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Los Molinos High School Reviews

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I like the how much the school tries to get us to connect whether it's through rallies, sports, or games in the quad.
The small town feel of the school itself was really nice. I also loved the abilities I had to make a relationship with the teachers. That being said, the teachers were frequently changed during my time there, and whenever I found one I liked, they were gone the next year.
the sports are also put on the back-burner at times. I had six different coaches over four years, and I only played two sports. This made it difficult for me to enjoy the athletics at times, which is a major part of going to school for me.
I love attending Los Molinos High School because it's such a small community you have the opportunity to create connections with both students and teachers that will last for a lifetime. Almost every student at Los Molinos High has known each other since they were in kindergarten, which makes everyone so close. Building trust and respect with the teachers is a goal I always try to achieve because they work hard to guide students to be their best and they never give up on the students.
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What I like about Los Molinos High school is that since it is a small school, everyone knows how to get along with each other and feel as if we know a little bit about each other. My favorite part is that we call each other family. The teachers here give us opportunities by helping us prepare for the future. They want what is best for us by pushing us to our goals. These teachers have impacted many lives here in the best possible way. They have inspired us in ways we couldn't and they listen to us and make us feel comfortable.
Los Molinos High School is just a really small school which means you have more one on one time with the teachers .
It is a small school but full of great educators that only want whats best for you. I have zero complaints about this school and encourage anyone who wants a small school to come to this one
What I love about my school is that it is a small school in a small community so you feel right at home when coming here. The teachers and staff are very friendly and they allow you to express yourself and let you find who you truly are. We are a division 5 school for sports which is small, but considering the community we come from we are pretty good at sports. Also, when becoming a senior at this school there is a lot of financial help like scholarships you could apply to and you have plenty of time to do so. Although this school has its advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Being such a small school it could affect how you want to express yourself, but overall this high school would be a very good school to go to.
It's a good school, everyone is like a family and the teachers do their best to make every student succeed, and if a student is failing then there are opportunities to bring their grades up. The bad parts are very little but there's a lot of drama in the lower classes
Los Molinos High School is a very small school consisting of about 200 students. Which provides the opportunity of a one-on-one teaching experience. If you are interested in any field of agriculture then this is a place for you. Los Molinos High School's curriculum is almost entirely based on FFA. An national orginization that focuses on developing leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.
I have only have been here for 3 months, because I came from Mexico to complete my senior year of high school. I have been studying English at home in order to be able to communicate, but I still have an accent , I was really worried about discrimination but this little high school has many members of the latin culture that will treat you as part of their family.
Unlike the typical high school in american movies, Los Molinos High School doesn't have many diversity due to its size (the only ethnicities of students are white or latino), the lunch food usually comes from cans and packets so it can simply be reheated and there are not many sports that you can play in the school teams .
Not everything is bad.Due to the school's size is that everything is close so you can be on time for your classes,teachers get to know you and they also help you a lot your college preparation, specially in special cases like mine.
The spirit and union culture is present .
Most teachers show very strong understandin in what they are teaching and how the students recieve this information
Safety policies are very often, fire escape practices are excersized often.
Extracurriculars are very noticeable, fundraisers are very important to the clubs
I would not choose to attend another school if I could do it over again. The relationships formed between myself and my teachers and coaches is too sentimental to not want to redo.
This school provides very many well organized organizations, and activities. Very rigorous in academics.
The facilities are ok, and there are computers and laptops available for almost every class.
This school overall is okay, a lot of people have never heard of our school, and the best experience here is how close people are to each other.
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Many days we get great food, both healthy and tasty, but other days we get food that a lot of people don't like.
The sports offered here are good and all, but many times most kids get kicked of the team due to bad grades, which causes the team to lose players.
There are very few clubs which people can join. The few that there are, are mostly just competition clubs.
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