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I loved my time at Loudonville Christian School! The School it’s self is wonderful and the teacher student ratio is very good so it’s easy to get help when needed. I played sports during my time at LCS and it was an amazing opportunity to grow. Now only physically but, spiritually. Sports was a great way for me to connect and make new friends. Also at LCS we have chapel every friday which is a great way to engage and deepen your faith.
I liked all the teachers when I first came. They had great personalities and always friendly. The food was great for lunch, the sports were fun and art was great. The classes were good and all the teachers would help you if you needed it. They all cared about you and wanted to help you. They all taught well too. I enjoyed school and seeing my friends.
Loudonville Christian School offered an enriching education and possesses a thriving community. The size of the school offers students the attention they need from teachers, while not being so small as to limit students from opportunities only available through a larger social and extracurricular experience.
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I loved how at LCS you can connect with your teachers more than you would.. say in a large piblic school. I also love how there is an atmosphere of the Lord
Though I live in an excellent school district, I have four children who attend Loudonville Christian School because you can't beat the small size, the individualized learning, and the positive environment. It's the perfect place to foster learning and the school promotes a high level of excellence.
I really enjoyed my time at LCS. I went to Loudonville from 5th grade to senior year. I would recommend this school to any Christian looking for a great education, quality Christian teachers and students, and a Christian learning environment.
LCS is an excellent academic school whose teachers teach base on the love of teaching. Administration sets a student first culture, breathing life continually into the student body. Dollar for dollar one of the best schools in the country. I would not hesitate to send my child to LCS. This small little school in Albany produces world changers.
Loudonville did a relatively good job educating me academically. The English department was probably the most beneficial for me and my college career. Unfortunately, the school did have teachers that were not as concerned about the well being of students as they should have been and the religious rules were incredibly exclusionary.
I loved my high school because I had plenty of opportunities for extra curricular activities, ranging from plays to mock Trial, that I could try and discover whether I wanted to do them as a career. I also had great academics and a wonderful advisor who helped me make productive decisions about what to do after graduation. He helped me immensely and I would be in a different place without him and that school.
Teachers are very engaged in the lives of their students and develope good relationships without being too overbearing
The teachers genuinely care about their students. I have had no issues with feeling alone in a time of need because I’ve always had a teacher or student willing to listen to what I have to say and encourage me.
I graduated from Loudonville in 2013 and I really enjoyed my time there! I made many lasting friendships with people I am still friends with today. The teachers are great and really want students to excel in all areas of life, not just academics. My experience with Loudonville was very positive and I am thankful for the time I had there and for the people that poured into my life during those years!
Loudonville Christian School prepares kids for college. Teachers willingly assist students afterschool or whenever they're available if asked. They're open to hearing new ideas & let students start clubs. LCS has a well-kept building & field, + a great art program. Students & teachers are welcoming, & their families are helpful. Alumni often come back to visit. Bible teachers are great at answering questions; I've learned a lot from them & become more confident in my faith. Teachers love God & inspire students to do the same, but don't force it on them. If I could change anything it would be the church's support/involvement with the school, in general & financially; as this could be why tuition is costly. Daily sports practice seems a bit much. The school’s had trouble combining transcripts from other schools; & that needs to be fixed. Homework can be overwhelming at times, but teachers tend to be flexible about it. Every school has its problems, but I do recommend LCS.
There is not a huge variety of extracurricular activities, yet a variety none the less. Sports are rather popular, even at a "club" level. Whether it is teachers leading after school games of spike ball or lunch games of ultimate frisbee, there always seems to be something to do. Many are also involved with band, choir, Chem club, mock trial, and other activities.
There is no environment quite like the one that has been created at Loudonville. I was never the sharpest tool in the shed, yet all the teachers took extra time to help me and to invest in me, and I graduated with better grades then I though I could achieve. Many complain about the school, wishing this or that was different. At the end of the day, no matter where students go, they will find something to complain about. No school is perfect. I love the students and staff at this school. LCS has prepared me for college, more than I thought high school would. I wouldn't change a thing about my experience there. Quality and unique institution.
The teachers genuinely care about the students that attend. These are fully qualified teachers that could seek jobs at other schools, but genuinely want to pour in to the lives of students and be a positive influence on them, while helping them grow academically and spiritually. Yes, some teachers struggle in certain areas, but all teachers do, wherever you go. For the most part, all the teachers are knowledgable and professional, yet approachable and personal. Great, and under appreciated staff. Changed my life for the better. I am grateful for all of them.
Not very many options. They meet at inconvenient times.
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Lots of drama and teachers get involved in it as well
One teacher wrote me letters

One teacher teased me
Loudonville takes an extra step to make our school safe. They have replaced windows with bullet resistant glass.The school is sectioned off by locked doors that you have to be buzzed through.
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