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Overall it was good. They always kept you up to date on scholarships that students could apply for. The stuck to the schedule that they gave you and if there was a problem with it then all people had to do was go to the guidance office and they would help figure out hoe to fix it or add classes or just whatever was needed. We had a school nurse and she was always nice to me even though I had never been in there because I was hurt or sick. I always saw her when I was In the guidance office and she always said hi and asked how my day was. The teachers really do care about the students education. If you are behind on a paper or didn't turn something in they are always asking or reminding to make sure you keep up on your work they assigned. The music department is very successful. They really are always completing and finding new pieces to challenge them. The sports programs are all pretty much run be teachers.
I love the football team, and I feel like the teachers a great. The Food is awful and it needs fixed. The coaches are good and our sports will improve.
Loudonville High School provides a very sound educational environment. The staff, and curriculum push students further each year. STEM courses and clubs are above and beyond local levels, competing nationally at times.
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When I attend HS, there was clicks at school, but everyone got along. This is a small school which is a tight community. This is good and bad lots of rumors. Teachers were nice when I attended. The open concept of building was nice, were able to get outside between classes.
Loudonville High School is a pretty typical small-town school. Some of the teachers are great (particularly in the science division), most are pretty good, and the rest are a bit forgettable. It's pretty average over all, but, if you work hard, you can do just as well as students who come from bigger schools. It would be nice if LHS offered more AP courses, but I think they probably do what they can with the budget they have.
I moved here for high school and it is a very small community of students and teachers. You get to know your teachers very well and have a good relationship with them. Many opportunities to become involved in activities and sports.
There were so many cameras in the school and I always felt safe.
Sports ruled the school. Most of the school was involved in some sort of club or activity.
The school spirit stood out the most. It was a small town and sports was a rallying point.
Most of the teachers at Loudonville High School were very passionate about their subject. This lead to me being very interested in what i was learning about. I was constantly being engaged in new information that I enjoyed.
I was raised in a small town, i've only ever know the small school. I wouldnt trade it for the world. Everyone is reallt close, which is grewt.
The school has a soap box derby team that compeats against teams from across the nation.
My favorite experience at LHS was band. I participated in band though out my years in the Louisville school system and would recommend any new students to try band. They will find the best time of their lives.
Almost all of the teachers at Louisville High School Genuinely want to help students learn and farther themselves.
The teachers here (besides a sparse few) are barely there to help students. The food is terrible (greasy cheese pizza is a vegetable?!) and students only get 10 minutes to eat! Bullying is never properly dealt with and homosexual students are constantly harassed. The only good thing here is the science department.
The school focus' on making sure it's staff and students are safe
The cafe is kept fairly clean and organized. They make sure the food is hot and keep a healthy variety
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There are three guidance counselors in the school on top of the staff directory. The schools big on not only solving problems , but also helping turning the students life around for the better when needed to the best they can.The schools dress code is pretty basic no holes in clothes, clean, shorts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee and tops must cover cleavage and be 3 fingers loose. The school does not tolerate bullying and if needed the school holds conferences with all parties
Athletics are a big deal with loudonville staff/student body, and the school is nothing short when it comes to team spirit and getting the whole towns support.
The staff at loudonville are very good at what they do at both technical and hands on teaching styles. The teachers build a friendship with the students which helps them master in their education.
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