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This school allowed my to excel and gain admission into the magnet program at South Cobb High School. Every person of faculty made sure you were where you needed to be for high school and gave you access to taking high school courses although you were only in middle school, which in the long run puts you ahead of the game.
The children are bullies. They are racist and homophobic. The teachers are ok though. Whenever something bad happens to a student the administration just ignores it and it hurts the students.
Absolutely terrible school, Clearly democratic/liberal teachers influencing political views of our youth. I am a moderate conservative and during class I asked my teacher Ms. Martinez why she described President Trump as a racist bigot, She threatened to write me up and suspend me. I checked the laws for Georgia and according to CC §16-10-2(b) it is a Maximum fine of $5,000 and Maximum imprisonment of 5 years. I never knew in a Social Studies teacher job description was to influence political beliefs and silence all who appose her. Knowing the administration at Lost Mountain I would assume that there would be very minimal punishment/discipline towards this teacher because they are very Liberal as well. I attempted to complete a Language arts project on the Trump Foundation but she threatened to fail me if I went through with it. I was forced to chose another topic, That's a clear violation of my 1st Amendment.
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Very bad school. The entire school is filthy and littered. The bath rooms are almost vomit enducing. If you speak the truth at this school, they will do what they can to censor you. They do NOT support free speech. If you get punched in the hallway, you get in more trouble than the kid that punched you. AWFUL!
Bullies run rampant with little to no consequence. Students are intimidated by administration into signing "updated" versions of incident reports (i.e. VP rewrites student's report to downplay bullying as an "accident" and intimidates student to sign the new version) Parents and students are told absolutely insane excuses for bullying or misbehavior. (i.e. a 12 year old doesn't know repeatedly punching another student in the head is wrong. A student playing a "game" (principal's word, not mine) explicitly meant to hurt another student didn't know it would hurt the other student) Students know they will not be protected from bullies. One year at least 3 students at different times were suspended for finally fighting back against the same bully. I've witnessed a girl break into tears just because this same bully walked into a room. When I suggested she go to the administration she cried harder because she already went and nothing happens.

While I don't fear for my child's life, I do know he and any other student could be hurt by other students any day with little to no consequence. I no longer go to administration with major issues. From now on, I will go straight to the police. The few security cameras they have don't seem to work and/or are not reviewed.

The school nurse and armed policeman are very caring towards students.
First the bad - the administration seems to go out of their way to hurt the students. They do not stop bullying - ever. Their actions greatly encourage it. They intimidate students reporting abuse and make insane excuses for bullies. The VERY occasional horrible teacher, complained about by large numbers of parents, is equally ignored and allowed to continue.

Now the good - the teachers are generally fantastic. They go out of their way to help the students with school work and seem to love what they do. It's a shame they can't get a grasp on the bullying because the administration will never support anyone but the bully or misbehaving kid. The music program is top-notch. There is a high level of parent involvement in the school. Both teacher and parent seem to work together to make the school a good choice despite the administration.

Word of advice - teach your child to fight back or go straight to police if it's severe enough. He or she may be suspended, but the bullies will eventually go away.
Most of the teachers are really great! Hope your child gets them. Any problems with teachers and the administration will NOT help you.
The kids and almost all the staff seem to be tolerant of all groups. There is one teacher who the kids all believe is sexiest and racist for at least 3 years. The administration refuses to address the issue.
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