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The students at los gatos are some of the worst people I’ve ever met. They are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, white privileged kids. If you’d like to spend your days avoiding lines of coke and smoking sessions in the bathroom then the school is for you. I have had amazing teachers but also a significant handful of teachers who dont care and will happily fail you no matter how much you ask for help. The only good thing to come out of this school is the resources (computers, textbooks, etc) we are provided with and the name the school holds to colleges.
The community is great, but academics could be better Many AP's are offered, but not many towards younger students focusing primarily on juniors and seniors.
One thing that I like about Los Gatos High School is the super bright, open campus which allows students to mingle and get some sunlight. The diversity aspect could improve.
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I loved the welcoming environment and the culture of students being kind to each other. No school is perfect and I know that not every student had as good an experience as I did but I definitely enjoyed attending this school.
LG is a good school. Education is top notch. Sometimes socially it can be a challenge but that's probably the case with most high schools. Best part of the school is the teachers. They are amazing. Great listeners and educators.
Los Gatos High takes time to recognize each students needs and wants and then meet those. My experience has been unforgettable, I only wish I could've involved myself in more. There are teachers and staff who truly care about each student and want what's best for them, it's such a blessing.
There is a very competitive environment at Los Gatos which pushes students to do very well and all the teachers do a great job of educating in all ways. While it is a large school, you always feel connected to the people and feel safe under the administration and community. There are numerous opportunities for success with the chance to take high-level classes such as AP and honors classes. There is always a club or activity that the school offers that makes you feel at home, and if there isn't, you can always start your own club. Overall, the school has prepared me for the journey ahead of me and has left me with great memories and experiences to reflect on.
Very comforting and safe place, high expectations with amazing teachers and people. Blessed as much as a private school even though we are a public school.
Los Gatos High School's biggest downfall is its lack of diversity and overwhelming sense of privilege by the majority of the students. This can be very isolating for those that do not fit into this extremely out of touch reality, but parents send their children here because this school prepares their students extremely well for college. The teachers are highly qualified, for the most part, and encourage learning through experience and the outside world. In addition to academics, LGHS has many diverse clubs and activities for many different interests and a highly intense focus on athletics. This is overall a good thing but can be overwhelming for some students.
The school culture and diversity were very poor. Coming from a low income community in Salinas, CA where the culture was very warm and family oriented, to Los Gatos HS where the culture was like “High School Musical”, with mostly white and entitled privileged kids (I myself, am white), was a shocking and less than pleasant experience for all four of my HS years. There were definitely good things too. I had two amazing teachers who I will always be grateful to for their continuous positive input and support while in high school. If not for them, I would not have my love for art and history that I do today.
I loved attending Los Gatos High School for many reasons, but one that strikes out to me the most is the sheer amount of school spirit that is shared between the students of the community that this high school built. For students from a small town like Los Gatos, there was a disproportional amount of passion that was shared between us. I loved every spirit rally and any celebration that brought out small but big-hearted community together. This bond only allowed us to perform better academically. I enjoyed being part of the research class that allowed me to pursue my passion in the STEM field. Overall, I can only describe my experience at the school as nothing by wholesome and filled with the utmost positive energy.
I think Los Gatos High is a great school. I've specifically been in the LEAD program and my experience there has been great. As with every high school there definitely are problems including vaping and drugs but the administration is working on it. As for teachers, most of my teachers are within the LEAD program and are amazing. I don't know as many teachers outside the program so I can't speak to how they are. Overall it's a good school, it has it's problems, but that's part of being in high school.
Many students go to exemptional colleges after they graduate from Los Gatos High. from my friends, I hear that it is a great environment. Also, it is located near a library where students can get books for assignments. Another reason is they have amazing sports ( The varsity football team won the CCS championship).
It has been a pleasure building relationships with teachers in a supportive environment . All of the teachers who work here are there because they care about the learning of the students, and it shows with the enthusiasm all the students have for the school in both their sports and arts programs.
I could write multiple book about favoritism unfairness, teacher who can’t remember the names in second semester, totally chaos in planing, and unorganized times 3. After 1.5 years after moving to Los Gatos still no friendS. Either you are not possible to join fixed middle school cliques or nobody has time because they have every day tutoring for multiple hours. This school is more expensive than going to a private school if you are not settled . Bro.. nosing and big donations helping for better grades. This is a school for snobby rich people. Also mostly no chance to learn out of their mistakes even everywhere this sentence is posted. Mostly no welcome of foreigners. Have fun getting screwed up.
Los Gatos High School offers challenging academics for students so inclined and has also been flexible with my daughter who has a health issue. The athletics program is one of the best for public schools in the south bay. The administration recognizes top performing students with year end awards. The campus is well maintained and they just added a new music building, with the orchestra and choir programs performing at a high level. The engineering and robotics program is highly rated. Parents donate both time by volunteering and money to the foundation that supports numerous programs at the school.
I liked how they were pretty inclusive and they had programs for people who struggle with whatever really, whether its about their mental health and such. However the school at times brushed off big incidents as if they were nothing. Not all the time, juat sometimes but it was still an issue.
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Very positive experience. Great teachers with a stimulating learning environment. Everyone is encouraged to do their best and challenge themselves. Lots of resources and greatly prepared me for college.
Overall, I had a fantastic high school experience and had really good teachers. Unfortunately, administration can be tough to deal with at times. I was out of school for a prolonged period of absence due to health problems, and receiving a plan for makeup work, which should be facilitated by my counselor, took email after email and took months until a proper plan was put in place
So far, this school has been a really good school for me, in terms of academics and the classes that I am currently taking.
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