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LHS and every other school in Loudon County is just a great culture to be involved with. We are such a small community that everyone gets to know everyone, and it is amazing to be able to have that type of relationship. All the teachers and staff work really hard in order to make sure we are not only college ready, but also that we are ready to step into the real world. It’s a family, and family is everything!
Great school! Teachers and administration care about students. Many teachers are involved and do the most so students enjoy their time. The lunch faculty is friendly. Good programs but could use more funding to allow students to excel in more community college courses.
The staff were very nice and approachable as well as the students. Also the classes were not easy so it prepared students for college courses.
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What I like most about Loudon high school is the friendly atmosphere and the helpful teachers. The school also is very excellent at preparing you for college and being there to help you all the way through it. From getting your tennesee promise to getting scholarships they are always helping you step by step through it all. It also provides great classes and clubs to the students. In conclusion Loudon High School is quite exquisite when it comes right down to it.
I very much enjoyed the staff of Loudon High School as they truly made students feel as if they always had somewhere to belong whether it be in fine arts programs, normal classes, or CTE programs.
Loudon High School is a friendly school, but not very active. The teachers, administration, and staff are really kind and some take extra steps to make sure you do well in school. The students here are a mix of all groups, except in diversity. I wish that anyone who has seen this short review might consider coming to Loudon High School.
Loudon high school is a great school. But there is also flaws in it . However the school personally needs to get more involved and have more people involved
Loudon High School has been a chaotic, fun-filled expierence within being a student these past four years. The Hour Lunches give us time to catch up on work, walk around the track with friends, or enjoy our lunch with the friends we don’t see in our regular Skinny Lunches. Nothing will be better than walking through the hallways during Battle of the Bridge day and seeing the Red, Black, and White balloons and streamers covering the halls. Friday night football games with friends with an awesome half time show by the LHS Marching Band and Colorguard. It’s a warming, happy environment. Nothing compares to the fun Dress Up days during BOTB and Homecoming Week. The Photobooths set up for friends to take silly pictures in front of. Students (seniors mostly) wandering the halls with their CupONoodles they purchased from Mrs Brewster. Teachers truly care out at LHS and you’ll never feel alone. It’s been a blessing to go to LHS.
I liked that a lot of the classes were pretty easy to pass, I just want to graduate and they've made it pretty easy for me to do that. However, the food could definitely use some upgrades.
Making memorizes with some of my best friends and having great teachers to guide us into the right paths
I love this school all of the teachers are super smart and helpful just like the Counselors and principals.
I like the size of the school because it is not too large; therefore, student-teacher relationships are better and much closer.
The best thing about Loudon High School is it’s dynamic. Because of its small size, it feels more like a commmunity, where everyone cares about eachither’s wellbeing. However, it does not have as many career and technical courses available as larger schools.
I like how the guidance counselors help us try to get scholarships. The school is great and they really care about you doing well on the ACT.
I don't have many complaints about my school. The teachers are friendly and helpful when help is needed. The daily class schedule could use some work, we have "skinny" classes that aren't graded, and some of the skinny class options are pointless. The food is below par.
Loudon High School was what one would think of when you think "high school". Terrible food, rude kids that think they know the world outside; the only real difference between Loudon and every other high school is that the teachers really care about getting you ready for the outside world
Most of the teachers and staff care about you and where you go in life, they are there to help you get to a good place; however, they could do a better job at treating you like they want to be treated and spending money on things the students need
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Some truly wonderful teachers here, but far more who have gotten old and comfortable and offer very little of academic value to their students.
My experience throughout my four years at Loudon High School has been so amazing. I have met so many friends and learned so many things. I walk in everyday and surround myself around lovely people which helps me learn something new everyday. Without a doubt, I know that I am prepared for college. And it is an honor to graduate from there this May.
I have loved attending Loudon High School. I honestly don't think I would have wanted to attend anywhere else. The relationships I have formed with both peers and teachers and faculty are priceless. Having said that, there are a couple things about the school I would like to see change and that is why I gave four stars instead of five. The biggest problem I have seen is college readiness school-wide. I was lucky enough to take advanced courses and dual credit my last two years there, but most kids don't get the kind of experiences I had in that area and I would like to see that change. I think solving this problem would snowball and fix others as well.
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