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What I love about Los Lunas High School is the staff. Everyone from administration to custodial services were always there for the students. I was constantly surrounded by people who had my best interest in mind. Two outstanding English teachers on staff at LLHS have inspired me to pursue a degree in elementary education at UNM starting in the fall of 2020. Their kindness and lessons have changed my life for the better. I hope to be like them one day because I would not be who I am today, without them. I will forever be grateful for my time spent at LLHS as my senior year comes to a close this month.
Los Lunas High School helped me stride for what I want to become and with its many clubs and helpful teachers you can really stride for greatness with a little bit of determination.
I have been attending this high school since freshman year and I am now a senior and I still see many problems. There have been many teachers retire-ring and so we have many new teachers, who in many students opinions including mine, aren't very good teachers. There are also some complication with this year's new schedule and it seems like it can do better. The school year is longer and the school is having troubles working with the seniors. Many seniors, and again, including me, aren't happy with certain days and times the school gives us for our activities or even our graduation. The staff is understandable and is wiling to work with us but we have different ideas. The school, in my perspective, has improved since I was a freshman but still needs more improvement and it will continue to do that overtime. However, if this school does not listen to their students and put them first, it will never have the best education possible.
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Very nice community and moderately diverse. Connecting with the students could be done a little more efficiently. Lots of clubs and activities to join and love. Most teachers are really great and are really there for the students no matter what.
The school all in all is a great school. The staff try their best to help succeed each student. The security is what the school lacks. If anyone wanted to they can just walk into the school without being enrolled and no one will notice. They need better security for the safety of the students. I would give 5 stars if the safety of the students was acknowledged. The school also discriminates sports, such as soccer. I personally was on the 2019-2020 season in the fall and I led my team to the state championship with 37 goals, while also being acknowledged player of the year! We also won the state championship game! The school showed no support to the los lunas high school soccer program. For los lunas high school they only are interested in Football. Which doesn’t make it fair to any of the other sports available. Therefore, I will rate my school a 3 out of 5.
It was full of good teachers and counselors who really care about your success. The principals are also dedicated to their students entirely.
the school is new and a very safe environment , they have all the tools we need in classrooms to keep our learning experience the best it can be.
While I was in high school I had many life changes as a normal teenager. My teachers were understanding yet made sure that I was learning at the required pace. The school is beautiful and the staff are ready to go above and beyond to help you succeed. I met my favorite English, Spanish, math, and science teachers here! I had not one bad teacher, they were all committed to our learning. When I began college, I was definitely ready thanks to Los Lunas High School.
I have lived in the Los Lunas School district all my life. It was a given that I'd attend Los Lunas High School. The thing that I like the most about my school is the school spirit and our sports! I enjoy being involved in spirit weeks and pep-assemblies because it makes going to school a little better. What I think needs improving is our problem with drugs. Our school has a really bad drug problem that needs to go away. Many of the students do drugs and some are even addicted. These things at such a young age shouldn't go hand in hand as it does at my school. I believe that if the school offered help and/or a better disciplinary guide, we wouldn't have this serious of an issue with drugs.
I love the variety of classes at LLHS I can take classes that really interest me. I have also enjoyed most of the teachers I have had.
My experience at the highschool has been very good, my teachers are very professional and guide us to have the best education. The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities, we have many sports, and clubs to get involved with. I think that the school could improve if the classes had fewer students, some of them have more than 30 students, the classrooms are crowded, meaning this a professor doesn't have enough time for each student. Another issue is the safety, but, I think with all those shootings in the schools , no one feels safe anymore.
The administrators dont care about their students. Athletes always have priority. Academics arent taken seriously, half of the teachers are coaches who let their players get away with anything.
Very good school with amazing teachers to help inside and outside the classroom. Although there is a lack of electives in the school. The bell schedule is easy to understand and allows each class to have the necessary learning time.
When I came to this school I was so excited to be here. My first year of high school I played volleyball. This school is a very safe and well taken care of. As a freshman we were the once who got to experience the new building. As years went by it got harder and harder. each class became for challenging due to the teachers being so advanced. They wanted us to succeed as much as possible at get us ready for college. What I want to see change is probably the cafeteria because we have aa lot
Los Lunas High School has overall been a very pleasant experience. It has the GEAR UP program, which allows students with plenty of opportunities to better themselves and their futures, which is excellent. It is a very nice facility, and has recently been remodeled. The teachers in the English department are wonderful people and wonderful teachers in my experience. I have little to no complaint about them. The math department, however, needs quite a b a bit of work. Teachers have been pulled from retirement, some teachers are rated as failures every year, some teachers have students with they could be exempt from math forever. Out science department has been, in previous years, wonderful as well, but some teahcers had to leace, and it is still good, but in the process of being rebuilt.
My experience at LLHS has been incredible. I thought I was going to be a bad kid but many staff members from the school help and I decided to have good grades. Well my first year as a freshmen was the best year because you have fun you get to do less homework but as a freshmen my grades were not so good until I talked to one of my teachers and she gave me motivation and now I have straight A’s well kind of just that B in English is messing it up but it great to be a tiger at LLHS
Los Lunas High School is an okay school. I haven't learned much because the teachers do not teach well enough. But i am a Basketball Player and we have had lots of success through the years.
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I like Los Lunas High School because of there band program. I enkoy being in band and i have become a better musician because of there program. We have to fundraise alot for the things we need but i wish the band program would get funded by the school instead from students selling items. The school is clean most of the time and most of the students eho attend are friendly. More parents should grt involved in what's going on because there are a lot of opportunities there child misses. We have tons of clubs and activites.
I loved going here, teachers were mostly good and the athletics are great, and the people are typically friendly with no bullying and few drug problems
Freshman year i didn't really about grades about much. Tenth grade i started that i needed to get my things in gear and start thinking about the future. Junior year i realized that I want to go college. So i worked my butt and tried my hardest to get all A's and B's but i got one C's at 79% both semesters. Senior year worked even harder to get only A's and B's and I got almost straight A's except one B at 85%. I'm proud to be a senior at Los Lunas high school.
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