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The place looks like a prison, but the view of the mountains is awesome. There are a couple of terrible teachers that ruins the whole year and admin never listens to anything the students say.
At Los Osos High School I had a very good experience. I've learned alot and I am kind of sad to leave. The history department was great. The drama and choir department have always been a great part of my experience and the thing that I have learned there will stick with me for the rest of my life. Some things that I would change would be our school spirit. The students here have very low moral for school spirit events and games because our sports teams are no that great. The science and English department are also lacking.
Los Osos is a large school with an excellent reputation. The school spirit can be felt throughout the entire campus. The teacher's care about all of their students and want them to succeed. The principal, Mr. Kirk is pretty cool too!
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Los osos has a great environment and especially great staff members. They are friendly, helpful, and very supportive and are there to talk when you need to. Over the years I have had some great teachers really help me understand the material and help out by doing tutoring, repeating the lesson, and helping me really understand the concept. The principal is beyond wonderful by far the best one principal I’ve ever had. The teachers motivate and support you as much as possible and it’s very encouraging to have someone walk you through it and help you learn the lesson. I appreciate the staff very much and all they do to help make our school as safe, clean, and the students college ready.
I really enjoyed attending Los Osos High School. They had many clubs to join and had many classes to join and be successful in. Many of my teachers really cared about my education and my future and were always willing to talk to me. The administration and the counselors were very poor however and didn't really contribute to my success in high school. The office did not want to help you most of the time and simply turned you away. The environment of many of my classes was very good, with a lot of students who actually cared. I was part of the marching band, which was very fun and an amazing thing to be a part of. The bathrooms however were often not clean with no toilet paper or soap for weeks on end and the fire alarm went off more often than it should.
I like Los Osos because of our principle Mr. Kirk, he is truly there for the students and it shows. Also, we have a lot of dedicated teachers who are truly there to help us be better prepared for college.
Attending Los Osos was one of the greatest experiences for me as a student because the availability not only in resources, but the friendly competitiveness of the classes helped me as a student.
i liked all the experiences i had with all the activities they do. I’m involved in dance and cheer and i can say that i wishes the dance team was allowed to perform at more things and i also don’t think the school needs a song team because it’s exactly like the dance team.
Osos is a great school, though I know some would not agree with me. I've made many friends from this school, have had opportunities to participate in athletics and extracurricular, and have had teachers who know how to teach and have prepared me for college life and beyond.
I would like to see the school prepare students for college and real life, like taxes and jobs. It is a somewhat friendly environment, although some things like ASB are rigged. Most teachers are helpful and want to prepare, there are others who make it difficult to understand. The staff is friendly.
The classes were pretty challenging, but the AP teachers are pretty set in their ways of believing that AP classes are for the rich and more privileged and they talk crap about any lesser student or non-AP students. It made me very uncomfortable because I was a less fortunate and I had to work twice as hard for what I wanted and they acted like it wasn't possible.
I have attended Los Osos for the past 4 years and it the only high school I would want to attend. We have a welcoming and family culture at our school we are stick together and help each other. I have played softball all 4 years and I would suggest joining a Los osos sport because its super fun to be apart of a team or a family there.
My experience being a freshman at Los Osos High School has been a very interesting experience. Navigating what the school excels in and what could be improved. As far as the pros of Los Osos, the academics are amazing. It’s prime focus is really on academics and test scores. They strive to improve the quality of work amongst their students and the teachers are passionate about their students’ work effort. In contrast, Los Osos is definitely not known for its sports and clubs. The amount of attention and focus put into academics, outshines sports and any concerns regarding sports. As far as clubs, they don’t receive a lot of attention either. All in all, Los Osos is a very academic driven school that does everything in their power to prepare students for college.
Absolutely loved it there! It is a beautiful environment with such smart teachers as well and great staff over all.
it’s very safe but too safe you feel like you’re in jail, they have glass dividers and auto locking doors like in a bank. Sports are pretty fun I played baseball myself. The teachers are either really nice and helpful or really mean and won’t help at all. Admin is terrible though, besides the counselors being helpful almost every person on admin is biased or just mean in general.
It's a great school that wants to make sure you succeed in life. They require and recommend classes that will look good for college and the teachers want only the best for you. They often offer so many opportunities for college.
Los Osos High School is an amazing high school to be at. Most teachers care and do their best to prepare their students for their future. There is a wide selection of classes, clubs and extra- curricular that any one can take part in.
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I have made so many great memories at my time here. From growing up in a military household, we've moved a lot. However, by far Los Osos High Shool is my favorite school I've been to.
I am lucky enough to be attending a school with such amazing facilities and wealth coming in, however, the people can be very snobbish and cruel and administration often turns a blind eye to this. Many students feel entitled and I believe that this is due to a lack of education on the real world. Students need to be aware that although we are able to attend a beautiful high school campus that sits in a little bubble, far away from any of the bad things, this is not representative of the world. I feel that many Osos students will face challenges in adulthood due to this lack of 'real world' preparation. Despite this, I am quite pleased with my education. Los Osos is blessed with a variety of teacher to teach a variety of different subjects that some schools aren't able to teach because of a lack of funding. We are also in partnerships with many colleges which is extremely beneficial to many of us who may be struggling with choosing and getting into one's desired college.
The teacheres, faculty, and staff are very helpful nice and supportive of their students. They all really want to see us thrive and succeed in whatever it is we want to do in our lives and they are very encouraging.
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