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I like that Lost river is a small rural school, and involved in the agricultural community. We also have a very great athletic program including Basketball, Football, Softball, Baseball, Track, and Vollyball. Lost River also has amazing teachers that help you through problems and get through new material at a steady rate. Lost River has a graduation rate of over 90% every year.
Although this school isn't the wealthiest, Lost Rover is a big family. We all help the people in need, teachers are greatly appreciated because of their hard work and dedication to the students. Everyone is involved in every activity. What makes this school unique is the fact that not only do the teachers provide for their students but they care for them and still keep in contact after they have graduated, I wouldn't like like to be in any other place than Lost River High school
Everybody at this school is like family.
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Our principle has his ups and downs. He does nice things on a daily basis, but then he also is very controlling and very nosy sometimes.
The teachers are great. Because it is a small school, they are able to have more one on one time with students than at a bigger school. They actually get to know the students. They teach at a good pace, but will slow down and help if someone is struggling.
There are some very good things and there are some very bad things. The building itself is in very good condition. The technology has its ups and downs. We need new laptops. Our counselor helps us a lot with almost everything.
My school is pretty diverce. Races do socialize some times but rarley hang out outside of school. There is really no divercitiy between sexses or peer pressure.
The academics is good but to a certain extent. The school has just started to offer other electives, but most are only offered every other year and or the teachers are not educated enough on the class itself to teach it correctly.
There are a few clubs at my school. One club is called the Leos Club. the Leos Club is all about community service and hosting events for the community to go to. When students signup and serve at these events, they receive community service hours. In order to be in the club you have to have certain amount of community service hours each semester.
All of our food, bsides the fruit, is processed.
Athletics are one of the biggest aspects of my school. They are always compettitive but also fun. In order to play on the team you have to keep a certain grade average or else you are put on probation in order to get your grade back up. Many students participate in athletics because they enjoy it and are good at it. Our coaching staff in the best. I would't replace any of them. Depending on the sports varies how good we are. We have some strong sports but also some not so strong ones. That is how it has been since I have been here. Also our fan support depends on the sport that is taking place. Such as volleyball. Volleyball is not big at my school so only a few parents attend the games. But all of the other sports our fans always attend even if they are away games. Before big games, such as playoffs, we have pep assemblys to help encourage the team going and pump up the fans to attend.
My experience at my school has had its ups and downs. My favorite parts are the sports, some of my classes, and seeing friends. I think what makes my school kind of unique is that the staff know all of the students and have the opportunity to build relationships with them. It makes it easier to ask for help when you actually know your teacher.
Bullying does go on in the halls sometimes but it is handled immediately by an adult. I have always felt safe in my school and have never felt otherwise. For security measures, they lock the doors from the outside to prevent unwanted visitors from entering. When someone does want to visit they have to go through the office door, say why they are there, and receive a a vistor tag to show they can be there. We do not have a school nurse but we have a room to lay down in if you are not feeling well and you can only be in there for a certain amount of time before they suggest that you need to call home.
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