giving back to the homeless.There's also tutor opportunities, if you love to help out your fellow classmates, in any course there's one for you.I helped out in math and I enjoyed every second of it, helping them achieve their personal goals gave me so much joy. There's also job shadowing opportunities, were students get to shadow a job of their interest for a day, it gives students an unforgettable experience. It also gives an overview on what they want to pursue in life after high school. Overall I think that Loudoun County HS gives a lot of opportunities for the students to be connected with the community.
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During my years at Loudoun County High school I noticed how teachers try their best to make us better.
Mostly needed more involvement from everyone. The teachers were always helpful and there when you needed help. Alot of teachers did treat you different based on race. Overrall great school for education but counselor arent as good at guiding you and helping you.
While at LCHS I enjoyed being on the color guard in the marching band and on the marksmanship team in their ROTC program. In all LCHS is an amazing school with teachers that care about their student and making sure they get involved, succeed, and become responsible adults after high school.
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