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What I realized most about lotus was that it's always a growing school. Every year they work to improve on how the school looks and how the students are taught. It's been a really fun experience going here.
As a student that attends Lotus School for Excellence, I can say that it's not a school with many students although it is pretty diverse. The students get along well and the teachers are very helpful. There are many positives to this school but a negative would be that you will not get the high school experience you signed up for.
Although this school has been many things, from the countless assignments, to a unique and different environment, this school was overall my home. Sure, it was a pretty small school, and everyone knew literally everyone, that was one of the good things about it. Everywhere you looked, you would be greeted by a friend, a smile, or even a bad joke. At first, I never really liked the school because it wasn’t what I was used to. But I’m thankful that I got to be apart of a place I can call my family!
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I really like how extremely diverse the school is. The class sizes are also small so students are able to form a close bond with their teachers.
I liked many things about Lotus School for excellence especially its diversity. Everyone can feel welcome just by stepping a foot inside. It isn't as free as other schools are, but this school has certain rules which help kids become disciplined. There is also the student and teacher connection which is what makes people trust easily. It is a very small school so everyone knows everyone.
Lotus School for Excellence is good place for students to meet different people, learn various subjects, and to prepare for college. The school, however, struggles with keeping a consistent school culture, with its changing staff and ever growing student population.
I have had a very good experience at Lotus School for Excellence. The main thing that attracted me to this school was its diversity. I love that there are so many different nationalities and identities at this school. It's always interesting to hear and share stories. This school has made me much more aware of the world around me and how interconnected and beautiful it really is. I also really like the close-knit environment at this school. It is very easy to have a good relationship with teachers which makes things like recommendations much easier. There are also many activities to get involved in, and it's easier to have a say in school events and decisions because of the small size. The academics are also good as we have concurrent classes available.
I went to lotus from 5th grade until I graduated and I can say I had many challenges and obstacles and it made me who I am today
I loved attending the school, never had a day where I was upset about going to the school. Seeing all the familiar faces and structures was very settling.
I have been at Lotus since 6th grade and I am now a high school senior. Lots of changes since; new principal, gives students lots of benefits and overall decent staff.
Being a Student at Lotus School for Excellence for nine years, I've seen it all and so much growth. Within my time, I have experienced three principle changes and each came with different ideas and solutions that contributed to the school and the students. It's always growing and it's always finding a chance to be Excellent, just like within the school's name. The one and main factor I tend to favor is the diversity at Lotus. Everyone has adapted to change and different cultures and people because of it and bullying doesn't even exist because of the great diversity. And it's not just within the student body but the staff and teachers as well. Because of the diversity, student's don't tend to lose focus in their studies or their social life. They've found a balance with both just like I have.
I like the very challenging curriculum this school has to offer. However I would like to see more opportunities be provided for the students, such as a wider selection of sports and multiple clubs for students' interests.
The school has a great quality and quantity of AP Courses, and the school counselor constantly pushes us to do more. However, the cleanliness of the school and the food quality are something to complain about.
Lotus is a very diverse school. There are many students and teachers from many different countries. My favorite part of being in this school is the people. You get to find friends fast and really connect with them. Also with the teachers there. I had many teachers that I really loved. They were like a friend instead of a teacher. I could say that some where had that best friend quality. You can talk to them if he/she were your best friend. They have really good advice. It is a really good school, it’s a college prep school. So when it comes to senior year and getting ready to apply they really help you out with anything. Even other teachers are very willing to help you out. I would recommend this school to everyone. The best part is it’s a school that teaches K-12. You can be there hopefully all your primary and secondary school life.
It is a very diverse school but struggles with poor acidemic, teaching, safty, resources, facility's, food, collage readiness, clubs and activities, school culture, sports, administrators, and parents involvement
Lotus has been a great school that is full of a diverse and small community of people ranging from all ages; there is a heavy workload along with a challenging curriculum in all courses.
I've been attending Lotus School for Excellence for four years now. Based on my experience, schools overall vibe is average, nothing unique. It could be counted as your usual hometown school. One distinct ability that Lotus has compared to other schools is low bullying and shooting rate, therefore, it has a safe environment.
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Definitely an alright school, but teachers aren't very good and don't care about students. The lunch here is also pretty bad, and could use some work.
I have been a this school for about 3 years now and to me it seems like the people at this school are really professional when it comes to the work and care deeply about everyone.Lotus also has a robotics club which I am proudly part of and we have been very successful this year. I recommend you send your child here because the learning program teaches the student a lot and offers tons of extra opportunities to learn about a wide range of activities.I hope Lotus gets better publicity from this lengthy comment
I felt I had to enter my own review after reading some of the reviews here. I have a son currently at Lotus Elementary. I can tell you for a fact that Lotus is a fantastic experience for my son, and provides a great foundation for his future and provide the good habits and academic background necessary to achieve his greatest potential in school and in life. I have been the part of Lotus community for 9 years and through multiple principals and team changes, and have neither seen any problem, like bullying, discrimination, criminal staff member or any other major problem like nor ever experienced a time when the staff was unresponsive to serious issues. I am amazed over and over at the commitment, enthusiasm, and support the teachers, principals and parents show for the students and school. Everyone works together and is committed to getting every student in a college of their choice.
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